ZoidPay a Web 3.0 SUPER APP with Staking, NFTs, and More!

By | May 16, 2023

Is ZoidPay the best web 3.0 crypto app in 2023 or will this low market cap coin never ascend? ZoidPay is building a lot of different crypto functions, including a marketplace, NFTs, ZPAY token staking, shopping pools, and more so let’s review ZoidPay!

ZoidPay ZPAY official website – https://voskco.in/zoidpay
ZPAY is trading on KuCoin – https://voskco.in/kucoin

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 ZoidPay and its web 3.0 app
01:08 ZoidPay just got listed on Kucoin
01:50 ZoidPay has a VISA card!
02:32 The Zoidsters is an NFT collection with benefits!
03:50 The Zoidster debit cards
04:54 Zoidster partnerships with Kadena!
05:21 Zoidpay has moved from Tomochain to MuliversX
05:45 How to participate in the Zoidpay app?
06:31 They have a metaverse as well!
07:11 What is ZoidPay?
07:58 Zoidpay Roadmap
09:30 ZoidPay is sponsoring the OneLife Rally!
10:47 Zoidpay App Marketplace

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