Which Bitmain Antminer Mining Rig is BEST to BUY in 2023?

By | April 9, 2023

Buying a Bitmain Antminer is the most profitable way to earn passive income with cryptocurrency right now. Bitmain and their Antminer ASIC mining rigs come in many different models, let’s review the best ASIC miner to buy in 2023! I like this miner even more than Antminers though! https://voskco.in/evg

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Bitmain have released a lot of new and very profitable Antminer mining rigs. These ASIC miners are custom computers that only mine one mining algorithm or basically one cryptocurrency each. There are pros and cons to many of the different Bitmain Antminer models, they are all very profitable but also expensive to buy. Today I will be breaking down the differences between all of the best Bitmain Antminers you can buy such as the Bitmain Antminer S19 XP the best Bitcoin BTC mining rig, the Bitmain Antminer L7 the best Litecoin Dogecoin mining rig, the Bitmain Antminer D9 the best Dash X11 mining rig, the Bitmain Antminer KA3 the best Kadena KDA mining rig, the Bitmain Antminer K7 the best Nervos Network CKB mining rig, the Bitmain Antminer HS3 the best Handshake HNS mining rig, the Bitmain Antminer E9 Pro the best Ethereum Classic ETC mining rig, and compile all of my data and experiences as a full time crypto miner, I hope this best miner to buy in 2023 guide helps!

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So you’ve been thinking about buying an Ad Miner a dedicated cryptocurrency Mining rig during passive income 24 7 365. oh that’s cool there’s a lot of Options and bitmain recently launched Just a lot of new Powerful efficient and lucrative mining Rigs my name is Vosk I’m a full-time Cryptocurrency Miner you’re on the Bosco On YouTube channel today we are going to Compare contrast and really just crunch The numbers as well as evaluate the Cryptocurrencies that these miners mine And see which one or ones make the most Sense perhaps Quite literally [Music] [Applause] [Music] I’ve been able to Source most of these Latest gen Miners And to be honest they Are crushing it which is really cool but There’s a lot of factors here at play so What I want to do is run really one by One with the mining Rigs and then I’ll Compare all of them later on in the Video but before I do that I want to Remind you that these are industrial Grade mining rigs these are the big boys They’re powerful they make some pretty Sweet coin but make sure you understand The basics especially when it comes to The electricity they need we got a Electricity guide but basically you need

A higher voltage than your standard Outlet in a U.S home you can certainly Wire this up in a us home but just make Sure that you at least have a place to Plug this in if you should choose to buy One setting them up very easy again we Have another video guide on that but Basically you’re plugging in power and You’re plugging into ethernet you’re Logging in and punching your mining pool Information in and that’s it it’s very Simple anybody can do it all of these Miners are Asic miners they’re Application specific integrated circuit Miners they’re purpose-built machines Custom computers that only mine Cryptocurrency and in particular they Only mine one cryptocurrency mining Algorithm each at least normally and if They do mine an additional algorithm It’s always very similar it’s not like You can buy a Bitcoin miner that can Also mine Dogecoin if you see anything Like that that’s a scam [Applause] So let’s start digging around let’s look At what has been topping the charts Recently what has repeatedly been The most profitable mining rig in the World right now that’s going to be the Bit main antminer K7 this is a minor That retails for about five thousand Dollars actually a little bit less it’s Not too heavy on the electricity bill

Even after you pay the electricity bill A current mining profitability you’ll be Earning about ten dollars a day and one Last note before we dig into these minor Models I’m going to run every Calculation as if your electricity costs 12 cents per kilowatt hour that’s Generally accepted as the decent average Home electricity rate at least here in The United States If your electricity rate is different You can just contrast it I will also be Using a rounded price I’ll be rounding Up always from bit Main Some resellers do sell these for more These miners are hot they’re profitable Okay people want them they sell out Quick you need to make an account on Bitmain’s website and sign up for Notifications and follow them and us on Twitter and other social media and make Sure you stay up to date on the drops if You don’t and you miss it and don’t Worry it happens to all of us then there Are a few Asic minor resellers they can Help you Source these I would Specifically like to thank crypto minor Rose for helping us source so many of These latest gen miners quickly they’re Doing an awesome job support the channel Use the link below and punch in the code Boss going to save some coin and finally Let’s start digging into it so the bit Main antminer K7 has repeatedly been the

Most profitable mining rig in the world Right now often times earning 15 per day Mining thousands of these ckb coins and Mine’s nervous Network which has the Coin Tech ckb they’re actually called CK Bytes and these have been mining Thousands of these coins per day that Has been dropping though as more and More of these miners come online and There’s more people competing for the Same amount of coins mine per day okay So right now I’ve been mining about 4 000 ckb coins per day with these miners I have the 63 and a half Terra hash Version as well as the 58 Terra Hash a Second version you can expect to spend Five thousand dollars or more on this Mining rig remember that 15 a day is Converting these ckb coins into US Dollars and also subtracting the coins That we’ve paid in electricity to bring Us down to that fifteen dollars a day The K7 mines the Eagle song Money Algorithm the only notable coin on that Is nervous Network ckb I focused Entirely on the minable layer one but What’s cool about nervos is they have Side chains almost like Layer Two Solutions it’s helping them strive for Scalability they’ve deployed an evm Ethereum virtual machine layer nervous Network is a ethereum competitor and uh You know they can gain some serious Traction

That’ll be very lucrative personally I’m Very excited for ckb they’ve publicly Committed to being proof of work and Being just simply mindable okay that is Really cool where there are some coins That are in question right looking long Term ckb is investing into their Ecosystem and they will never move away At least with their layer 1 blockchain From being a proof of work mindable Blockchain these are minors I’m adding To my mining farm with confidence but as Much as I love Bitcoin all coin mining Is very lucrative if you have the right Devices so let’s use that to kind of Springboard us right into the next Miner And this will be jumping down in Daily Mining profitability but it will be Jumping up in the market cap category That’s going to be the bit made amp Minor s19 XP this is the latest Generation Bitcoin miner it is efficient It is powerful and it earns more than it Burns even at a residential electricity Rate but Bitcoin miners on a small scale Compete with these massive million going Towards billion dollars it feels like Mining farm deployments right when you Go to the biggest mining farms in the World what are they mining pretty much Bitcoin almost entirely mainly Um yeah it’s it’s about BTC it’s with The mining Farms point it’s what the Investors want it’s what the people want

Okay and more competition means you’ll Get less coin so the bit main antminer S19 XP Is a sha 256 Miner it’s a mining Algorithm for Bitcoin and a few of its Clones and that thing’s pulling about Three bucks a day at that 12 cent per Kilowatt hour all the while costing you And this price has been all over the Place lately they’ve got promos bulk Deals this and that whatever it’s Realistically somewhere between three Thousand and six thousand dollars let’s Take a ballpark here of five thousand Dollars per mining rig okay one thing’s For sure Bitcoin will be here tomorrow Bitcoin will be here in five years and It’s going to in my opinion be worth Much more in five years it’s a safe bet And well that’s why the returns are less Now let’s talk about the miner that Mine’s a cryptocurrency you’ve heard of And most people you know have probably Also heard of and you’re like well you Just talked about Bitcoin oh no oh no my Friend we’re talking about Dogecoin Dogecoin is mined by the bit main amp Minor L7 this is the oldest Miner we’re Going to talk about today but it’s still The leading script minor script is the Mining algorithm for the antminer L7 it Dual mines Litecoin LTC as well as Dogecoin Doge at the same time this is a Notorious Miner this is an expensive

Miner you can expect to spend between Eight thousand and nine thousand dollars To buy this Dogecoin money is a Lucrative after ethereum was no longer Minable Doge took the number two spot as Being the second most profitable coin to Mine right after Bitcoin and guess what Comes after Doge oh Litecoin the other Coin that this Miner mines it is the Safest bet in mining right after Bitcoin mining the L7 has a hefty price Tag but even after you float that 12 Cent per kilowatt hour electricity bill You’ll still probably be pocketing Around 11 and keep in mind especially With all the miners in this video Prices are kind of suppressed and that’s One of the reasons I’m so excited and Really just bullish on building a mining Operation right now because I I truly Believe that most of these Cryptocurrencies on mining will 10x if Not more so I’m floating as much of this Electricity bill as I can out of pocket And stacking some serious coins maybe Making 11 bucks a day isn’t all that Exciting to you but if that coin 10xes And you held that in retrospect you were Mining 110 a day that may sound crazy But that number does not sound crazy at All when it comes to a cryptocurrency Ball market and I’m gonna be there for That you better be there too and also I Better see at the racetrack because I

Had a great time at the track this Weekend bringing the Bitcoin super to The track next weekend it’s a good time That event’s Gonna Be Live streamed I’ll Share it on social media I’m really Excited about all that Um and uh last year I qualified to Become a driving instructor with NASA And this year I completed the instructor Clinic with scca so I can instruct with Them now as well and uh hey if you’re Ever interested or up to it you could Always come to the track I could be your Instructor we could have some fun put Down some laughs start it out there no Pressure though it’s a really fun Immersive hobby much like cryptocurrency It can be quite consuming and when you Make the wrong move it can also be kind Of expensive it’s seems like our type When it comes to Dogecoin though there Is a little bit of an elephant in the Room they’re floating the idea around of Moving to proof of stake in vitalik Butter in my biscuits is trying to push That agenda naturally as well uh so be Aware honestly it’s a little unnerving It’s a little scary I don’t think Dogecoin’s gonna move to proof of stake If they do they’re just a worse version Of Shiba Inu shib that token is beating Them to the punch on the proof of stake Token aspect exponentially But

No one ever said oh yeah dogecoin’s got The strongest developer team it’s just a Really fun meme coin that goes viral Really every couple years Repeatedly Probably forever and I’m biased I have a Shiba Inu a doge I absolutely love her I Had her before I got into cryptocurrency So it’s just uh Destiny the Doge father next up I want To talk about the bit main antminer D9 It mines Dash it mines the X11 mining Algorithm again Dash is going to be the Notable coin on there The prominent one Dash is a old cryptocurrency much like Dogecoin Dash has been around for a While Dash Is well there’s really not that much to Say about Dash it was interesting Because it was a cryptocurrency back When cryptocurrencies really weren’t all That interesting Some people report that it’s repeatedly Used for payments It’s cool Um I’ve never seen it used for payments Around me in America but I don’t see many other cryptocurrencies Other than Bitcoin use and even that is Actually scarce you know for actually Real world you know payment merchant Processing right uh so this is a minor That is expensive it is going to cost You probably about eight thousand five

Hundred dollars uh this is one of the Newer cryptocurrencies it’s it’s Profitable it’s lucrative it’s Consistently one of the highest earning Miners it comes on the heels of the Success of the bit Maniac minor D7 which Kind of flew under the radar they didn’t Make a ton of those they didn’t flood The network they didn’t drag down the Hash rate meaning that people that got Those mined a fair amount of the dash Coin Dash price has been relatively Lackluster uh the marketing you know I I Don’t really see much about Dash I don’t Hear much about Dash it’s definitely one Of my smaller personal bets I do have The D9 the actual minor this mining rig Is performing well it’s doing what it’s Supposed to do that’s cool uh but it’s I Don’t find it inspiring and I’m not all That bullish on the coin that it mines And it’s it’s a very high valued Cryptocurrency kind of to begin and Again with just not all that much going On a lot of times when I look at Cryptocurrencies if they have a big Potential upside well honestly that’s Exciting and it inspires me to really Build out more minors to try to stack Some coin and catch that upside the D9 Is a t-9er the D9 Miner is a Conservative uh bet and the price Reflects that it’s also the newest Miner To come out which the price also

Reflects that enter the bit main Antminer ka3 it mines Cadena KDA Cadena is trying to build out smart Contracts scalability on proof of work It’s interesting it’s exciting there are Some things being built and deployed on There ultimately it’s an ethereum Competitor what’s really cool about Kadena is they are investing millions of Dollars into their ecosystem and they Are building a platform so that Investment It really kind of takes root some of These seeds sprout well that’s when this Project will really gained legs Cadena I I wasn’t really that enthused with it For a while but they’ve been doing They’ve been working hard for years and They’ve been doing better year over year And they’ve really started to just gain Some traction and above all price Appreciation uh but it still is a Cryptocurrency that is so uh low valued By market cap compared to just say like The arbitrim airdrop or the optimism Chain and again those are tokens they’re Not minable they’re ethereum Layer Two Scaling Solutions but just to kind of Put it into perspective like they’re Trying to build similar things they just Already have a coin and you can mine it Uh so you know I’m intrigued I’m Interested Cadena mining because it Became so lucrative at one point is very

Sought after and even though this Miner Only costs six to seven thousand dollars Directly from bitmain it is snatched up Instantly and oftentimes sold for Thousands of dollars over that initial Retail price don’t think that bit main Isn’t laughing all the way to the bank Too their miners are cheap to produce But r d has a price and just being the Only name in town uh really Corner in The market with the most efficient Miners for really all of these coins That we’re talking about today You pay a premium for it and it kind of Sucks So yeah I’d love to have an army of ka3 Miners but they’re hard to come by and They’re very expensive and it gets to The point where their costs versus their Returns just becomes a little bit less Interesting also these things are Powerful and they’re making a lot of Them and it’s adding a lot of network Hash rate which is decreasing the amount Of KDA or Cadena coins you’re mining per Day with them which yes it drops your Mining profitability but me personally Right I’m focused on stacking coins I Have also not been able to get one of These in yet It’s on the to-do list and hopefully by The end of the year I’ll have several of Them deployed in the farm I’ve got like 2 000 amps at my fingertips now I gotta

I need to deploy these things I need to utilize that juice Enter the bit main ant Miner E9 Pro oh How that minor wishes ethereum was still Around That mining rig mainly mines ethereum Classic but it is possible to dual mine Silica the Zill token with ethereum Classic miners in particular we did this With the forest Miner and it made that Mining rig profitable again and it made It interesting and now that’s why I keep That thing running but the E9 Pro is not As good at dual mining due to their chip Design I’ve heard mixed results I have Not been able to get one into review yet So if we really just look at it at face Value and we look at its ethereum Classic mining profitability this is a Device that will cost you three thousand Five hundred dollars and it’ll earn About three dollars a day In EDC this is one of the less Interesting miners uh ethereum classic It is technically the original ethereum But it doesn’t have like the vast Majority of the ethereum ecosystem and Users and supporters and participants Including the face of ethereum which Would be metallic butter into biscuits I Don’t find ethereum classic that Interesting I’d like to see it succeed And do well but it really just kind of Feels like a trojan horse that’s kept

Going by iohk which is Helmet by Charles hoskin’s son who is The leader of cardano a direct Competitor to ethereum with the Ada Token and if you don’t know this he’s Also one of the ethereum founders you Know like metallic They got beef so for me personally That’s something maybe I’ll stick one in The farm but uh I mean of course I may Be wrong I really like to build out with My personal mining Farm miners that’s Mine coins that I’m interested in and Think have a big upside if you just Crunch the raw numbers this Miner has Pretty decent returns comparatively but The picture is a little bit bigger than That but I’ll talk more about that after I get to the next minor model which will Be the bitmain a minor Hs3 that mines handshake hns which is The smallest cap coin market cap coin Which you know basically the value of This cryptocurrency by so far it would Not take much to pump this thing through The roof okay and it makes you wonder is Bitcoin going to send it to the moon Just uh you know to fuel their leading Miner for it I’m not always a conspiracy Theorist guy but historically we have Seen cryptocurrencies the bitmain Deploys Asic miners for do very well Long term and have some serious Short-term pumps again I don’t know

Right but that’s what I’m betting on It’s kind of what I’ve seen before but It’s not Financial advice all right so The hs3 is one of the cheaper miners This is a minor that costs if you can Get it from bitmate two thousand five Hundred dollars and it’s projected to Mine six and a half dollars per day I Don’t think most of these have hit their Destination I have not been able to get One in I’ve got one on order I think When these things actually hit they’re Going to make somewhere between two and Five dollars a day in this market uh Handshake is an actual project Um it’s it’s not a lot going on not a Lot of people involved not a lot of Money behind it it’s more of a classic Slower smaller Cryptocurrency uh which is in the sea of Cryptos like we have now is harder to Kind of grab attention and maintain Attention but it’s it’s minable that’s Cool uh their use case is simple and Effective I really like their Lynx tree Alternative uh that they have and I’ve Been considering switching to that but I Have seen people have some problems with It and I need up time on my stuff so That’s really the gist of that one uh For me I want to get a few of these and Hedge my bets and you know plan for the Upside comparing all of these miners Right I mean these are miners that have

A vast difference especially an initial Price ranging from somewhere between 2 000 or so dollars up to ten thousand Dollars uh not a small sum by any means I want to remind you that the market Conditions they’re suppressed they’re Red it’s not that great look how far we Are from all-time highs on most Cryptocurrencies especially all these Modable ones that we’re talking about When it comes to adding miners that Excites me because I don’t just think That every half decent cryptocurrency Will hit their old all-time high I think We’re going to be seeing new all-time Highs but as always time will tell I Don’t know the future act like I do But I review the data and make the best Decisions I can to hopefully do well For me personally the K7 is one of the Most exciting miners in this Bunch as Far as its price versus how much it Earns and the hopeful upside I see for Ckb the ka3 is another great option if You’re really kind of hoping and betting On an upside but again Cadena money has Become so hyped because KDA had a Serious pump in the previous Market if It goes back to just its old all-time High it will somewhere between 14 and 28x so just think about that if it’s Making 10 bucks it’s a hundred dollars a Day in retrospect like

Yes sign me up for that of course it’s Great to add Bitcoin miners s19 XPS are On my agenda I got one in uh early to Review it’s a good performer like you Wouldn’t expect it’s fine it’s really Easy to get fixated on the current Numbers what this Miner cost today how Many dollars per day it earns today Right and I like to take a step back and Look at how many coins and mines per day And I’ve talked a lot about the Potential upside of cryptocurrencies but What many people seem to forget about is It’s not just the cryptocurrency that Has an upside if these cryptocurrencies Take off And they raised you know heavily in Price these miners appreciate immensely And you can simply liquidate or downsize Or hedge your farm right a mining rig That costs a couple thousand can Seriously go up to being worth tens of Thousands of dollars it’s crazy and Basically this is the time to be adding Hardware as opposed to selling hardware And when these miners are costing 20 30 40 50 000 a piece Maybe you’d take some profit in more Ways than one as always do whatever you Want to do do what you can afford to do Above all I would really encourage you To get involved mining is Fun the Community is engaging and incredible Make sure to join the voscoin Discord

Server we have the original mining Discord server and we’re the best by far And we’re just a lot of fun and Everyone’s really cool in there it’s Supportive they’ll help you get started Right most of the Forum boss coin talk Great place to post threads if you’re Considering using any sort of Asic minor Reseller there’s a lot out there and a Lot of them are scams or junk please Take the time to post a thread on Voss Going talk our Forum but I’ll check it Every day I’ll look for it I’ll look for You I’ll answer your thread others will Chime in as well and let us know where You’re looking to buy Above All just to Make sure you don’t get scammed it seems Like a trivial thing but you would be Astonished how many people get scammed In cryptocurrency also I’m not dming you Anywhere trying to sell you mining rigs I’m not selling any mining rigs right Now I I’m adding mining rigs okay A lot of scammers and impersonators out There you’d of course asking the Discord Server and other places as well most of These places only accept cryptocurrency And before you send thousands of dollars In cryptocurrency which of course is Non-refundable get somebody to double Check and if you don’t know anyone of Cryptocurrency it’s a great opportunity To make some friends online some of my Best friends I’ve made simply online

Through cryptocurrency I invite you to Spend some time and you know make uh Make friends similar interests and Hobbies so hey let me know if you Enjoyed this video down in the comments Below please hit the thumbs up uh let me Know your feedback which minor you’re Going with uh and why or none of them And why I’m all ears and uh love to get Some discussion going on that thinking About this I mean one last thing I Really want to say to close this out and I’ve kind of already said it so it’s Really just reiterating it if you’re on The fence do it get involved and if you Want a pilot experiment check out the Gold shell box miners right I focused on The best most profitable mining rigs Which really happened to all be from bit Main and their ant mine or Asic minor Series right now but there’s the gold Shell box miners they’re small they’re Affordable they cost a couple hundred Bucks you can you know dip your toe into It these things make somewhere around Like a dollar a day right but they only Cost a couple hundreds several hundred Dollars as opposed to a couple thousand Or several thousands of dollars big Difference also make sure you’re aware And plan for tariffs especially if you Buy direct from bit main a lot of the Times resellers Will take care of tariffs for you or

Ship from within your country and then You don’t have to pay any tariffs if you Order directly from bit main uh you’ll Probably be paying tariffs which can add Like a whopping 30 to your bill so make Sure you do some research on that or Just kind of be prepared for it um It’s Not a good time taxation is theft they Print as much money as they want and Then they take more from us while they Inflate and degrade what we have the Value Ah thanks for watching We’ll keep fighting I’ll see you on the Next video or at least I better [Music] Foreign