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In today’s video, you need to hold shib. It is important to get in early on the shib train. We will also be talking about the major recent success of Shiba inu token and what the future holds for the Shiba inu coin. As well as giving you Shiba price prediction and Shiba inu coin news. Make sure to subscribe to the channel for daily Shiba inu updates. We are also going to be talking about Robinhood listing Shiba inu tokens and how this will help Shiba inu explode. Robinhood listing Shiba inu confirmed Shiba to $0.10 soon.






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What’s up sheep Army in this one we will Be discussing the shiba inucoin and the Potential for a massive price increase That could be coming very soon so if you Have any interest in Shiba Inu or you Hold any sheep tokens then you need to See this so what is the latest Chiba Inucoin news and how will it affect the Value of Sheba in you in today’s video I Will be answering these questions and I’m going to be telling you all of the New price boosting information that has Just come out about Shiba Inu and how There is still a high possibility you Could become a millionaire from Shiva New I have put a lot of research into This video so make sure you watch the Entire video to not miss out on any Price boosting information welcome to Crypto hype your daily dose of Sheba if You are interested in everything around Shiva this is the place for you Subscribe if you want to stay updated With all the news predictions and Stay one step ahead in the crypto World Make sure to hit the like button for us To provide you with more ship news also Just before we go any further this Channel has a daily giveaway of 1 Million Shiba tokens To enter all you have to do is be Subscribed to this channel like this Video and comment hashtag Shiba Inu good Luck but before we get to our topic

Let’s take a look at the chart and see What the price of Sheba is doing on the 16th of April shall we Shiba inu’s price today is around 1164 units shiv’s price is up 2.8 Percent in the last 24 hours with a 24-hour trading volume of 349 million Dollars the token also currently has a Market cap of over 6.8 billion dollars Ranking it as the 14th most valuable Cryptocurrency Please keep in mind these prices might Have changed by the time you watch this Video it has a circulating supply of 549 Trillion Sheed coins but this number is Getting lower every day due to coin Burns the token started with a total Supply of one quadrillion if you are Looking to buy sell and trade Cryptocurrency then you need to sign up To mexc Global if you join through the Link in my description you can earn up To nine thousand one hundred dollars in Free crypto Also guys please be aware of scammers Impersonating the channel in the Comments we do not have a WhatsApp or Telegram Now before we get to the main story of The video we first need to update you on The latest Shiba in new crypto news from Today so let’s not waste any time and Get into it Recent performance

In the past five days the Sheba inucoin Has climbed nearly seven percent with Its market cap reaching an impressive 6.8 billion dollars Alongside this the top 20 Cryptocurrencies are also trading in the Green so what’s causing all the Excitement around sheep and why has it Leapfrogged by Nancy USD to snag the Number 14 spot in the rankings on coin Gecko barium’s early success One reason for the recent surge is Sherbarium a layer 2 blockchain aimed at Solving ethereum’s low speed and high Transaction costs With its testnet popping it already Seeing an early rise in acceptance users Have been testing its features and the Results look promising Wallet addresses using shibarium beta Have reached 5.83 million and the gas Fee is a mere 1.01 gray that’s almost Free shiv’s Burn rate and coyos Contribution Now let’s talk about shiv’s burn rate Recently the coyo token project burned a Staggering 1.49 billion sheep tokens Causing the burn rate to Skyrocket over Thirty thousand percent in the last 24-hour period This isn’t the first time coyo has Burned a large amount of sheep as Earlier this year the project moved 1.1 Billion tokens to a dead wallet as well

Coyo has aided Sheba in New in Diminishing its vast Supply by 8.75 Billion sheep tokens through various Transactions directed to Inferno Addresses since its Inception If you are still watching it would be Massively appreciated if you could go Ahead and smash the like button it costs Nothing and really helps support the Channel Also keep watching to find out the Latest Chiva in new Coin News sheb the Metaverse The Sheep developers have also revealed The launch date for sheep the metaverse A virtual world project that’s been in The works for over two years Partnering with the third floor the Project is set to be completed by the End of 2023. with the successful sxsw Experience in Texas last month the hype Is only building for the sheb community Chiberium’s impact on the ecosystem The prospective growth of the shiba inu Ecosystem has already been put into Motion by the developer specifically Through the release of the highly Anticipated trevarian beta The introduction of shibarium is Expected to present a growing utility For the mean coin and establish a more Solid ecosystem that will support and Increase the vital burn rate as more Users test the platform and Report

Positive experiences chevarium’s impact On the Sheba Inu ecosystem will only Become more significant Additional factors influencing sheep’s Price While sherbarium and the burn rate are Essential components to consider when Discussing shiv’s potential price Increase other factors also come into Play For instance the overall Market Sentiment the performance of the broader Crypto market and any significant news Or developments related to Shiva in new Can all affect its price The importance of community One of the driving forces behind the Success of Sheba Inu is its passionate Community known as the Sheep Army This dedicated group of supporters has Played a crucial role in promoting sheep Advocating for its adoption and Contributing to the development of its Ecosystem As the sheb Army continues to grow so Does the potential for Sheba in use Price to rise Now let’s get into the main story of Today’s video the importance of burn Rate There are few communities as strong as The Sheep Army and few mean coins as Immensely popular Subsequently for the growth and Adoption

Of that digital asset the asset burn Rate becomes the most important factor In its development In recent weeks the Sheba and New Burn Rate has shown pretty impressive Movement Specifically bitcoinists reported that March observed 6.78 billion sheep tokens Burned in 540 transactions Additionally the number was a massive Increase from previous months Comparatively February saw only 352 Million sheep burned in 128 different Transactions Alternatively the upward trend of the Burn rate has not yet affected the price Of the asset conversely this reality was Brought to the attention of shaitoshi Kusama who presented a unique Perspective on the matter Shiba in news burn rate is a crucial Factor in its continued adoption however Sheba and new developer shaitoshi kusama Believes that the burn rate alone isn’t Enough to impact the price The plan introducing new technologies And utilities and growing the ecosystem To solidify shiv’s dominance In a recent telegram chat Usama stated That the community is not even close to Reaching the burn numbers required to Impact the price based on burns alone Many of our subscribers comment that They are not going to sell Sheed for the

Next five years and hold millions of Them because they believe in the Sheba In new developers and the real world Value of sheep how many are you guys Holding don’t forget to list your sheep Holdings in the comments section below Let’s praise the Sheep holder for Trusting and believing in the process if You are enjoying the video then please Give this video a huge thumbs up Subscribe to the channel and let us know In the comments your views on the shiba Inu token and make sure to turn on the Post notifications to get notified every Time we post a new video Check out the video on screen now to Learn more about the recent Shiva Inu News the information provided in this Video does not constitute investment Advice Financial advice trading advice Or any other advice you should not treat Any of the content as such do conduct Your own due diligence and consult your Financial advisor before making any Investment decisions