Why Do I Mine Cryptocurrencies?

By | May 8, 2023

Why am I mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin instead of buying them? Actually it’s my secret investment technique and it’s not just about earning passive income mining but how I increase my investment returns and increase my crypto trading profits! Grab the best miner for 2023 here – https://voskco.in/evg

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It’s easy to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but that is also why it’s easy to sell it… Mining BTC and other crypto is a much bigger endeavor and building a mining farm is one of the coolest experiences of my life, and with enough perseverance, cryptocurrency mining is one of the best investments, at least that I have ever made.. I’m Drew Vosk and I want to explain why VoskCoin mines more crypto than it buys!

00:00 Why mine instead of buying crypto?
01:20 Crypto was boring?
02:07 Mining is the reason why I am still here
02:53 The evolution of mining
04:31 We are moving to the new farm
06:00 Mining is a fun way to bring the digital into the physical
07:37 Mining learned me allot!
08:30 Mining shed too tiny home?
10:00 This is why I mine

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Why do I mine crypto currencies instead Of just buying them it’s I’ve been asked That question so many times and at some Points I’ve been proven a genius at Other points I’ve been proven in Absolute idiot So what really is the right answer I can Take a step back and fully analyze this And today I’m going to break down why I Mine cryptocurrencies instead of just Buying them because let me well spoiler Buying Bitcoin and then just doing Nothing is boring my name is Voss here On the Bosco on YouTube channel I make Some crypto videos and I’m building out A cryptocurrency mining farm with Everything I’ve got and I I will die on This hill I live and die by the sword [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign Let me just preface it with this Cryptocurrency like only recently became Interesting prior to that it was novel Technology but kind of boring and some People probably freaking out [Applause] But let’s be honest the first time you Find out about Bitcoin it’s really cool It’s really fun it’s really engaging and Then eventually you realize that it’s Just digital money digital gold and and That’s kind of it which is really cool

But on year seven it’s boring so this is Like you know you know snapshot right Here this is one of the biggest pieces To this equation and that’s going to be The simple fact that I wouldn’t have Lasted in cryptocurrency if I was just Buying the coins especially in the Beginning I wouldn’t have even got into Cryptocurrencies because I was too Skeptical and didn’t believe in it Enough and have the courage and Confidence to buy the coins because I Thought that the government was going to Squash it or they were just going to get Rugged and disappear and whatever else When I got into cryptocurrency right I Was doing heavy research 2016. got into It 2017. brushed it off in 2013-14 which Kills me right and I’m a freaking nerd I Love this stuff I would have been all About getting into it and you know Earlier than that but just never had the Right person or you know stumbled across The right thing to push me into it um You know I’m talking to you like right In front of a couple miners right those Are my hard drive mining Rigs and those Are freaking cool because that whole Setup right there I mean the fan is Using almost as many watts as the whole Mining rig on one shelf and that goes to Show you that there’s evolution in Mining right and there’s Bitcoin mining Shot 256 mining algorithm it’s an arms

Race who can make the biggest most Powerful Asic Miner it’s a custom Computer purpose built for the mining uh Specifically Bitcoin those are just hard Drives okay those are hard drives Formatted for cryptocurrency it’s green Mining and I mean there’s pros and cons To everything sure but I just think it’s Cool that we have different options and A commitment to proof of work and the Biggest just thing that people can try To save is wrong with proof of work or Or mining is the energy consumption I Completely disagree because I think it’s The energy consumption that adds like Value to it intrinsic value it creates a Cost right like right now producing a Bitcoin you know you know with Industrial grade electricity rates like Very good electricity rates it truly Costs thousands of dollars just to make A Bitcoin instead of just creating it Out of thin air and you could say that’s Artificial scarcity or made up or Whatever I mean I I get it there’s a lot Of different ways to view this but if You’re into it and you believe in it Then it has a cost it’s a production Value I think that that makes Bitcoin All the more valuable I mean how could You be so weak handed to ever sell Bitcoin for less than at least its cost Right there ain’t no sale on money my Friend it’s like yeah we’re giving out

Two dollars for the price of one today It’s not this isn’t like for an item This is literal value it’s like oh yeah We’re giving two ounces of gold for the Price of one ounce of gold not happening Buddy no not not happening so right now If you’ve been following the channel my Mining Farm build I’m in what I call Boss coin HQ or the fuel building Um we’re in the process of moving so There’s just stuff everywhere it’s Honestly it’s miserable and I move most Of my miners out of this because why not Because I have uh the mining shed which Is you know almost usable where I can Make it usable in a day if I needed to Or wanted to and then I also have our Mining pod which is absolutely usable so If you remember recently I deployed a Couple ant miners in here they were the First ones I got online over here so Those have since been moved over uh to Their new location and this this is the Bitcoin Supra which which I I this this Car is so much fun I’m fine finally Ironing out the the bugs on this thing I Just wish that I could get a little Faster on track because you just Wouldn’t really believe the competition Is Stout out there if you’ve ever Thought of getting into amateur racing Uh amateur tracking HPD high performance Uh driver education environments and Time attack time trials it’s a blast if

You’re into cars and you’re into that Kind of stuff like get out there and get After it but anyway to bring it back on Topic right now I just have the Evergreen miners upstairs because it’s Cleaning here and and I don’t really Have another good spot for them that’s Relatively cool uh this being on a big Concrete pad and and you know with the Radiant Barrier which is essentially you Know a very basic layer of insulation Um it’s much cooler in here than say Like the mining shed which I don’t have Any airflow uh turned on right now but To bring it back right I mean I’m doing All this stuff like it’s fun it gives me A reason it gives me a purpose it allows Me to just you know go ahead and and do Fun weird things and just buying coins Is is just boring right and you know now That we have defy and we can Farm on Chain and we can make decentralized Trades and we have NF teasing we do have So much actually truly like you know Coming to fruit fruition in this Ecosystem it is much more engaging and Fun than it used to be actually it’s Gotten to the point that it’s kind of Overwhelming but it’s still not digital Nothing’s tangible and as much as I love The digital world and era I also love Physical things too and just like having Something to you know show for it right With deploy appointments like this we

Can Tinker with things right and I’ve Got a I’ve got a volt meter here right And it’s rating you know what my voltage Is at how many watts are being consumed How many amps lifetime watt consumption Things like that you know you know I I’ve got single phase electricity out Here so I’ve wired both legs and I don’t Just get 240 volt I get 248 voltage Which is you know close to 250 like That’s great uh I don’t get 110 voltage I don’t get 120 voltage I got 124 Voltage basically More Voltage is just Kind of better here uh generally Speaking uh with efficiency Um there’s a lot more Thought you had me not yet but anyway Without going on a whole electricity Thing it might be boring but my point is Like mining got like made me learn about Electricity mining made me learn about Airflow cooling mining made me learn About you know buildings and how to Design things and you know I mean I’m Not saying I know everything but like I Know more than I did and no matter what Way all this goes or if I eventually Retire from mining or quit or blow up or Get wrecked whatever you know I have all These memories for better and worse Right and I’ll have hopefully still have All this infrastructure and everything Right and uh you know I could always Turn it into something else I could turn

This into an auto shop and or you know a Detailing shop and you know kind of get Back to my roots or you know I could Turn the mining shed into an airbn like An Airbnb a little tiny home right I Turned the Pod into a little super tiny Micro home and I want to deploy another Building and uh that’s one that one is Specifically for hard drive mining which I’m super excited to share the details On that one uh so I’m just that’s gonna That’s that’s gonna be a fun project and Um that’s going to be insulated there’s Gonna be a wall covering there’s going To be obviously electricity there’s Gonna be cooling Um like that’s gonna be a really fun Project and that’s also a building that If I ever decide to move on Then I can just Rip the racks in it that have the miners On it out and Bam like well hello tiny Home I I when I had nowhere to go I Built a tiny home like to live in I Converted a shed into a place to stay You know I mean you don’t need much to Get by and survive and I just have an Affinity towards that stuff I guess I Don’t don’t forget where you came from Uh that’s for sure so yeah like to round It out it’s I mean mining is as much fun a business Endeavor And just like a a passion and a hobby of

Mine you know it’s it’s all consuming And and I just think that’s why like When people get into Mining and like They’re seriously passionate about it They never really stop if anything how Their mining changes and evolves with The times the people who get into Mining And they want to be rich tomorrow dude You should just buy the coin I love Crypto I’ll be here today I was here Yesterday I was here five years ago I’ll Be here in 10 years not everyone can say The same on that one so why do I my Cryptocurrency instead of just buying it It keeps me rooted it keeps me engaged It gives me something tangible this Multi-purpose Hardware like GPU mining Rigs hard drives not so much Asics Because they’re purpose-built for crypto Right a CPU mining rig all these things They hedge my cryptocurrency Endeavors People get too fixated on say like oh a Mining rig cost a thousand dollars but It only does this so it’ll take you this Long to make your money back but like That mining rig has value today Tomorrow and may very well start to Seriously appreciate at the end of the Day nothing is cooler than producing Your own money right and just like Maintaining your own liberty and chasing Financial Freedom and also harnessing The power to be able to protect yourself But

Tools to protect yourself Let me tell you They’re no good without training And it’s training time for your boy so I Hope you subscribe and stick around if For no other reason than for our CTA our Chief training officer at the bicycle on YouTube channel that’s me Tails boss Hope you enjoyed the video uh subscribe Stick around let me know down in the Comments if you are mining or buying Cryptocurrencies and why I hope I see you on the next video [Music]