Unexpected Bitcoin Rejection! (Ripple Abandons XRP?)

By | April 17, 2023

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Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you Foreign Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] The commander is here What’s going on right now is California’s trying to figure out Is your boy Big Rob it is a Sin City Crypto takeover I am joined with uh my Normal co-host uh David there he is all Right Squad we are so excited to be here We hope you are excited to see us as Well uh thank you guys so much for Having us in studio to all the bitboy Team and hit Network we are so excited To be here and uh Robin why don’t you Get us going here my friend yeah so uh We’ll be here all week uh not only here On the uh the morning show but uh around

The blockchain and uh the blockchain Basement uh and uh other places as well Uh and so you’re gonna get nothing but Us now if you’re uh if you’re new to Sin City crypto uh we usually have a uh two Host uh type of setup so you’re not just Uh not just uh Ben today so that’s right That’s right uh now uh a lot of big news Today Um Bitcoin huh thirty thousand under Thirty thousand Thirty under thirty Thousand but uh well we’ll see uh we’ll See if we can break over that that Mark And then also big xrp news and uh what Else we got Gary Gensler might get fired Uh stay tuned for that he is having his Hearing tomorrow we’re not gonna talk About the hearing but we’re going to Talk about A uh congressperson who is trying to get Rid of garriganzar also Apple has joined The savings Market you can now earn four Percent on money with no minimum Deposits on Apple we’re gonna discuss That and also stable coin uh issuers There’s new legislation coming uh circle Is part of that Circle we’ll talk about That and we have a lot to talk about Today also uh we’re doing our uh crypto Twitter minute we’re doing crypto cage Match Avalanche or Solana so start putting in The chat what you guys are bullish on Most and what kind of you’ll get our

Takes and also we’re sharing a new Segment today all coin Alpha what to Look out for in the month of April uh And so we’re excited also this day in Crypto Three no four years ago today one of the Largest projects launched their smart Chain we’re going to talk about which One that was and where it is today Compared to four years ago and so yeah Let’s get this thing going All right uh so a typical run down here We’re gonna go through some of the Socials we do have uh the bitboy main Channel had a almost one and a half Million subscribers uh you know if we’re Gonna pull up uh Ben’s Channel big boys And we also got to pull up your boy here Uh so uh Cincinnati crypto here uh so if You haven’t had a chance to come over And check us out we will uh we’re going Live uh with the Dual simulcast uh with The blockchain basement and Sin City Crypto after this one uh and then uh Going into the Twitter uh we have uh the Ben Armstrong’s Twitter here uh which uh There’s been a lot of Fire coming from Uh from Ben lately man never a dull day On Twitter no sir Uh and then uh one more thing all things Been here uh you have the Ben Armstrong Book uh the catching up with crypto or Catching up to crypto uh which he did The book signing in uh Las Vegas a few

Months ago he dropped the Bombshell do you remember we can’t say It on there oh yeah man you know it was Regarding the top project man you know What if you get a chance to go to any of These meetups or book signings there Wherever it is you get all kinds of like Great Alpha on the back on from Ben a Lot of things that uh you know you know Isn’t uh throwing out uh is uh you know As easily out here on the live so more Uh back backstage discussions so uh You’ll get the alpha that cannot be Discussed but so yeah I always recommend Checking that out uh and then um I do Want to get into uh you know we Mentioned the Bitcoin price uh we have Uh 29 378 oh my God and 38 cents cryptos Crashing uh so you can see here just to Take a look at you know the the price Movement uh over the last week uh you See we came into the 30 000 but we did Lose the 30k support you know we were Holding over the 30k this whole time uh And then we also do got AJ coming up Here shortly to discuss the charts but Let me ask you this question what’s up So the M2 money supply is shrinking Right uh you have recession talks you Have and we’re going to get into this as Well but uh a crapload of money is Exiting the banking system right Quantitative tightening is happening do

You think that has anything to do with Bitcoin’s price pulling down or you or Or do you think this is just the apps And flow of the market we saw a big run Up to 30 almost 31 000. and now we’re Just doing a pullback and the same way That you have the bear bears and bulls Fighting over uh the you know the order Book and prices uh you also have the Liquidity uh moving from the banking Sector and also into speculative markets Particularly in a in crypto uh and other Commodities uh gold as well and so you Know there is the M2 money supply which Is the basically the circulating cash uh In the in the states uh that is is has Shrunk and there’s multiple factors Behind that one you do have a lot of Money exiting the banking system in its Entirety uh from offshore accounts to You know the svb uh banking crisis the Silicon Valley Crisis going on and we’re Just small businesses and large Businesses we’re just kind of freaking Out and just playing it safe by removing Um money and assets from the banking System and so that in itself has Um you know taken taking money out of The system and it’s it’s no different And all markets are the same uh as far As you know if there’s more liquidity More volume uh you’re going to generally Have uh you know it gives you the fuel For for the run-up of markets and so if

You take that fuel away uh you know I Wouldn’t be surprised to see you know The price take a take a hit but at the Same time you got to think man you know Bitcoin it is a solution to the the Issues that we have in the banking System and so so the fears that we’re Talking about with Silicon Valley Bank The fears with uh small businesses and Uh foreign countries not not feeling Secure keeping keeping Fiat and dollars Uh in U.S banking system those are Remedied and so and the solution is here It is Bitcoin and Bitcoin was birthed Through the the last uh banking crisis In 2008 and so this is what it was built For you sound like a maxi Yeah you’ve been hanging out with the Bitcoin Max you got it everybody’s got a Little Max you know you know no but You’re right man uh literally the reason Bitcoin was created was because the Banks went down right in 2008 like Robin Said and that’s when the Bitcoin white Paper was was created by Satoshi and is It a coincidence that the the second Largest bank failure in United States History happen and then Bitcoin went From 20 to 25 to 30 000 dollars Yeah I don’t know no no coincidence at All it was literally cause and effect The bank started going down Bitcoin Started running so it’s it’s uh it’s an Obvious and you know here’s the thing if

We do go into a deeper recession or Recessionary period if we if we just Kind of taper down and you know the the Legacy Finance takes ahead uh stock Markets uh just kind of Trail off uh if That were to happen I don’t think it’s a Positive for Bitcoin but if you do get Some kind of you know uh banking Collapse something of that nature then Uh if we see that then it’s it’s Everyone’s running for for safety Running for cover and uh Bitcoin is one Of the uh the safe haven assets so Bitcoin is a shelter all right uh now um I do want to give a little Um a little shout out as well to uh the Bitcoin Miami uh if you guys haven’t uh Uh haven’t got your passes yet uh bit More crypto is giving away two passes uh We have two passes left two days left There’s only 105 entries here and before We even went live I was I was asking if This is correct I’m like hey man I mean Do you know the value of the worth of This we went to bitcoin Miami Last uh Year we spent a pretty penny yeah it was Uh we didn’t we didn’t get the luxury of Getting the free passes last year uh but We’ll be there again this year at least Uh I will I’m not sure if David’s gonna Make it but uh if you want to come hang Out more time with you man yeah if you Want to come hang out with uh Big Rob Francisco crypto also uh Ben uh you can

Uh get your passes here for free and Then also tomorrow you know what Tomorrow is tomorrow is Gary Johnson day Yeah my tax day it is tax day sorry my Mind is on yeah but uh yeah so tax day Is tomorrow if you guys haven’t uh filed Your taxes uh we are not tax advisors But we can say if you’re not ready you Can always uh file an extension uh and Then uh if you’re gonna file your taxes Uh there are platforms that kind of Organize all of your data for you uh and With your Roth IRA accounts uh I trust Capital uh is a great great traditional Vehicle to use for Uh traditional services that you can use With crypto services so uh with this uh Yeah take a look before we move on from Bitcoin and look at look at the other Stuff I want to I want to share an Article from Finn bold Um so the Bitcoin rainbow chart have you Have you seen this rainbow chart I have Yeah yeah okay I haven’t pulled it up Lately the uh the rainbow chart has set The Bitcoin price for the end of this Year okay now after breaking the Psychological level at thirty thousand Dollars the price of Bitcoin has been Moving in a sideways Trend well not Today it’s moving down but as things Stand the rainbow chart suggests that Bitcoin is currently in the accumulate Phase which is indicated by the dark

Green color and I’ll scroll down there In a second so you guys can take a look This face presently stands in the Bitcoin price area between around 27 9 And 36 7. In its most bullish scenario which is Highlighted in dark red uh for the end Of this year the rainbow chart Identifies the area between 180 000 and almost a quarter million dollars As the maximum bubble territory for Bitcoin as opposed to the most bearish Scenario which is in dark blue between 20 and 26 4. see you keep saying you Keep saying like blue green yellow I Just look at it as the flavors of the Skittles so right now we’re in lime and You know this that are your color blind The the the yellow is so that yellow Band there if you were to if you were to Get into the yellow band at the having We were almost at 100 Grand you see that Uh and okay do you first of all do you Believe in this the the rainbow Char you Have the stock to flow model that kind Of I would I wouldn’t uh I I wouldn’t Take that as uh the gospel there like It’s it’s all or nothing but I do think It is something to keep a look at you Know it you know it’s gonna it’s gonna Follow the rainbow chart to some degree Right and I mean is it yeah I mean the Having the having coming up you’re gonna At least be in the yellow band right and

So the next having 100K I think is is is A foregone conclusion at least in in our Minds right So uh we actually did a having video Last week and uh my minimum price target For Bitcoin uh one to two years post Having is 150k that is the worst case Scenario minimum now leading up to it Might be a different story but um so if This if this rains true right 20 to 26k Is the most bearish scenario that means The bottom is it Right the bottom is in right Like okay yeah okay hold on if you’re Gonna say the bottom is not in what is What is one or what are some things that Can happen the overall Uh markets right now the Legacy markets The S P 500 uh if you were to say get a Uh so you’re 25 if you get a 25 to 40 Drawdown and Legacy Marcus and the sp500 You think we’re gonna see a 70 another 60 70 drawdown on a Bitcoin I think so I Think we’ll be I think we’ll be testing I think we’ll be testing the the sub 20K Mark hell no now there hasn’t been One-to-one correlation between the S P 500 uh NASDAQ and and Bitcoin as of the Very very short-term window but Historically it has followed it and it’s No coincidence that the all-time high Was within two months of the all-time High the S P 500 the drawdown uh pretty Much followed as well and so for me I I

Until It Breaks that mold until it it Completely deviates If the broader markets uh had headed Lower I think I think the same is holds For True for Bitcoin but like I said Earlier I do think that one caveat is The fact that if there is a banking Crisis that people will seek shelter in Bitcoin and there you’ll have a Deviation but outside of that situation So you’re with the camp you’re in the Camp that Bitcoin has not decoupled from The traditional stock market not yet I Think I think perhaps maybe next book What is it what does a chat think do you Guys think Bitcoin has decoupled put a One in the chat if Bitcoin has decoupled From the traditional markets put a two In the chat if you don’t think it has so One Bitcoin has decoupled two Bitcoin Has not decoupled I’m curious to see What the chat thinks I personally think If it was a scale if it was a meter it Would be closer to decoupled than it Would be closer to not decoupled uh and I think a lot of it is people look you Got to understand right hedge funds These money market funds people that Look that are their sole goal is to make Money and if the stock market is Bleeding and you could you get four Three four five percent on U.S Treasuries and the dollar is is is uh Being threatened right now right d

Dollarization is happening right we we Can’t just turn a blind eye to that that Is happening right where else are you Gonna put your money you’re gonna put it In Gold that goes up two percent a year You’re gonna put it in silver other Precious metals Or are you going to put it in something Like Bitcoin like ethereum who no matter What happens still has utility still has Utility on top of retail on top of Having uh events like havings on top of It being deflationary on top of it being On the blockchain and so that’s what I Think that narrative shift is going to Come so while everyone thinks that a Recession is bad for crypto and Bitcoin I personally think the opposite I think When your back is against the wall and You’re looking for an outlet and you Can’t find an outlet you start looking At other ways that you haven’t looked at Before and one of those ways is going to Be Bitcoin equipped asset managers and Hedge funds they mitigate risk in Recessionary periods it’s not an opinion It’s a fact it’s what happens time and Time again and risk on assets which Bitcoin is in that bucket right now uh That is something that the whales the Big money they stay away from uh when When in recessionary periods and when You’re not trying to take on risk and Remember in the same way that when we

See Bitcoin rally what happens shortly Thereafter you see the all coins start To rally and pump uh there afterwards It’s like a waterfall effect and so the Profits move over hedge funds uh some of These uh asses managers some of the the Whales in our in our space The Venture Capital uh they’re not only investing in Crypto so when they get gains when they Have uh the S P 500 is rallying that uh The NASDAQ is rallying when they’re when They’re in massive green they’re in the Profit uh they move those into more risk On because they have that extra the Extra Capital that extra liquidity that They can and they can uh diversify in so That’s the reason I think that I don’t know man when I look at an asset Like Bitcoin I look All-time high on Supply not moved in one Two and three years you look at a fixed Supply you look at the having coming up How could you not how could you not also Uh kryptos in here putting up FIB levels We said put a one or two he put 1.618 Okay well you did say that wasn’t an Option you said if there was a meter Between one and two which uh that’s what I said one if it decouples and then you Said I personally have a meter which Yeah but that was my personal I wasn’t Your boy here got it Uh you mentioned all coins Robin let’s Take a look at uh the rest of the market

Outside of Bitcoin so right now uh we Are sitting at 1.25 trillion dollars in Market cap with 48.5 billion in volume Coming in Bitcoin dominance is at 45.5 Percent down from almost 47 uh over the Weekend and last week and Eve dominance Creeping up to 20 Speaking of eth we are sitting at 20 70. So two thousand seventy dollars still up 11 over the last seven days now we’re Gonna uh bring up AJ here in a second And he’ll talk about some levels here’s A question though with ethereum so Before Bitcoin crossed over 30k uh Ethereum was under two thousand correct And now that Bitcoin is under 30k you’re Seeing ethereum test it is but it’s Getting closer right we were at I think It was it touched 2200 right uh yesterday or did it uh 21. It got pretty close I don’t know if it Crossed it but it was at least testing Those levels uh yesterday 21 44. yeah so Anyway it was getting close I’m just Curious that if Bitcoin say two three Days from now by the end of the week if It is still under 30 000 will ethereum Hold up over the the two thousand dollar Mark or will it also lose support I don’t know I I am uh what do you think A lot of people here’s here’s a better Question right because I’m the one that Asks questions thank you very much Um

Everyone thought with all these the State Ethan eth being unlocked there was Going to be a mess a massive dope oh my God everyone’s gonna sell their Eve me You a few people who came on our show we Were like we actually think the Opposite’s gonna happen which is true And I want to clarify that because Someone withdraws their eth does not Mean they’re going to sell it right so We’re seeing massive withdrawals but We’re obviously not seeing a massive Amount of of dumping uh does this say More to ethereum and and how bullish People are or does that say more to what Kind of whether we’re in a bull market Or a big bull rally what is it it’s kind Of saying you got two factors there Right you got one you have people that Perhaps unlocked are looking to sell and Just looking for a price Target and so You’ve been holding for over a year as An example with the staking and now you Want to take some profits off the table You’ve seen ethereum rally over two Thousand dollars as of lately you’re Like hey what’s a good exit position Perhaps 2 400 2 300 I’ll sell there I Don’t think that people are looking to Sell a 2000 because they know that we’re In an uptrend I mean we’ve identified it We looked at the skittle pack and we we Know that hey you’re probably going to Get a better exit position you’ve

Already held this long so there’s There’s that factor right there and then Two you just have a lot of people that Are now open to staking or that perhaps Are hesitant to staking in the past that Are open to the idea of sticking on Chain with ethereum to the simple fact That you’re not locked in long term and That you can get in and out of state and And just from a personal anecdote Standpoint when when I got the uh Notification on coinbase to stake my eat And earn interest but not knowing when I Was gonna unlock it I didn’t do it Because that reason because I didn’t Know we like we all know ethereum’s History and track record right Delay delay delay and I’m not saying That’s a bad thing because the last Thing you want to do and so on is launch Something that’s not ready Solana and it Just starts crashing right and so um I’m Not saying it’s a bad thing but for me As an investor who likes moving money Around and I do have a bag of eat that I Huddle but that what I have on coinbase Is what I trade with right and so for me I was like hell no is it going to be two Years from now three years from now and So what we’re seeing now with the tokens Being unlocked Um I think more money and we’re gonna we Have an article to talk about this in a Little bit uh more and more money’s

Gonna flow on it right because now People can uh unstake and unlock Whenever they want and then uh also I Saw a couple uh projects that are that Are rallying today render tokens up 12 On the 24 hours up almost 50 percent on The week uh inject the protocol over 50 On the week Avalanche up seven percent The day over twenty dollars and then uh We do the we had our Avalanche video Come out today as well on Sun City Crypto so you guys want to check that Out uh 18 on the week for that uh loop Ring as well uh uh I’m gonna be you know I think there’s a lot of uh eyeballs on On some of the projects that are working With uh ethereum uh loop ring is uh one Of one of my favorite projects some I Was looking at uh earlier before the Show interface is very user-friendly oh Yeah it’s gorgeous bluepring wallet yeah Here actually I got it pulled up uh the Thing about looping it is a Decentralized platform but it does have The order book that so it has some of The same feelings batching yeah some of The same feeling look that you would get From your traditional exchange uh and Then you also have the same services Like you would in a regular traditional Decks or if you want to do order book Fills uh all in decentralized manner you Can provide liquidity It’s uh loop Rings clean yeah I was uh

Yeah I was looking at the the I think it Hit three dollars on the last bull Market so I think uh it’s one of the Projects I’ve got an eye on all right Well without further Ado Let’s uh let’s Take a look at the charts and uh we’re Gonna bring uh AJ up here hey Jay Chat with me Hey Jake AJ I got your back Bro thank you you’re welcome I Appreciate it I want you to remember This and the chin and who who chanted For you and who didn’t all right it’s Okay thank you very much I’m not that Worried about it hi everyone AJ it’s Crypto here here to do some charts Haven’t done some charts here in a while But I am excited to do them but today Dude isn’t the best day why for AJ why Well the wells notice I I am sad I’m Upset I’m upset the the wells notice you Know whatever for bid Rex bittreck how Do you pronounce that exchange bittrex Thank you gone bittrex well they’re not Out here calling algorand uh security And they have all these reasons why that Was listen I’m I’m freaking out dude Well the scary part is that wasn’t in The wells notice that was in the lawsuit Right the lawsuit that’s what I was Reading today yeah but I saw there was And then I just don’t know what to think Of it the algo price is falling I am in A well you’re not ditching I’m not Ditching it like bro listen here’s the

Truth here’s the truth my ledger is at My house so I like can’t go home and get My ledge my ledger is 2 000 miles but I Am I am in an algorand short with like The couple thousand I have on kucoin so I I am in a short but um you know I I’m Kind of freaking out I’m not gonna lie I’m freaking out but don’t freak out man It’s gonna be fine bro Gary ganzer is About to get fired I hope he does you Know Bad News Bears I’m not excited About this so basically here we go Um so this is the ES1 exclamation point I use this to monitor the stock market And you know there’s the argument like How core related is Bitcoin to the stock Market but it’s still worth like looking At for at least looking at so basically All of 2022 we were in this descending channel In the beginning of the year we broke Out of this channel we bullishly Retested the channel and now we’re Coming back up and we’re getting Rejected below the previous high so kind Of double top idea involved for the ES1 Exclamation point Um and then even if you kind of go in Onto like the 10 hour the 12 hour hour The macd isn’t pulled up on here but the Macd has the signal line has gone below The macd line kind of coming down from The over heated level on the RSI Um kind of some bearish Divergence going

On with the bit lab relative extreme Also if you haven’t checked out the bit Lab indicators definitely check those Out with Kelly Kellum and bitlab Academy A lot of good stuff I checked them out For reference when to try to find some Confluence with my other favorite Indicators so there’s my bit with that So basically we’re looking at the ES1 Exclamation point double top idea if This comes down we’re looking for Another retest hopefully which is a Higher low from this one right here so That’s that one if we go to my Bitcoin Ta here let me go out to like uh say Like the daily chart So basically hold on let me know this Mouse is very strange so basically oh I Gotta pull this this is different than What I was looking at all right there we Go so kind of if we look at since the Beginning of the year right we can kind Of draw this channel like this Boom Boom okay so we’re kind of at the top It’s kind of sloppy but we’re at the top Of this channel is basically the point Here and if you pull up the macd on the 12 hour once again the macd signal line Has gone below the macd line RSI coming Down uh Market Cipher momentum the money Flow coming down I am looking for bit for Bitcoin to come Somewhere down in this channel if you

Pull Um a fixed range volume profile from say The beginning of 23 up to where we are Now a lot of the volume is down here Right around that trend line you know 20 22 8. right now we’re in in the 29 so I’m looking at Bitcoin to come down here At least for a little while Um to where exactly it’s kind of hard to Say I don’t know even if we pulled like A fib from oh that’s not the same FIB I Use where’s the one I use Uh retracement retracement Um where’s the one that I use man oh man It’s a sign yeah it is a sign station Ditch it yep I’m ditching it but Basically there are a couple levels to Look for another level I’m looking for Without involving the FIB here is right Here this level Was a ceiling and this is one of the First levels we’re going to be looking At right here you know 28 7. uh you know This was a ceiling level and now will it Become a floor can we grab this level And turn around and flip the SR possible Not completely sure but even if you kind Of zoom out like really far on bitcoin Um this level here has been really Important if you draw this line all the Way across here we did kind of cross it You know in the past it’s been a floor It’s been a ceiling but we are right Right there but if you look at

Um Market Cipher we have bearish Divergence right here with the and then Down here on the RSI it’s also kind of Hooking down from being way overheated With bearish Divergence as well so Um I’m definitely seeing a retest in the Cards for the forecast for Bitcoin Um I’m definitely looking for shorts for All coins right now as well you know Render is one popped up really High Really I mean this thing is juice hold On hold on I’m looking for this to come Down AJ real quick before you move on From Bitcoin what’s up so the rainbow Char we talked about said 20 to 26k Worst case scenario are we seeing a lot Of volume at those levels like if it Does fall through like what are the odds It falls through that that bottom the The lower portion of that of you know That range that we were given Uh or is there enough volume enough Buying pressure at that 20 to 25k level To where you know that’ll be a a decent Level of support one sec Um so basically I’m pulling a visible Range volume profile here to try to I’m Trying to pull it out so it kind of Resets up I’m not going to put you on The spot but it’s all good but yeah if You look at the visible range volume Profile there is a good amount of volume Like where we are to be exact it’s at The 28 level kind of where the fixed

Range volume profile was but there is a Low volume node here and then it kind of Pops back out at around 23 and there’s Not a lot of volume to rely on above This so I kind of think right now Considering this big pistoric Sr level And all of the volume down here I mean I would prefer if Bitcoin stays In this upward Channel I mean even if it Goes down to 25 technically we’re still In that channel so until we bearishly Break out of this channel like bullish Ideas moving forward even if it goes to 25 but if we stay in this channel we’re Good in the long run but if we break Down out of this a lot of look at this The most volume right here is sitting at 16 000 for Bitcoin so there’s a lot of You know I don’t mean to be a bear I Want it to go up up Bull Run Forever Bottoms in right Bottoms in I would I Would like to think the bottoms in yeah If I’m gonna pick one choose hard side I’m gonna say the bottoms in but at the Same time there’s a lot of a lot of Volume down there and uh we’re at the Top of this channel that you know the Stock market is getting double topped And we’re probably going to come down Here you know probably 25 26 000 in the Next couple weeks that’s my that’s my Call awesome I’m looking for shorts so There you go thank you AJ yeah not a Problem thanks for having me out sorry I

Know I kind of cut you off when you were Going to render did you ever know I was Just going to say like render you know It was really overheated you know right Here if you look at the RSI like the Price where’s the Little Brush price Here oh it’s a very bad brush but Pricier and then on the RSI while the Price is going up the RSI is going down That’s classic bearish Divergence so and That’s the 30 minute chart even if you Zoom in I’m definitely looking for a Short on render considering how hard it Pumped not even just the past day but The past week this thing is overheated For sure I will be looking for a short On this chart in particular you’ve had Some great calls man yeah what can I say What can I say I’ve um I’ve been working A lot on my trading lately I kind of Like deviated from it especially writing Here especially for Ben you know I spent A lot of time just researching writing Researching writing and like so I miss a Couple things I get mad when I miss These trades So lately I’ve been really Really focusing on my own ta kind of Learning new Concepts Um I’ve been doing really well trading And I’m thinking about doing like a like A 1000 into 10 000 challenge like Publicly well I just set it on bitboy Crypto so there you go but I’m gonna do A tweet about that and then I’m gonna

Post a lot of my setup so uh my people Can follow along uh on Twitter my name Is AJ writes crypto also Um I am good at trading but for trading Definitely check out Kelly Kellum bitlab Academy check out Frankie candles I’m Just another humble grateful employee Here but I love to do ta so there you go Thanks for being here you guys are my Homies thank you for having us man we Love you buddy Remember he didn’t chant for you bro all Right whatever okay AJ thank you so much For that guys go make sure to go follow AJ at AJ writes crypto on Twitter he Doesn’t have his own channel yet but I Feel like that might be in the works so Uh sure I pulled back up here and the Microphone’s like here yeah well that’s What happens all right you know what I Do want to I do want to say it for the Viewers here that might not be familiar With SimCity crypto we got one thing That we’re known for uh our kind of our Chant our our brand is uh is the Ola and Uh it is a Portugal And so if you’re part of the center Community I’m gonna need I’m gonna need your Assistance because we have the Sin City Crypto Ola and also Big Boy’s channel is Brought to you by steak and so if you Want to have what’s up is there a Gary Genzer style HR video coming up and Gary

Against their uh we’re talking proof of Stink no not this thing we’re talking This thing that video was so crazy so Bad all right so our Olaf segment is Brought to you by steak and so uh let’s Uh let’s show this the centers the People that know uh know and love us and Watch our show uh show show show the Community here uh how we get down drop The whole laws in the chat uh and then Uh you know uh speaking of steak I was Also overcooking the steak no I you know You know I like the I like my medium Well on my online New York is not a fattier steak if the Prime grade it is anyways yeah I got my Start in uh in Las Vegas as a grill cook So all right so without further Ado Let’s uh let’s get that mid roll going [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Let’s move on to crypto Twitter also Known as CT now Robin I want you Okay your portfolio’s up 50 okay you Just open up your app and you see it oh My God it went from twenty to forty Thousand dollars well that would be a 2X 100 what’s the face you make let’s say Your portfolio is up face my uh I just Woke up I’m in I’m in massive Profit Just woke up massive profit almost time For Lambo

Okay no I’ve when searching Searching crypto Twitter And I found some intriguing faces that Others make uh when the faces of crypto Investors when they see their gains in 2023 this is from mighty Dylan K on Twitter And here are just some of the faces and Um This was uh what is happening right now So are you more the the sideways tongue Movement there’s a lot of my weird Tongue things going on yeah Reference uh I don’t know what’s going On in uh across anyways yeah uh yeah Licking the world let’s go out there and Lick the world yeah um what I want to Know are you more a fan of the up and Down uh or the left to right I like to Keep that thing that prisoner caged bro Okay you know I Let’s move on this is a family-friendly Uh family friendship no this is another Video I found from whale chart entering Crypto Twitter for the first time and You know yeah The crypto Twitter crypto Twitter so You’re ignore me you invest in stocks in Traditional market and you’re like you Know what let me go check out crypto Twitter that person that like comes up To you like hey man uh what’s up with This ship thing and uh

Just someone who’s never been on crypto Twitter and it’s like you know what let Me check out what these crypto Bros are Doing okay Oh [Laughter] He’s like what oh what the heck [Laughter] He’s like no I’m out of here oh man uh Also because you don’t go to the gym is That is that how you feel when you go in The gym like I’m just curious I don’t go To the gym I have more muscle messing Let’s not go there though Robin this is Not our show okay we’re this is Benjamin It’s an honor I have a feeling that’s That’s that’s that’s that’s that’s your Look we saw people new to crypto Twitter Here is uh some live footage of what Retail looks like after Bitcoin reclaims Thirty thousand dollars and up up up Nope nope and now yeah okay it was funny It’s not all ladies oh ladies oh where Are they going they’re going to buy Bitcoin okay you know what’s funny is Was that a sewer system where were they Running into like that’s where uh Master Splinter is with the Ninja Turtles you Know what’s funny like in all honesty When Bitcoin was at seventy thousand Dollars all you hear people men 69. yeah okay I wish it was at 20K man It was a 30 000 I buy it right now and Bitcoin got to 16-5 and what did we hear

From people bitcoin’s going to zero I Knew that’s why I didn’t invest no People always people always talk about Uh talk about hey I’m gonna pull the Trigger at this price point they just Didn’t ever do right it’s it’s it’s it’s So common but now if you had the Conviction and you see that everything’s On sale while everyone else is panicking As people are puking and CNBC all of a Sudden wants to cover crypto and uh and Trash it or whatever it is uh when Mainstream media is is talking about it When you’re when you go to the barbecue And your friends are like how If you got the conviction to buy then You are the smart money and uh because Nothing’s changed yeah nothing’s changed Bitcoin Bitcoin has not changed the the Bitcoin blocks are still getting Validated every minutes and uh Ethereum’s still chugging along Finally got its upgrade there you go so Speaking of chugging along let’s chug Along to our headlines of the day and so Um someone in the chat said stop showing Funny stuff I don’t want to laugh I want To know about crypto well your wish has Been granted my friend so first piece of News we’re going to talk about this is From cointelegraph Bitcoin ether are Like gold says Kathy Wood but Ray dalio Is skeptical a recent terminal in the Banking sector has shown that Bitcoin

And ether can withstand shaky economy Outperform other asset classes and Function like gold says Kathy Wood the CEO of Arc invest Bitcoin and ether are Now acting as risk off assets and as a Flight to safety for investors amid Macro uncertainty she claimed that she Said quote they’re going to disrupt the Traditional World Order what are Bitcoin And ether doing I mean by the very fact That they’re being considered flight to Safety like gold that’s really Interesting and suggests much broader Base adoption and acceptance than I Think most people understand And then on the contrary though Ray Dalio which uh I I really like Ray dalio I like listening to his takes don’t Necessarily agree with everything he Says but it’s important to get the other Side of the the argument as well right Ray dalio said in an April 12th Interview that Bitcoin could not serve As an effective currency because it’s Too volatile and central banks won’t Adopt it he said quote Bitcoin is Neither an effective store of uh Storehold of wealth or a medium of Exchange so it is not an effective Currency it has a volatility to it that Has no relation to practically anything It’s a very very Poor alternative to gold now He dropped two berries in there right he

Could have just said very poor he said Very very poor alternative he also said Uh here’s interesting and I’m curious to Get your take on this Robin okay and I’m Gonna make this bigger so so you guys Can really see they can Outlaw Bitcoin They can regulate it central banks and Countries pretty much don’t want it Anyway he said I think that gets Attention are you okay over there adding That it gets attention way out of Proportion and he strengthened this case By pointing out that gold is the third Largest reserve held by central banks do We need nation states and central banks And Bitcoin to be seen as a currency or A medium of exchange you know here’s the Thing I think whose side are you taking Kathy or Ray oh of course Kathy here’s The thing it’s funny that Um Ray dalio is against Bitcoin because He was on The Lex Freeman podcast uh Probably about a year ago uh beating the Bitcoin drum talking about that digital Currency uh is here to stay or as you Know he said different monies as he said Internet monies as it was he was quoting Over and over yeah he did say it was Just kind of weird but yeah either way He was he did see the the light at the End of the tunnel right he he got the Orange pill he had uh did a little Research into it but uh just like a lot Of other retail people uh that uh just

First dabble into crypto uh he’s gotten Scared out of the game and oh he’s uh Switched sides but He said that Bitcoin is a very very poor Alternative to Gold I like to think that Roles are actually reverse I think that Gold is a very very poor uh well okay a Very very poor version of Bitcoin Because it’s not it lacks a utility and So Here’s the thing if you want to have a Commodity if you if you wanna a Commodities are really advantageous to Prevent the the traditional to get out Of the traditional markets to get out of Finance to get out of the uh the Government’s control you can control Your own money right and the the benefit With with gold is that or the the Benefit with Bitcoin versus gold is that Bitcoin is digital you just pick it up Anywhere as long as you’ve got internet Connection here in the states hey if I Want to buy gold I can go get an ETF of Gold I can go to a pawn shop ETF is not right here but here’s the Thing it is a digital representation of Gold that’s manipulated but it does it Doesn’t matter either way you’re still Getting exposure to goals you’re gonna Okay you’re gonna go take your ETF but You buy something you can still get a an ETF they do buy and sell gold uh in Relation to how many people are buying

And selling gold now now you can trade Those digitally but that is only Services that are that are allotted to U.S residents Um or to privileged Traders abroad that That can trade in in the stock exchange Uh so if you don’t have access to those Services uh you can’t get a digital Representation of gold so outside of the EU handful of other countries the states Uh there’s a small percentage of people That can get digital gold outside of That if you want exposure to Gold you Have to go out and physically buy it and Then if you hope that gold is real nope It’s pure and hope it’s like you know no You can get counterfeit Gold fake gold I Think you you made an interesting Statement you said Bitcoin is not a poor Version of gold gold is a poor version Of Bitcoin it is it in and it doesn’t Lose its value by any means it gold gold Will always be gold it always you know Have its value uh and as as Fiat Currencies inflate and lose its value uh Gold will increase in value it’s just It’s it’s a scarce commodity it’s no Different than Bitcoin however with Bitcoin uh is that it can be traded and Moved at the speed of light as Michael Saylor likes to say all the time again You know it it can move it this way oh Yeah that’s right and so The the advantages obviously in in the

Digital era uh is that uh you know it’s Seamless moves I think and we’ll we’ll Close this this uh this topic out on This I think if you look at gold versus Bitcoin in a more micro level right Whether it’s six months to a year maybe Even two years yeah sure gold is a Better consistent store of value But if you look at it in more of a macro Sense three to five years five to ten Years 10 to 20 years how can you sit There and say Bitcoin uh gold is a Better hedge a better story value than Bitcoin gold has gone up two percent in 10 years In 10 years and look what Bitcoin has Done in just three months I will also Say that the throughout the history of Human civilization with our monetary System just kind of going back it’s Always been leveraged off of gold and so Countries would always keep reserves of Gold and then and then keep their their Wealth in gold or in other Commodities Particularly gold though and so if we See that nation states start acquiring Uh Bitcoin as part of their treasury Assets to replace gold uh even if it’s One percent five percent whatever it is You’re gonna start creating a supply Shock and when one country does one if If France or or England or the us or Whatever country start acquiring gold Keeping it on on in their own personal

Uh reserves uh you’re gonna have an arms Race and a ballot battle and that’s when You’re going to see an explosion price a Lot of people always say man like hey uh Bitcoin is boring it doesn’t it doesn’t Rally too hard or whatever it is it’s The altar is going to outperform I say Be careful because the day that or the In the era which is I think fast Approaching that you get the countries Fighting over gold as a treasury asset And that arms race where they’re trying To trying to buy up and scoop up the Supply I think that is going to send Bitcoin absolutely parabolic so okay uh Speaking of sending someone to space I don’t know where that segue came from But We have some potentially amazing news One of our least favorite people in uh In our government Gary Gensler might be On his way out no not crypto nobody no Not Gary we have a nickname for him on Since the cryptos Gary the gun against Her because he’s always Messing stuff up I can’t use the word That I use on our Channel because out of Respect for Ben Representative Warren Davidson is going To introduce legislation to fire Securities and Exchange Commission boss Gary genzer for his crypto overreach now It’s important to note as well Gary will Be testifying in front is it the senator

House uh house house Financial oversight Committee and it’s going to be crypto And digital asset focused I cannot wait To watch that I mean we’ll be uh we’ll Be here because it’s this week yeah and So we’ll be covering that I truly hope He gets eviscerated with questions and Just gets backed into a corner uh I Can’t wait they uh their Baroda just uh Janet Yellen it was a last month uh with The banking crisis and uh yeah we’ll be In 50 trillion dollars a day man I was Impressive to watch man and uh you know From from what I’ve seen her previous Testimonies uh where they just like Lobbed her little softballs uh you know They turned up the heat so I’d like to See the same with Gary Gensler if not You know you know throw the whole Kitchen at him so well what’s funny with Gary is didn’t he used to teach a MIT a Crypto class yeah so how much is Maintaining ignorance listen here here Is my take okay this is what he’s doing He’s playing into the system I know exactly what happened hear me out Here Gary was teaching a class at MIT Blockchain class one of the crypto Bros Stood up in the middle of his class and Said dude you have no idea what you’re Talking about you’re an idiot and Everyone clapped and they all laughed at Him and then since that day Gary has

Hated crypto that’s what happened guys It’s an interesting take okay what do You think right well were you in the Class did you see this I heard rumors All right all right uh back to this so Security Exchange Commission chair Gary Gelzer could be facing unemployment Hopefully he doesn’t qualify for Unemployment uh after U.S representative Warren Davidson declared he would Introduce legislation to fire the SEC Boss now I’m not a political expert here But do they need legislation to get rid Of this guy or can like someone like the President or or I mean I guess the President wouldn’t do it but either way So this is so Paul Grewal who is Coinbase’s Chief legal officer I believe I could be wrong He tweeted this uh talking about how you Know what the SEC is doing is driving Innovation out of the states to which Warren Davidson quote tweeted that and Said yep to correct a long series of Abuses I am introducing legislation that Removes the chairman of the Securities And Exchange Commission and replaces the Role with an executive director that Reports to the board former chairs of The SEC are Ineligible Now obviously chain of command you have A president vice president in terms of The SEC you have the chair and the

Commissioner is the number two well Guess who the number two is and that is None other than crypto mom Hester Pierce As she has publicly again rebuked her Agency and Gary genzer on the crypto Regulation this is from CNBC So it’s nice to to see articles like This That are not in the crypto Universe Right not quite telegraphs that’s the Old one right there that’s the one that Was from February uh yes there’s another One got it yeah see where it says the Date February 9th yeah yeah I see it now Thank you so much uh you got the decrypt One uh no oh yeah right here there you Go they try to set me up man I’m telling You these guys try to set me up biscuit And Robin they try to send me try to set You up for Success so thank you all Right okay so this is uh okay this is For February 9th but this was reported By CNBC still very important then we Have the decrypt one this is from April 14th so on Friday sec’s Hester Pierce Says Gary ginza’s plan to Target D5 Undermines First Amendment so we have Gary Gensler filing Wells noted so Everything happened right after FTX came Down right FTX came down we know Sam and FTX were The Golden Child for crypto Regulation and that all got completely Obliterated and since then Regulators Elizabeth Warren Joe Biden

The OCC the FDIC they are gunning Foreign Became more more publicized because Before that you had the the lawsuit with Um uh block fi which was one of the I Think one of the catalysts for them Found for bankruptcy eventually uh and Then uh they’re you know obviously the Xrp and the Ripple case uh there so they They got a track record of just of Poking at uh crypto and I think now is Just the what we’re seeing now is that In crypto space is that because we’re in A bear market right now the projects are Building and there’s not so much there’s Not too much coming from the crypto side So what is front and center or what The Regulators are talking about but they’ve Been hating on on crypto this whole time This is not anything new now there’s Just not any other news to kind of drown Out what the SEC is doing and it’s Interesting that uh Hester Pierce has Come out again now she is rooting I Think this is like the fourth or fifth Public statement uh that that she’s come Out and and and win against Gary because Of that this is her boss which is Interesting because most Most companies most uh branches of Government you know it’s like uh the Owner and the CEO yeah yeah right yeah And or vice president and president Whatever they’re usually on the same

Page uh here on the the subject of Crypto it is not that and you know what We’re seeing right now between Gary Ginser and and Hester Pierce it’s Interesting and you know if he were to Leave office would she be somebody that Come in and fill and fill fill that role I know the proposal from um uh from uh Warren Davidson is that he wants to have A committee right or or like a panel and So he he’s trying to abolish the Position in its entirety which I’m more In favor of of of spreading out as an Executive director that reports to the Board yes so yes so basically you’re Going to have the SEC chair which would Be the direct the directman and then From there they’re gonna report to a Board so it’s not going to be one guy That determines uh the fate of all of Crypto essentially because there’s not Any regulation coming from the the the The uh the see uh the com what’s the Commodities one cftc the cftc yeah and So there’s not much regulation coming From there uh they they testify said That they were underfunded and didn’t Have enough money to properly regulate The crypto environment uh they’re trying To generate uh more tax revenue uh to to Facilitate that but right now the only People stepping up realistically is the SEC and so if you’re going to have the Head of SEC making all the decisions

Without any repercussions it is he has a Gross overpower overreach over an entire Industry and so why not break that up Give it give one one person that answers To a board of people have the board of People be uh peers in the crypto space Or at least have some representation From the from the crypto community in There and yeah I mean now you know you Know there’s one issue with that is it Makes too much sense and we know the Government doesn’t necessarily do now I Want to ask you this but I will I will Be personally endorsing this this uh This bill or legislation when it comes Out uh so when when when it is Introduced I’m gonna I want to ask you This I want to ask you this Now you mentioned you don’t see the Number one and number two going against Each other like Hester Pierce has done With Gary genzer you think it’s all lip Service like if she if Gary has her Stepped down and she for some reason Stepped into chairman would she do what Gary did Go from being a blockchain fanboy and You know talking good about blockchain And potential do I think there’s some Good cop bad cop going uh coming through Yeah absolutely the SEC is still going To have the interest of Of the banks and traditional Finance That’s who they that’s who they service

Right the the Securities and Exchange Commission who who’s the biggest Securities Banks hedge funds Venture Capital Um I mean you can throw in other Securities like technology uh and you Know the Medicare medical field as well But outside of perhaps those two Outliers it’s all it’s all in finance And so that’s who they service that’s Their clients that’s that’s where they Make their money that’s who they’re Going to keep happy and whether or not It’s Gary genzer or Hester Pierce uh in The uh in the driver’s seat they’re Still gonna look out for their interest It’s just the way the system works now She can be a little bit more vocal a Little bit more lenient towards crypto I Think she would be a better fit than Gary worse than Gary right yeah but I’m Just I just think at this point I think there needs to be more more Clarity from Congress and remove the Power from the SEC itself uh perhaps to Give some some framework some guidance I Would like to see that crypto get its Own kind of designation to to Differentiate both crypto and securities To say hey this is what makes crypto Commodity this is what makes crypto Security uh if you check these boxes Instead of the uh the outdated 19 30s uh Way of of identifying what is a security

I think that is is not you can’t be Applied to cryptos now there are certain Certain aspects of it that do match but Realistically it is completely different Now so You know you mentioned uh Banks and uh The next piece of news we’re gonna talk About is The banks And how one Trillion with a t not a b not an m not Any other letter in the alphabet but a t Has likely exited the U.S banking system As America risks global economic Isolation said the former U.S treasury Secretary Hank Paulson as he believes Panic in the sector is not over oh I Like that band and the first recession Says 2007 may be inevitable in an Interview with the financial times he Said it appears about one trillion Dollars was pulled out of the banking System he said quote the capital markets Shut down for two or three weeks now They’re opening but not to the extent They were so I think it’s pretty likely We will see a recession if you look at What’s happening to Credit Now We have seen money A lot of money flow into money market Funds right where people are getting Three four five percent interest we’re Seeing people buy treasury Securities Like t-bills and t-notes and bonds

Well now Apple has decided that they’re gonna Give you a savings account and give you 4.15 interest that’s unheard of man wow This was breaking this morning at 10 A.M Eastern so about two and a half hours Ago So apple on Monday launched this apple Card savings account with a 4.15 annual Percentage yield it requires no minimum Deposit or balance now I want to know Why I want to know why this is so Important you guys because if you see Let’s say you bank with Bank of America Or chase or Wells Fargo you see hey We’re offering three percent four Percent if you have a quarter million Dollars if you have half a million Dollars if you can deposit ten thousand Dollars a month this is giving you four Percent with zero minimum requirements Zero uh ten users to set up an account From the wallet app or on their phones What’s that I said tell me it’s a rug Pull without saying so do you think it’s Right where’s that coming from it’s from Goldman Sachs I know but where’s that Coming from oh where are they generating The yield well you gotta remember Apple Does have a credit card and it’s also Through Goldman Sachs and you gotta Figure uh they’re invested in Money Market funds or or they’re here’s also What they’re doing if you put your money

In an apple as a savings they’re doing The same thing the banks are going to be Doing they’re taking that money yeah Well here’s the thing this is actually What Goldman Sachs does Goldman Sachs is An investment broker right they’re They’re not a traditional bank they are Listed as a bank Um so they but they don’t have the same Retail services that you would get from Bank of America and other Banks so you Have what is a company a major major Like top company that I don’t know where They rank as far as is the biggest banks In the world but We all we all know who Goldman Sachs is And they can operate as a bank but Realistically they’re in a they’re an Investment house right and so what do You think they’re going to do with their With your money they’re gonna they’re Gonna go out and invest it and I would Just be a little hesitant because one You’re you’re is it FDIC sure that’s What I want to know uh if they operate Like a bank I would assume so but here’s The thing you know they’re going to be Out there investing your money so yeah But here’s the thing like that okay if You’re gonna insure my money up to a Quarter million dollars And you want to take it and you want to Re-hypothecate and invest sure okay That’s how the economy keeps going right

Without printing money that’s all but at Least let me get a bigger piece of the Pie man don’t give don’t take 10 grand For Me Lend that 10 grand out to Robin Via credit card charge him 20 interest And give me less than a quarter of a Percent like that’s complete BS well I Think times are changing right now times Are changing and your money is debatably Covered I’ve talked about this on the Basement several times whenever people Talk about FDIC some other people know This but the question for you how much Do you think is in the FDIC reserves not Enough but what do you think it is I Think the number was about 30 billion It’s 128 billion so what half after After the whole bailout with uh with Silicon no no that’s how much was there So they didn’t even have enough to bail Out silicon alone yeah because silicon Well They didn’t have enough money if they Went over their 250k they did have Enough money if they stuck to their Limits but they didn’t they guaranteed Every deposit or their money back So they guarantee to make everyone whole To indemnify them but the problem is That that bank night like seven I Believe it was either 78 or 90 percent Of the deposits was over that 250 000 Threshold and now they’re talking about An unlimited FDIC like how much are

These Banks gonna have to pay into the Insurance program because that’s what They do it comes off the bank uh it Comes off the backs of of people like me And we know they’re not taking that out Of their bottom line They print it and they debase our our Currency and then we we feel it through Inflation and the thing is we don’t see It immediately and then next thing you Know two years down the road you look at The price of gas it’s doubled you’re Like and it’s because of actions like That and then who ends up getting that Money it goes so that it goes to the it Goes to the banking system so that way The CEOs keep their jobs and then also Most of these bank accounts a lot of Especially with Silicon Valley Bank These are for uh offshore accounts and So you’re just making whole to investors From abroad to make sure they don’t lose Their money and then we end up paying The bill because you printed out the Money and just but to play Devil’s Advocate to play Devil’s Advocate if you Didn’t do that because you had Pension Funds in Sweden you had funds in Switzerland that were investing in Silicon Valley Bank if they didn’t do That then any other foreign nation that Invests money in the US they’d probably Be hesitant so that’s playing Devil’s Advocate but here’s the thing you just

Got to keep doing that over and over Yeah There’s always going to be instances Where they’re people are gonna that the Masses are gonna try to draw on their Money whether or not it’s a it’s not Even fractional anymore it’s zero yeah Or zero zero zero percent since 2020 Zero March 21st yeah zero percent and Nobody’s complaining about that it’s not Sustainable guys and and like I said If You’re Gonna Take My Money the whole Thing’s gonna crumble eventually it has To right yeah it has that’s why I’m in Crypto so well here’s the thing back 40 Like look back a hundred years ago the Great Panic of 19 was it 1917 or 1913 Where everyone lined up at the banks to Take the money out right the great Bank Run well now I don’t have to be like all Right honey I’m gonna go down to the Bank to pull all my money out no nope Click a button and it’s out Information spreads like wildfire Nowadays so the banking system is on the Verge and going back to what uh Hank Paulson said it’s not over and it’s not Over and so be careful I always have Multiple bank accounts right we have to Be plugged into the Fiat system to some Extent pay our bills because crypto’s Not there yet yeah I still got to think This is this is probably nation states That have pulled money out right and we

Saw the weaponization of the dollar uh You had the U.S just seizing was a 600 Billion dollars uh through their little Sanctions or whatever it was just Straight from the Russian economy when When they uh invaded Ukraine and so that Just sent a message like instantaneous Like hey uh if you don’t line up with Our views now you can you know whatever Whatever is going on in the world you Can the thing is if either whether you Agree or disagree it doesn’t matter if You don’t agree with the narrative here In the states And you’re a foreign country and you’re Holding dollars if you don’t side with The states then Your your your funds are at risk right That’s what we all learned that hey if I If I’m in if I’m entire you know if I’m The country of Thailand and I have money In in the states and all of a sudden our Our political system doesn’t line up in The states they can take they can take All of the assets right you’re supposed To keep dollars to trade And maybe now you don’t keep as much Maybe now you don’t buy those bonds and Now I think that’s part of why there’s a Trillion dollars left a banking system Truly all right let’s move on crypto Cage All right we’re from Vegas man so it’s All about UFC and cage Minds is out

There that’s right so I’m throwing two Coins in the cage all right what you got Throwing Solana And I’m throwing Avalanche oh sorry Um Solana couldn’t show up whoa Network is down Um Robin you know this is coming Solana Avalanche two leading layer ones both Have VC funding both have high Throughput both have a decent economics Obvious the obvious answer here the Obvious answer here is Avalanche right And so no no no no no here’s the thing Please for the level here’s the thing You’re going to pick Solana and then Well this this depends on your time Horizon if I’m looking for the next bull Market So within the next I’ll say Within five years right then the next Three to five years if that’s the time Horizon I think that Solana got beaten Down so hard from the FTX collapse a lot Of the outages I think they have more Potential to Rally snap it I think that Avalanche has more fundamentals they Have more gaps uh in the works uh more In Partnerships Yeah dude don’t forget that stuff’s not Legal in Georgia’s got the new phone Coming out bro get out of here It’s going to be our corporate phone and So you know I’m I’m just curious you Never know man I’m telling you there’s Going to be a lot what a joke so so you

Would rather pick I like I like Avalanche on the long term but if I’m Looking from us from from the analytics From the tokenomics from where price was To all-time highs I’m telling you Solana Has more room to run and just just when You think something’s out remember Everyone was everyone was scratching When ethereum had to rewind and all of a Sudden you had classic no everyone one Didn’t want to touch ethereum they’re Like oh hey it’s got his problems Whatever whatever and we see now how That played out okay looking at the Dollar a hundred years ago and be like It’s tokenomics used to be great It did used to be great it used to be Great I think that you’re gonna get more Returns out of Solana at the price now Versus Avalanche of the price now that’s My personal opinion you are awesome Longer than that though so you are Outside like whoa It’s a lot of fun okay Listen Solana and I can’t tell if you’re joking Or being serious Solana I’m not saying Salon is going to zero I do think Solana Has somewhat of a future will it be a Top five layer one or a top 10 layer one I don’t know okay but is it gonna go to Zero I don’t think so But to sit here and say you’re taking Solana over Avalanche which I don’t know

I mean we have our own crypto show we do Five days a week and last week all we Talked about was Avalanche and how They’re bringing Enterprises and Amazon Web services and Evergreen subnets we Literally just published a video What like money is forming in this in an Avalanche Partnerships are flowing in Avalanche and the opposite is happening On salon You have the two of the top nft projects Not just on Solana but in nft land Period just leave salon and say nope We’re going to polygon we’re going Ethereum You and let’s take a look here let’s Pull this up real quick uh BJ don’t tell Me how to live my life okay I’ll do it Total value locked okay Avalanche Is that 43 400 active users 300 Protocols and it’s got about one oh Sorry 860 million in total value locked Solana coming in at number 12 with less Than half of that less than a third of That it was at the top of the list Running on their Network when when when That tvl comes back when all of a sudden The corporate money wants to Pilot I’m just saying I think Venture Capital Still believes in Solana Kevin O’Leary Is still out here beating the Solana Drum I think that uh once we start Getting into our bull market I think I Think the think money’s gonna pour back

In case a good win from the chat brought Up a good point is did Sam pay you and Is this something I don’t know about Like I’m not a I’m not a huge Salon of Homer I’m just looking at it from an Investment thesis here at the price it Is now to where the price it was the Dominance it had okay back to 250 bucks Yeah you are out of your mind David if You really think dude do you think you’d Be wearing that shirt Is that still on sale To Atlanta And uh You know out here in Georgia it’s a lot Of uh trees and uh I wanted I wanted to Blend in I wanted to fit in with the Community and so bye I mean he loves Your shirts not your take though that Was terrible guys What what Crypto cage match who are you taking are You taking Avalanche Solana let us know In the comments avax or Soul which one Are you taking and I want you to think About his argument was a good phone Coming out ones and twos that’s fifth Facts man are you doing ones and twos on This one yeah this thing ones or two one Avalanche two Solana because they’re Gonna remember a couple twos in here man I better not be a couple twos Glad you have your uh expectations set Really hi there my friend don’t try to

Don’t try to use it do you guys have Some uh all coin um Alpha we do [Music] All the way before we move on if you Guys want to know why I am so bullish on Avalanche go watch the video we just Posted I’ll leave it at that all right All coin Alpha so we got coin Market Calendar pulled up here couple things to Look out for over the next few weeks so This is a little ways out but pretty Important litecoin’s having event it’s Happening on August 5th some more uh Recent things to look for tomorrow Helium will be migrating officially to Solana uh oh God I didn’t think it could Get worse for Helio Uh Robin mustard nothing like that radio Wi-Fi Robin must be an advisor to helium Um then we have Pool which is one of the top liquidity Stake providers for ethereum they are Having their Atlas upgrade that is also Happening tomorrow if you want to uh get Some Alpha on hedera they’re doing a Spaces tomorrow at 1pm UTC I hate the UTC thing man I always get so confused Also if you’re a meme coin fan and you Like dogs and you like Dogecoin baby Doge is getting a cool coin listing that Is also happening tomorrow did uh baby Does crack the top 100 I heard that’s That’s my baby doggy yes your baby doggy That’s my baby dog where is where did it

Actually why are you looking for that uh Near protocol is having a town hall this Is on April 19th so in two days so if You want more information on what’s Happening on Lanier make sure to join Their town hall and then there was one More thing here I believe nope that was It so that is your blockchain Alpha guys And this resource if you want to use it For yourself highly recommended at or The website name is coinmarketcalcal.com Now let’s move on From all coin Alpha to what happened Four years ago on this day Robert Well you already know because I told you Uh binance Officially launched their binance scan I Mean their binance smart chain all right BSC this is from April 18th so it Happened on the 17th it was reported on The 18th by coin desk binance reveals Timeline for BNB cryptocurrencies move Off of ethereum crypto exchange binance Has launched this new custom blockchain Binance chain also known as binance Smart chain also known as BSC I call it The binance scam chain which will Support its three billion dollar pnb Cryptocurrency that currently runs on Ethereum announced Thursday the exchange Center will activate BNB on the new Network on April 23rd so now you call it Binance scam chain for for what purpose It is because

Every scam every rug pull has been on BMV it’s just it just sorry speaks loud It speaks loud and proud about how easy It is to launch token To launch your own project on on the Binance smart chain and compare and Compared to ethereum ethereum it taught It takes a massive amount of money and Time which is why scams don’t launch on There that’s the point that is the point I’m not gonna go drop 300 000 to scan People out of 100 it shows you like from A developer standpoint how easy it is to Build on binance and you don’t need to You don’t need to have a college degree Like hey if you want to participate in In crypto you want to go out there and Learn how to code you want to learn how To how to get a little taste of of smart Contracts hey go on buying a smart chain Launch a scam token That’s part of it it’s like the same It’s like the same narrative like hey Well you know what we don’t use crypto Because people do money laundering right You sound like Elizabeth Warren over Here man in the simple fact that that People no no people use crypto to do Money laundering so now all of a sudden Crypto’s bad and because binance smart Chain happens to have some some Bad Actors over here that are are rug Pulling and making crap projects all of A sudden the whole project is trash like

No man uh speaking of trash projects we Have a xrp but before that Well before that do want to give a shout Out to steak uh once again uh we are Bringing the xrp uh the xrp section we Have today and so you saw it in the Title Of today’s video you saw it in the Thumbnail Is Ripple ditching xrp and again this is Brought to you by steak this is from the Bitcoiness here’s why Ripple is not Using xrp for new product and a Dev Explains last week Ripple launched a new Product liquidity Hub causing a huge Discussion in the xrp community the Outcry centers around the fact that Liquidity Hub does not support the xrp Token as a result speculations have Surfaced that the company might ditch And neglect the xrp token however a Ripple developer responsible for the Payment Solution on The odl Today Provided some clarity as to why it’s not Being used and also David Schwartz the Chief technology officer spoke out as Well Um said why would they offer a new a new A new Dapper a new new segment of Of the Ripple Network and not use the xrp token let me Okay this question is a no-brainer this Question I’m going to ask I’m not asking it because it’s what I

Believe I’m just asking it as a thought Experiment Do you think Ripple maybe has an inkling That they might lose in nextrp because Let’s say security I think perhaps They’re just trying to avoid exposure uh Whether just any exposure at all I think They’re just trying to keep their head Down Iohk is launching a new project but Cardona has nothing to do with it it has Nothing to do with it it’s kind of weird A cardano wouldn’t do that because it’s Actually a legit thing damn we got xrp Haters in here isn’t your boss the xrp Commander wait or are we talking about We are actually the commander now We are look at me Are you a captain no that was a good Movie by the way I like that okay Is this a bad look I mean look the Community has every right thing there I Think they’re just being cautious Because uh they don’t want to use the Xrp token for anything that’s just my Opinion uh and and are you still bullish On xrp yeah of course I I once again for The straight to economics because once The the court case settles or there’s a Resolution whatever the case may be when It gets re-listed on exchanges what’s Your price Target just just off a sheer Uh just off of the sheer need to provide

Liquidity uh there the exchanges are Going to scoop up xrp by but changes Already have xrp because places like Coinbase you can you can still hold xrp There yeah They had their own internal reserves and When this when they were going through The bull market you don’t think they Sold off some of them and then and then Moved in or perhaps they were buying More and more of these other tokens or Scooping up other tokens for like to Provide liquidity uh and uh dumping xrp I think I think that was Part part of why we saw the price uh uh Crash you don’t need if if coinbase for Example isn’t listing xrp it doesn’t Have the order books for it you gotta Imagine that they’re not gonna keep a Massive amount of xrp as liquidity They’re just going to offload that and So for that reason I think I think when It does re-list eventually this is going To be so much Supply shock because You’re going to have the likes of Binance.us And xrp wins court case starts getting Relisted what price Uh I think it you get some candles up Into two three dollars And then I think it probably settles in At a 150. now uh Not to cut you guys off but we need to Make like prom night

And wrap make up and wrap it up oh sorry So we’re gonna make up we’re actually Done anyways guys before we leave I want To show one thing Um It’s been an absolute honor to be here We will be here all week uh if you want More David and Robin make sure to Subscribe to Sin City to crypto on YouTube and I’m assuming all of you Watching are already subscribed to Bitboy crypto go follow uh Ben on Twitter and uh we will be on uh Blockchain basement and if you’re here From the center community uh make sure To check out we’ll be simulcasting our Live stream with blockchain basement so We’re excited for that so with that Being said Guys it’s been a pleasure huge shout out To the entire hit Network family we’re Excited to come back again and uh until Tomorrow guys [Music] [Music] Foreign