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In today’s video, you need to hold shib. It is important to get in early on the shib train. We will also be talking about the major recent success of Shiba inu token and what the future holds for the Shiba inu coin. As well as giving you Shiba price prediction and Shiba inu coin news. Make sure to subscribe to the channel for daily Shiba inu updates. We are also going to be talking about Robinhood listing Shiba inu tokens and how this will help Shiba inu explode. Robinhood listing Shiba inu confirmed Shiba to $0.10 soon.




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Shiba inu’s price could explode in the Very near future and in this video I Will be telling you why so if you have Any interest in Shiba Inu or you hold Any sheep tokens then you need to see This so how could Shiba inu’s price Explode and how will it affect the value Of Sheba in you in today’s video I will Be answering these questions and I’m Going to be telling you all of the new Price boosting information that has just Come out about Shiba Inu and how there Is still a high possibility you could Become a millionaire from Shiva new I Have put a lot of research into this Video so make sure you watch the entire Video to not miss out on any price Boosting information welcome to crypto Hype your daily dose of Shiva if you are Interested in everything around Shiba This is the place for you subscribe if You want to stay updated with all the news predictions and stay one step Ahead in the crypto World make sure to Hit the like button for us to provide You with more shiv news also just before We go any further this channel has a Daily giveaway of 1 million Shiva tokens To enter all you have to do is be Subscribed to this channel like this Video and comment hashtag Shiba Inu good Luck but before we get to our topic Let’s take a look at the chart and see What the price of Shiva is doing on the

17th of April shall we Shiva inu’s price today is around 1151 units sheeb’s price is down 1.5 Percent in the last 24 hours with a 24-hour trading volume of 388 million Dollars the token also currently has a Market cap of over 6.7 billion dollars Ranking it as the 14th most valuable Cryptocurrency Please keep in mind these prices might Have changed by the time you watch this Video it has a circulating supply of 549 Trillion cheat coins but this number is Getting lower every day due to coin Burns the token started with a total Supply of one quadrillion if you’re Looking to buy sell and trade Cryptocurrency then you need to sign up To mexc Global if you join through the Link in my description you can earn up To nine thousand one hundred dollars in Free crypto Also guys please be aware of scammers Impersonating the channel in the Comments we do not have a WhatsApp or a Telegram Now before we get to the main story of The video we first need to update you on The latest Shiba in new crypto news from Today so let’s not waste any time and Get into it Trucker quits job after making 1.7 Million dollars with a small 650 Investment

Sheba Inu emerged as one of the most Popular mean coins for several reasons Despite the asset’s current price slump It’s 2021 price movements brought about Immense profits for many so much so that Several decided to quit their jobs after Pocketing gains through minimal Investments a story of a truck driver Who made 1.7 million dollars in 2021 Through Shiba Inu has remained a Favorite to many in the ecosystem In May 2021 a truck driver left his job After earning a fortune through the mean Coin with a 670 dollar investment in 2020 the driver turned millionaire Bought sheep from 2020 to 2021 he gained Immense profits left his employment and Went on to fulfill his financial goals While the driver chose to remain Anonymous the employer came forward to Congratulate him the driver did so due To security reasons nevertheless the Employer tweeted One of my drivers quit because he made 1.7 million in crypto on a 670 Investment good guy has kids doesn’t Matter that’ll still infuriate the Bankers and lawyers slaving away for Five hundred thousand dollars a year This is a great story and it’s a good Reminder of what cryptocurrency can Offer you on this channel I try to find The next Shiba inusa subscribe because I Put thousands of hours into researching

The crypto market and looking for the Next Chiba a new opportunity If you are still watching it would be Massively appreciated if you could go Ahead and smash the like button it costs Nothing and really helps support the Channel Also keep watching to find out the Latest Chiba inucoin news Shiva a new Co-founder clears the air on rumored Token for shibarium layer to blockchain In a recent update that took place over The weekend shaitoshi kusama co-founder Of the popular Shiba in New Meme token Has expressed concerns about rumored Claims pertaining to an official token For the shibarium layer 2 blockchain The Sheep ecosystem continues to evolve In development and Innovation within the Meme crypto space but the question Remains is there currently an official Token for the shibarium layer 2 Blockchain shaitoshi kusama has this to Say Sheba a new co-founder debunks claims of An official token for its layer 2 Blockchain Kusama on April 16 2023 made a Disclaimer post on his Twitter handle Stating that there is no official token Tent to the shibarium layer 2 blockchain The Sheep co-founder also warned crypto Investors who invest in mean coins to Stay away from projects using his name

To launch meme tokens in the markets for Token sales as he is not a party to such Acts and project launches while many Meme token projects use names of popular Crypto figures as an emotional and fomo Strategy to lure investors into token Purchases shaitoshi kusama understands The risks attached to it and has come up With his two cents of advice do your Research and don’t get scammed now let’s Get into the main story of today’s video Sheba in news should a swap 2.0 upright In chevarium’s impressive surge in Adoption Mark another milestone for the Shiba inu ecosystem Shiba Inu the popular meme inspired Cryptocurrency has been making waves in The decentralized finance space Recently the Project Lead shaitoshi Kusama hinted at the upcoming release of Sheba swap 2.0 a decentralized exchange That allows users to trade various Cryptocurrencies with a focus on the Sheba in new ecosystem tokens sheeb Leash and Bone Although the specific details about the Upgrade have not yet been disclosed the Community is eagerly anticipating the New features and improvements in the Upgraded platform Shiva swap has quickly Gained Traction in the defy space since Its launch in July 2021. With its user-friendly interface and Unique features like liquidity provision

And staking the platform has garnered a Dedicated user base The upcoming Shiba swap 2.0 upgrade is Expected to bring a range of Enhancements and Innovations including Improved security measures faster Transaction speeds and expanded token Support This is expected to further solidify Shiba inu’s presence in the ever-growing Deface space Sheba in news progress extends Beyond Just Shiva swap the project has Experienced several noteworthy Developments in recent months including The release of the beta version of the Shibarium layer two solution for faster And cheaper transactions Shibarium is the layer 2 solution for The shiba inu ecosystem and has been Registering an impressive surge in Adoption rate as observed in the metrics Of its testnet Popeye net notably the Total number of Wallets on pup on it has Increased by a massive 86 percent in Just two days exceeding 5 million The shibarium testnet currently boasts 5.83 million wallets marking an Impressive 86 percent increase in just Two days pop in it has welcomed 2.7 Million wallets within the past two days Additionally the transaction count has Increased by 9.5 percent to the current Total of 3.2 million transactions while

The total blocks have surged to 374 Thousand nine hundred four to five the Impressive Feats achieved by the test Network in terms of adoption rate are a Testament to the community’s interest in The project It’s worth mentioning that data suggests The network is currently undergoing an Indexing process and some counts may be Inaccurate however if pumping its Current Pace remains sustained the Sheba Inu Community could witness a search to 6 million wallets before the end of the Week Shiva inu’s progress in the defy space And the impressive adoption rate of Shibarium are indicative of the Project’s potential while the Cryptocurrency market can be volatile Shiba inu’s Community continues to grow And the Project’s developers continue to Innovate with the upcoming sheep of swap 2.0 upgrade and continued development on Sherbarium Shiba Inu is poised to Continue making strides in the deface Space In conclusion Shiba Inu has come a long Way since its Inception as a Meme-inspired cryptocurrency The Project’s dedication to Innovation And community building has led to Impressive developments like Shiba Swap And trebarium the upcoming Shiva swap 2.0 upgrade and the continued adoption

Of shibarium on the testnet are just a Few examples of the Project’s potential In the deface space If should a swap 2.0 is a good exchange We may even start to use it as it will Carry lots of super low market cap all Coins Many of our subscribers comment that They are not going to sell sheep for the Next five years and hold millions of Them because they believe in the Sheba Inu developers and the real world value Of sheep how many are you guys holding Don’t forget to list your sheep Holdings In the comments section below let’s Praise the Sheep holder for trusting and Believing in the process if you are Enjoying the video then please give this Video a huge thumbs up subscribe to the Channel and let us know in the comments Your views on the shiba inu token and Make sure to turn on the post Notifications to get notified every time We post a new video Check out the video on screen now to Learn more about the recent Shiva Inu News the information provided in this Video does not constitute investment Advice Financial advice trading advice Or any other advice You should not treat any of the content As such do conduct your own due Diligence and consult your financial Advisor before making any investment