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In today’s video, we have the best meme coins to buy now, best meme crypto to buy now, best meme coins to buy, meme coins to buy now, meme coins that will explode, best meme coins 2023, and everything about the best meme coins to buy now.



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Do you want to make “millions” of dollars
in the crypto market, but don’t have much Money to invest? Well, this is the perfect video for you because
in today’s video, we present you with “5 Meme cryptocurrencies” that have the potential
to make you a millionaire! Now although meme cryptos are a risky investment
they are sometimes the best investment you Can make, for example, if you invested 1000
dollars in Shiba Inu in early 20 21 it could Be worth millions of dollars today. This is what meme coins can offer you, a chance
of a quick pump that can change your life. Now that Bitcoins price has just reached over
30,000 dollars, this means we could be entering Into a bull run, which means we could see
some massive price gains on altcoins which Includes meme coins. Either way, prices are still low and it is
a really good time to pick up lower market-cap Altcoins before it’s too late. That’s why in today’s video we present
you with 5 meme coins that have the potential Of making you millions of dollars from just
a small investment, with number 5 being by Far the most lucrative in our opinion, so
make sure you stay until the end of the video To see what the best meme crypto to buy right
now is. Also just before we go any further this channel
has a daily giveaway of 1,000,000 shiba tokens, To enter all you have to do is be subscribed
to this channel, like this video, and comment #shiba inu, good luck. Also guys please beware of scammers in the
comments, I will never ask you to send me Money and I do not have Whatsapp or Telegram,
and of course, this content is not financial Advice. Anyway, let’s not waste any more time and
get into it. Before we get to the first token I do want
to just say that meme coins do carry some More risk than just bog standard altcoins,
so don’t put too much money into these cryptos, And meme coins are also very volatile so make
sure you set take profits and stop losses. Now for the first token of the video, although
it is not our most lucrative pick, I still Feel it is an amazing project that you can’t
miss out on. Number 1, Bone Shibaswap. Currently, Bone is priced at around 1 dollar
and 6 cents with a market cap of just over 244 million dollars. What is Bone Shibaswap? Bone ShibaSwap is a cryptocurrency that is
part of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, which is

A decentralized finance project built on the
Ethereum blockchain. ShibaSwap is a decentralized exchange that
allows users to trade, stake, and earn these Tokens. In simple terms, Bone ShibaSwap is a digital
currency that is used for various transactions And activities within the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Why do I think Bone’’s price could explode? Bone’s price could explode because of the
shibarium release and shibaswap 2.0 upgrade, Shibarium is the shiba ecosystems layer 2
blockchain solution, the benefit of shibarium Is that it will have minuscule gas fees compared
to Ethereum, making it a more appealing blockchain For NFTs and other projects. Bone is the token used to power this layer
2 solution and therefore the project will Have a big use case, in one of the biggest
ecosystems in crypto. Bone’s Price Targets and Predictions. Bone is very undervalued and in the event
of a big bull run, it could reach a 10 billion Dollar market cap, remember that shiba inu
peaked at 40 billion dollars in 20 21, and That was without any utility. So 10 billion is actually a fairly realistic
goal for Bone. If bone reaches a 10 billion dollar market
cap then its price for one token would be 43 dollars. Using the crypto profit calculator, from just
a 500-dollar investment at the current price You could make around 19,700 dollars in profit
if the token was to hit 43 dollars. Number 2, Optimus AI. Currently, Optimus AI is priced at around
53 cents, it also has a market cap of 44 million Dollars. What is Optimus AI? Optimus AI is a decentralized currency made
on the day of the birth of the official Optimus Twitter. Optimus AI has the goal of building and fostering
the largest AI community while helping to Provide exposure and resources to some of
these innovations. Developers will have the ability to apply
for grants through the Optimus Venture Fund, And the community will be a primary decision
maker in determining which projects to fund And get involved with-whether they’re AI-crypto
related or a crypto startup. Why do I think Opti’s price will explode? Optimus AI has a really strong community and
a very active Twitter, they often do airdrops

And in general, the token has a good team
behind it. Another reason that I think Opti’s price
could explode is that the token calls itself Elon Musk’s robot. Now although it isn’t directly affiliated
with Tesla or Elon Musk, because of the growth Of the project its highly possible he gives
them a mention in a tweet. And we know from past experience that this
could have the potential to send the cryptocurrency Price soaring. Opti’s Price targets and predictions. I would say that if Elon tweets about Opti
and the token gets listed on major exchanges Then the buy volume will be massive and I
think the project could reach a 2 billion Dollar market cap. This would give it a 45X from the current
value, giving the crypto a price target of 23 dollars. Using the crypto profit calculator, from just
a 500-dollar investment at the current price You could make around 21,000 dollars in profit
if the token was to hit 23 dollars. Before I give you the number one token of
the video, I first want to give an honorable Mention to Shibarium tokens. These are projects that are built on the shibarium
blockchain. These projects have huge potential and one
that I mentioned a few weeks back called pawzone, Now if you had stayed alert and bought pawzone
as soon as it came out, you could have got Thousands of percent in profits in just a
few hours. Subscribe with notifications on to hear about
shibarium tokens that could make you millions Of dollars. Now time for the final token of today’s
video, this one is currently at a very low Market cap valuation and has the potential
to make you millions of dollars in profit, So drop a like on the video to support me
for finding this gem. Number 3, Dogechain. Currently, Dogechain is priced at around 0.001
dollars, with a market cap of 23 million dollars. What is Dogechain? Dogechain is an EVM-compatible Proof-of-Stake
blockchain designed to complement the Dogecoin Cryptocurrency. The blockchain is intended to bring stability,
robustness, security, and utility to Dogecoin. Why do I think Dogechain’s price will explode? Dogecoin is currently in a good space right
now, and with Elon Musk doing everything he

Can to try and pump Dogecoin’s price it looks
like a really good time to buy Dogecoin. But Dogecoin has already had its massive bull
run pump and you are probably too late to Invest in Dogecoin, but dogechain hasn’t
had a huge bull run pump yet and it could Be your opportunity to get massive price gains. On top of this, Dogechain still hasn’t been
listed on every major exchange, when it does Inevitably get listed on Binance and coinbase,
the price of meme coin will absolutely skyrocket Because it will attract many new investors. Dogechain still has the potential to reach
extremely high prices and possibly even equal To Dogecoin’s massive market cap. Dogechain Price targets and predictions. Now Dogecoin currently sits at a 12 billion
dollar market cap, so I think to say that Dogechain could reach a 6 to 7 billion dollar
market cap isn’t an unrealistic target. If dogechain was to reach a 6 billion dollar
market cap then its price would equal 33 cents, So that is our price target for dogechain. Using the crypto profit calculator, from just
a 500-dollar investment at the current price You could make around 120,000 dollars in profit
if the token was to hit 33 cents. But these aren’t the only tokens you should
be buying up at the moment, if you want to Find out the 5 best cryptos to buy now then
check out the video on screen now, trust me You don’t want to miss out on these 100x
potential coins.