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The top 5 best all coins to buy and hold For 2023 these are some of the best all Coins you can buy right now Bitcoin is Up over seven percent in the past week And looks to be holding comfortably Above the thirty thousand dollar Resistance level this could mean we are On for an altcoin pump and with this as An opportunity to make a life-changing Profit That’s why in today’s video we present You five well-established projects which We have been buying this week in the Crypto Market we will start off the list With the more safe less risky buys then As we get further into the video we will Talk about the lower market cap more Risky plays but as you know more risk More reward and our number five pick has The potential to make you millions of Dollars so make sure you stay until the End of the video to see what the best Crypto to buy right now is also just Before we go any further this channel Has a daily giveaway of 1 million Sheba Tokens To enter all you have to do is be Subscribed to this channel like this Video and comment hashtag Sheba new Good Luck also guys please beware of scammers In the comments I will never ask you to Send me money and I do not have WhatsApp Or Telegram and of course this content Is not Financial advice

Anyway let’s not waste any more time and Get into it I also just want to mention That I think dollar cost averaging is a Good strategy for all of these tokens Now the first token of the video Although is not our number one pick I Still feel it is an amazing project that You can’t miss out on number one cardano Currently cardano is priced at around Four to five cents with a market cap of Just over 16 billion dollars What is cardano cardano is a Decentralized open source blockchain Platform designed to create and manage Smart contracts and decentralized Applications using a more energy Efficient and secure approach its native Cryptocurrency is called Ada which is Used for transactions and participating In the Network’s consensus mechanism Why do I think cardano is a strong buy At the moment Rumor has it that cardano could be Switching to integrate AI software into The project they already have a Successful AI project in the ecosystem Called singularitynet This means that cardano has an amazing AI team working in and around the Project this tells me that it could be Possible for cardano to make a strong Switch to an AI crypto This would almost certainly give cardano A pump in the short term and due to the

Size and community of the project its Price should hold above resistance Levels Cardano’s price targets and predictions Now cardano is already very highly Valued so the crypto won’t go soaring in Price but it has previously seen All-time highs of 93 billion dollars and A price of three dollars So I do believe that in the event of a Bull run it wouldn’t be unrealistic to Say that it could hit three dollars Again Using the crypto profit calculator from Just a 500 investment at the current Price you can make around two thousand Seven hundred dollars in profit if the Token was to hit just three dollars Number two xrp Currently is priced at around 52 cents With a market cap of 27 billion dollars The token is currently down 84 percent From its all-time highs mainly due to The fact it is an illegal battle with American SEC what is xrp Xrp is a digital cryptocurrency created By Ripple Labs designed to enable fast And low-cost cross-bour transactions Between Banks and financial institutions Unlike many other cryptocurrencies xrp Is not primarily focused on enabling Smart contracts or decentralized Applications its primary goal is to Improve efficiency and reduce the costs

Of international money transfers by Replacing traditional systems like Swift Why do I think xrp price will explode Rumor has it that xrp could actually win The case and legal battle against the American SEC if this was to happen xrp Price would go soaring to new all-time Highs on top of this the technology Behind the crypto is actually really Strong and there is a good case for Saying xrp could have major mainstream Adoption among financial institutions Xrp price targets and predictions If xrp wins the case the price is going To at least five dollars Using the crypto profit calculator from Just a 500 investment at the current Price you could make around 4 200 in Profit if the token was to hit five Dollars number three Ock Currently okb is priced at around 53 Dollars with a market cap of over 3.2 Billion dollars What is okb Okb is a digital cryptocurrency issued By the okx cryptocurrency exchange it Serves as a utility token that provides Users with Benefits such as reduced Trading fees voting rights for platform Development and access to exclusive Services and features on the okx Platform Why do I think okb price will explode Okx is currently one of the fastest

Growing exchanges and has major Mainstream sponsorships like the McLaren F1 team and Manchester City Football Club Elon Musk has also publicly shown Support for cryptocurrency and with Rumors of Twitter integrating crypto Payments it could be done through okx I think as okx grows okb price will Continue to grow with it okb price Targets and predictions I think that a bullish but fair price Prediction for okb is 150 dollars Using the crypto profit calculator from Just a 500 investment at the current Price you can make around two thousand Dollars in profit if the token was to Hit just one hundred fifty dollars Number four MX Currently MX is priced at around 2.23 with a market cap of over 233 Million dollars What is MX MX is the native digital cryptocurrency Of the mxc exchange a cryptocurrency Trading platform As a utility token MX offers various Benefits to its users including reduced Trading fees access to exclusive Services and participation in platform Governance Holding MX also gives you early access To buying super low Cap all coins and Makes you eligible for crypto airdrops

Why do I think MX price will explode Mexc is a rapidly growing exchange and Crypto trading platform and because of The fact that MX has lots of bonuses I Actually think buying and holding is a Great choice because of the airdrops but The token price could also continue to Rise And Max price targets and predictions MX hasn’t ever hit the heights it Deserves but due to Rapid growth and Strong price performance I think MX Could hit a price of 10 in the right Market conditions Using the crypto profit calculator from Just a 500 investment at the current Price you can make around 1 700 in Profit if the token was to hit just ten Dollars now time for the final token of Today’s video this one is currently at a Very low market cap valuation and has The potential to make you millions of Dollars in profit so drop a like on the Video to support me for finding this gem Number five Gala Currently Gala is priced at around 4 Cents with a market cap of 324 million Dollars What is Gala Gala is a digital cryptocurrency Associated with the gala games ecosystem A platform focused on decentralized Gaming and the development of Player-owned virtual worlds

Gala is used as a utility token within This ecosystem allowing players to Purchase in-game items participate in Governance decisions and access Exclusive content Why do I think gala’s price will explode Crypto gaming adoption is on the rise And the next two years will be massive For crypto gaming Gala has the potential To be one of the biggest crypto gaming Companies Gala price targets and Predictions Gala previously reached an all-time high Of around 82 cents I think it could Reach these levels again in a crypto Gaming Bull Run Using the crypto profit calculator from Just a 500 investment at the current Price you can make around nine thousand Dollars in profit if the token was to Hit 82 cents but these aren’t the only Tokens you should be buying up at the Moment if you want to find out the five Best mean cryptos to buy now then check Out the video on screen now trust me you Don’t want to miss out on these 100x Potential coins