The Crypto Market and Altcoins Will Skyrocket After The Bitcoin Halving

By | December 2, 2022

In today’s article  I’m going to give you my crypto prediction on the next Bull Run. So if you don’t know me, my mission is to help people escape the financial Rat Race. I’M just trying to help – and I hope you find this educational before I get into my prediction. It is very important that I show you this first, so you know that I am not bsing you. I want to show you this video clip, and this is coming from May 18th of 2020.

so we’re talking about more than two years ago.

Some YouTuber made a video about me. I don’t know his name. I don’t want to know his name May of 2020. So take a look.

The last one we’re going to talk about is clear value tax, who seems pretty smart about this, because he already probably analyzed the same information and realize that he does need to Pivot and build out a community elsewhere. It looks like he’s mostly focused on investing apps, which I think makes sense as well as crypto, which I think is a bit weird, but we’ll see what happens. Okay, so he said that what I’m doing with kryptos is weird. But let’s see what happens, you know what happens? I got people into Bitcoin at three thousand to five thousand dollars.

I made people a lot of money. He made his video right about here, which I circled in red and that was the price of Bitcoin. At the time he said that was weird of me, because I was talking about cryptos before Bitcoin was all the craze and before it skyrocketed up now. Let this be a lesson. This is a classic example of what separates people that know what they’re talking about versus clueless people that criticize others.

I want to be crystal clear.

I have nothing against clueless people. I do have a problem with clueless people that criticize others, so I want to throw some knowledge on this guy in investing the concept, is you buy low and you sell High? So I was telling people in 2019 to get into cryptos when Bitcoin was in the three thousand dollar range. I don’t see what’s weird about that, but that’s just my opinion.

I want to give you a free lesson with investing buying low. That’S that’s not enough! Buying low is only half the battle you need to know when to get out as well. You don’t want to end up like Dogecoin, millionaire or Dogecoin thousand there, so I want to show you this. I made a video on February, 8th of 2021 So that’s right around here, the title of the video was sell, your Bitcoin in April, through October of 2021.

The crash is coming in 2022..

The title of the article I mean I could not have made that any more clearer, so I’ve circled April of 2021 in October of 2021. That’S when I said to sell your cryptos. You show me anyone that has done better than me on cryptos on when to buy when to sell and a crypto crash warning, and I want to see the proof because talk is cheap and you may think.

Oh, I could have just changed the title of my article. Then I encourage you to watch my video for yourself, which I’ll link down below but I’ll, show you two clips from my video, which cannot be modified after it’s uploaded. So the first clip is in the introduction, literally the first seconds of the video in this video we’re going to talk about when to sell Bitcoin. If you look at historical patterns after Bitcoin halves, it goes on a bull run for about 12 to 18 months, where the price it just keeps on going up and up and up. But after that it crashes and it crashes very hard.

We’Re talking 80 to 90 and this cycle it just keeps on happening over and over and over, and if you think that you’re going to be safe in other coins, you most likely will not be because when Bitcoin crashes, it takes down about 99 of all other Coins it drags them down as well. So we’re going to talk about logically when to sell Bitcoin. I want you to keep in mind that that was the introduction of my video. So it wasn’t like it was a obscure clip that was buried deep down there. It was that was how I started my video and then at the one minute.

23. Second Mark I gave you the prediction on: when the bull market will end just based off the timeline, then we can predict that the next time the crash will happen or the next time the bull market will end we’ll be somewhere in between April of 2021. Until October of 2021, Okay, so you saw the video clips for yourself and you know that I’m not bsing. So the question is: how did I know that this was going to happen, and how did I know when it was going to happen? Do I have a crystal ball?

Am I from the future

I’ll respond with? You know why? It’S because this ain’t, my first rodeo it’s called experience, competency and Analysis, basically due diligence. So the same thing happened in 2017 and prior it was the same setup for 2022 and the cycle is set up to repeat in 2024 I want to tell you something so that you can save a lot of money. You can make a lot of money as well.

I look at these crypto YouTubers and influencers that just discovered cryptos in 2020. So it’s it’s your typical blind leading the blinds. You know. I find it very funny and cute and cringe-worthy as well, but anyways. I showed you those clips.

If you don’t believe me, you can ask coffeezilla, so coffeezilla makes videos of other YouTubers and influencers that are scammers or sketchy or don’t know what they’re talking about. So back in 2020, I spoke with Coffeyville on the phone and he thought about trying to call me out for talking about cryptos, but he realized that I was right and he decided to leave me alone. So you can ask him for yourself, which is why you will not see me on his channel now. Let me tell you what I see happening with kryptos in 2023, we’re gon na get a teaser rally. It’S not going to be the big one.

It’S still going to be sizable.

It’S going to be similar to what happened in 2019. It’Ll be a bigger rally, but we’ll give back the majority of the gains. Let me tell you about the real rally, the big one, the last Bitcoin. Having was in May of 2020, the next Bitcoin, having will be in the first half of 2024 It’S most likely going to take about 12 to 18 months for Bitcoin to Peak from that.

Having events, therefore, we can expect the peak of the next Bull Run to be in the middle of 2025 plus or minus a few months because, as I said, 12 to 18 months, so that is the Baseline scenario. Now I want you to think about it. I just told you about 2023, 2024 and 2025.. Let me explain this to you in more depth 2023.

We get a teaser rally, because sooner or later the Federal Reserve will have to fully pivot there’s going to be three stages of the pivots. You can check out my fed pivot video there’s a lot of overlap between the stock market and the crypto Market. When we’re talking about the Federal Reserve and monetary policy, now I’m going to ask you a question: when the Federal Reserve fully pivots, what’s going to happen, they’re going to cut interest rates and quantitative tightening will end. So, what’s going to be the consequence of that, it’s going to be two things. The first thing is economic expansion, which is going to be good for cryptos and the second thing the US dollar will weaken.

This is going to be good for most Commodities and that’s going to include Bitcoin. Currently quantitative tightening is crushing the financial markets we’re talking about the debt Market, the stock market, the crypto Market is no exception. Uh you, you might as well throw in the real estate market as well. So how do you think I saw this coming? I’M not a magician.

I just know the Federal Reserve, financial markets and economics. So that’s how I knew that all of this would happen as I predicted. So my question is: how did you not see this coming? If it’s because of inexperience, I get it. I mean everyone starts off as a beginner, so I’m here to educate you, so you should really consider subscribing now.

Let me give you an inevitable fact.

This cannot be contested. This is factual, inevitable, unavoidable 100 going to happen. Currently, the dollar strength is ridiculously strong relative to other currencies. It’S because of a tighter monetary policy by the Federal Reserve to fight inflation.

We all know that, so this is a headwinds for Bitcoin and for all cryptos quantitative, tightening and dollar strength will reverse course. It is inevitable, it’s just a matter of time, so with what I just told you, how could you not make money off the situation? If you want more information on this, I already made a detailed video on this. The reversal is expected to occur in 2023. It’S because the federal government took on too much debt to fund their excessive spending, so the federal government will not be able to afford the interest payments if these tighter monetary conditions persist for much longer, they will have to Pivot, and I expect that pivot to happen.

In 2023, Interest rates will be cut and the dollar will weaken and that’s 2023.. In 2024, we get the Bitcoin having that’s when we’re quietly going to begin. The next Bull Run the actual having events, so don’t don’t get confused on this. The actual event: it’s not going to be met with fireworks and a big pop in price.

It’S going to be quite the contrary.

It’S going to be very uneventful that in 2025, because of basic economics Supply and demands from the 2024 having and a favorable macroeconomic environments. That’S going to be a Tailwind for cryptos 2025. That’S when you want to get out, you want to buy low and sell High. You want to get out at the top, even though I’m telling you all of this people are still going to screw it up.

I know it’s guaranteed. People are going to get impatient, they’re going to fomo into buying coins they’re going to get suckered into pump and dumps they’re going to get greedy they’re going to get emotional people are going to be irrational. Additionally, people are going to mess up their entries, their exits and bankroll management. So quick word of advice. If you’re going to buy something, whether it’s going to be a stock or a crypto, you don’t just go all in.

You need to take staggered approaches.

Dca, the same thing is going to apply to when you sell your exits. Listen if you don’t know what you’re doing just please be careful. I would recommend that you learn as quickly as possible as much as possible. Use common sense, and just just watch yourself just be careful, I’m also inviting you to join our patreon page.

We have exclusive content over there, I’m just trying to help people out, I’m also showing you what I’m doing. We have a great and helpful community. So please check it out I’ll leave a link down below. Thank you so much please subscribe and take care.