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By | April 12, 2023

Myria is a new play to earn web3 gaming ecosystem! Myria offers a way for gamers to earn passive income through gaming and operating nodes to support the network. Subscribe!

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Myria is a new ERC-10 utility available for trading on OKX, Kucoin, and The token is used for Myria’s layer 2 protocol. It is fast and has zero gas fees. They also offer nodes were users can earn passive income by operating a node and keeping the network running. Myria also has in-game usable NFTs, where users can also unlock Loot boxes and upgrades. Myria has over 1M registered users, 200+ games, and half a million NFTs minted on Myria’s network.

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00:00 The next big Layer 2 Network?
00:41 The Myria Token has launched!
01:16 Web3 Gaming with zero gas fees
02:16 Running a node and earning rewards
03:45 Building on the Myria Network
05:23 What does the Myria token do?
07:11 Where can you trade the token?
08:26 What are the Myria tokenomics?
09:14 What kind of games are building on Myria?
10:11 The Myria NFT marketplace
11:20 Picking a Myria NFT and leveling up
13:45 Who is behind Myria ?
14:15 Myria Review

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There’s been a lot of talk about layer Twos on ethereum lately today we’re Going to be digging into a layer 2 Solution that has no fees over 9 000 Transactions per second they’ve Literally been making games an nft Marketplace they’ve got a token and they Even have nodes that basically allow you To contribute to running their Network And be paid for doing so you’re probably Wondering how could they be doing so Much And you haven’t heard of them yet it’s Because Miri is new The Maria token it’s officially live Miria is out here to do web 3 gaming In-game utility and look I’ve been Waiting for someone to do this stuff so I think this is pretty cool I’m pretty Intrigued and then Miri reached out and I was like So you’re doing this stuff I’ve been Waiting for somebody uh to do this so There’s lots of run through here uh you Know they have very surprising amount I’m not saying they’re all real I’m not Saying they’re not real I mean I’m just Intrigued 240 000 members in Discord I Mean we have over 50 000 members in our Discord I might do that thing’s crazy Right they’re boasting that they are the Web 3 gaming platform powering over a Million users and that’s really what It’s gonna take you’re gonna have to

Have zero gas fees To integrate gaming And blockchain On the center stage to the average Person I mean there’s a lot we can kind Of break into on that aspect but that’s Kind of like the gist of it but it’s not Just their games and their chain they Want you to come and launch and scale Your blockchain game with them in just Hours this is a new token it’s just Going on to many different exchanges it Just went on to okx it’s also on cuecoin I’ll drop a couple links below really Appreciate if you use our links if you Go over there and trade this coin uh and Support the channel uh in doing so Personally I’m pretty intrigued with the Node aspect right and I’m going to dig a Little bit deeper into what exactly Everything is going on here right but Let’s kind of go uh look at the Overarching pieces and then we’ll kind Of string it together so there’s a note Right you run software right it could be On your own computer you could do it With a VPS like a virtual server you Rent right data center stuff Myriad Token you earn their token for running The node and also nft Rewards and They’re very excited about this because They’re basically crowdsourcing their Network as well as decentralizing it Which that’s the name of the game in

Cryptocurrency and blockchain Technology It’s powered by the community of player Run nodes here like that’s cool right You get the rewards not weekly monthly Annually daily that’s cool voting rights Shapes on the future and exclusive nfts Nfts are either simply one cool to have Like a steam badge or maybe there’ll be Some value associated with the long term Who knows time will tell right now these Nodes cost four thousand five hundred Dollars Just for the license and these nodes are About to come online so this is kind of Like last call to get in on this first Initial wave I’m not trying to like hype It up or shill it I’m just saying I’m Just I’m personally contemplating it I Think I really want to do moving forward With the bosscoin is not just build out The mining Farm But also basically build out nodes and Staking and another you know supporting Blockchains but also chasing rewards and Doing so Again Miri wants you to build with them And what does that mean they’re trying To bring digital asset scalability on Top of ethereum they both said they are A Layer Two Digital assets nfts and Blockchain gaming over 9000 transactions Per second each compatibility built for Developers network security uh so you Know at a glance it’s interesting they

Want you to bring your own digital Storefront and Marketplace they say that They’re the easiest way to launch a Blockchain game and they’re going to Work with you from onboarding and they Say that this will unlock new revenue Streams and opportunities they also will Help these projects with their Tokenomics and play to earned game Design I mean from their point of view Especially at this stage they want some Good games on there and they want to Support that or at least they say they Do and that’s cool and they have a legal Team things like that really add up for A small project that sometimes make it Impossible to get off the ground which Is an incredibly sad reality of this Kind of shitty world uh we’re in there Are so many laws To constrict you To get you hung up I mean it’s it’s Crazy but how do you deal with it right If you don’t make a law people will do It but maybe not all of these laws Should be always enforced just as a Reminder of how much the government Loves you remember you’re gonna pay 25 To 50 of all the money you probably Earned this year in taxes And uh Rejoice they print as much money As they want to oh and they also operate In the biggest deficit in the entire World

Yeah What a great person to listen to Ironically On financial advice On that note let’s look at the Myriad Token it’s live in game utility enabling The web 3 economy and there’s an nft air Drop which we’re going to explore here In just a moment they recap all their Stuff for your million registered Members they’re in a thousand community Members are active half a million native T’s minted on their Lair two and over 200 plus high quality games on board That’s a that’s a bold statement what Utility does this token have why is There a token right node purchase and Rewards simple enough there staking Rewards and mirror are paid to anyone Who chooses to stake their Myriad tokens Protocol fee a proportion of protocol Fees on every Myriad transaction will be Paid with the mirror token for all Trades executed of course the age-old Governance token additional in-game Utility partner with games here the Mirror token will provide in-game Utility the further Drive demand from Area an exclusive nft purchases so Basically the only way you can buy Certain nfts will be with their Myriad Token and that will potentially if There’s a desire for those nfts Drive some use

Drive some utility right you can grab it On a centralized exchange or Uniswap and how exactly does that work Well we’re going to come down here and Grab This well actually this is really what We want uh so we can look around here we See some transactions going around Nothing too crazy there so this is what We’re gonna do we’ve got that token and Let’s look over your products we’re Going to go to gecko terminal And we’re gonna go ahead and copy that Address I’m going to slap enter and we See a pool here on uniswap we can see This token has almost half a million Dollars in volume in the last 24 hours 443 transactions only ninety thousand Dollars of liquidity here It’s trading at 0.007 uh per coin and let’s compare that To the centralized exchanges pretty much On par so not like we’ve got some crazy Arbitrage opportunity we just discovered Looks like this is still so new to Developing that uh that coin gecko still Doesn’t know about their uniswap pairing Even though we just put it up here in Coin gecko but of course you know these Things are not exactly all that it’s Similar and connected uh basically we’re Just kind of digging around doing Research right ultimately that’s what We’re doing we’re looking at uh the

Fundamentals here what’s going on are People buying are people selling who’s Buying who’s selling how much what’s the Activity do we have volume do we have Actual uh liquidity here I mean ninety Thousand dollars is not a lot of Liquidity if you’re looking to grab a Big bag uh then you’d be looking to go To one of these centralized exchanges That is doing volume in the millions and Should have the market making to support That to bring it back to the Token Distribution though 40 to the ecosystem Fund 36 will go to node emissions two Percent to strategic Reserve 19 to the Team as project development and three Percent to tge which is the Genesis Event and liquidity provision which Would be things like that unit swap Listing so that’s how it breaks down Tokens aren’t actually mainly going to Be going to teams and things like that Um we do like to see some vesting Periods so ecosystem fun is going to be Distributed over the next three years The team funds will be distributed over The next four years and there’s a six Month lock on that these are immediately Unlocked uh which equates to five Percent of the tokens And the node emissions will come out on You know their emission schedule So that’s really the gist of the Tokenomics let’s kind of let’s keep

Pushing forward let’s keep digging right Think of the latest projects on miria They brought several projects just you Know is there really examples in-house Right metacart looking like Mario Kart Actually that that’s kind of clever That’s kind of fun uh they have another Racing game not a rush uh then they also Have block Royale and you look at that And you’re like wait a second Which Is that fortnite Kind of looks like fortnite It does but let’s say they’re similar if I could play block Royale and earn coins And nft rewards and stuff like that as Opposed to playing fortnite and not Earning anything Well I picked a game that has incentives Played earn baby I’ve spent many many hours in my life Gaming if I could have been rewarded for Doing so well I’d be in a better place And finally let’s explore their Marketplace tab it’s the first one up Here the sigil key Quest is now on That’s what we see nft drop we scroll Down we see Street dogs assemble series Sassy Strawberry Society oh That’s kind of cool That was a she even not a cat would be More intrigued uh so I’ve actually Already connected my wallet here in the Top right and uh so you it’s metamask

Right so we got Our guide on metamask check it out if You’re totally new to this you know you Really need to get it set up and you Need to get some ethereum onto the Actual metamask wallet you know from a Centralized exchange or something like That they like coinbase uh check that Out so basically you click it you Connect you do a sign prompt and you’ll Get a couple other uh quick pop-ups that Will basically say you’re in welcome to Miria’s your Gatsby trading Um again simple straightforward stuff So from there you’re doing that D5 Decentralized Finance thing so I can Click on my inventory Unknown join this month my wallet my Items my for sale Reddit go to my Settings over here I can you know input My names right so true Bam it’s update but let’s go ahead and Click hunt now I’m intrigued airdrop Ooh dramatic music starts playing That’s not dramatic it’s just music Cut that off we’ll just shut it down so We’ve got to connect the wallet I’m Gonna sign transaction that’s fine Okay we signed there that’s fine Signature request I guess we’re gonna Get another sign ask here where we’re Gonna authorize that remember always Read what you’re doing before uh your

Stuff just gets swiped I’m not saying That miria would do that but you end up On the wrong website you start signing Things away and pounding transactions Before you know it you rug yourself I Mean really you get wrecked but You know it’s you have to click it to Get rugged otherwise they have to have Your private key and basically go in There and complete these transactions Right your private key is the key to Your wallet all of your funds live on Chain uh so losing your private key is Like losing your wallet and then Somebody could pick it up and steal your Stuff Let’s check it out we got three factions Here Federation ships equipped with Technology with ancient Cutting Edge That makes no sense interesting Victor Prime Next step of evolution will do anything In their power to accelerate its Expansion Equinox pursue balance in the Myriadverse Believe that perhaps Humanity in the Rift can coexist Oh what believers Vector Prime Let’s go So I chose that as my faction there I’ve Got a common key because of verified my Email address

Uh so my next steps would be to complete These tasks and uh oh hey I got in by Link I’ll drop it down below for you Guys support your boy but basically Follow them everywhere on social media Invite your friends daily login and post Underscore share a post and reach level Five Citizen activity there and as you go up And experience you’ll be able to get a Better key you know more rare nft there This is free to participate with so this Is one of those things I say like why Not why not have just a little fun and Participate nothing to lose and Something to gain I also have a couple Faces to the project Andrew Silber Co-founder of miria here acting as the CTO and then we have Brendan D Co-founder head of blockchain here and Miria and we do see a former job here Director of Technology at Ubisoft which That’s cool I mean there’s definitely Obviously clear gaming overlap there but As always that’s good to see if you have Questions ask them down in the comments Below and go poke your head in their Discord server check it out see if this Is something for you or maybe it’s not I Don’t know but it’s time for me to hang Out with my CCO that’s gonna be my chief Content officer that’s gonna be tails of Boss coolest dojin the Myriad verse in The universe

And on this screen of yours so seriously Thank you so much for watching hope you Enjoyed the video I’ll see you on the next one [Music] [Music]