Metis Blockchain Layer 2 Scaling Solution to Ethereum

By | April 21, 2023

Metis is a layer-2 blockchain scaling solution to Ethereums shortcomings which are basically slow transactions but even worse high transactions costs or the dreaded gas fees. Let’s dig into Metis and if this is basically a better blockchain to use than Ethereum! CUDOS Market hashrate collectibles!

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Ethereum is the most developed blockchain the world has ever seen, it is actually kind of like their original goal of being this decentralized super computer thing but unfortunately Ethereum has never really scaled… Ethereum even moved to proof of stake but gas fees never got better, its still very expensive to transact on Ethereum, so layer 2 scaling solutions like Metis which would be a similar competitor to Optimism OP and Arbitrum ARB are super interesting to power crypto users or even just simply all cryptocurrency users.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Is Metis Layer 2 worth it?
00:44 What is the Metis blockchain?
02:04 How to bridge to Metis L2
05:15 Using Stargate Finance to bridge to Metis
06:43 Metis benefits & use cases
11:20 Metis vs Other Layer 2 blockchains
12:35 Biggest dApps on Metis
15:43 What is the future of Metis blockchain?

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