Memecoin Investment Strategy (WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW)

By | April 18, 2023

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Thank you Welcome to bitboy crypto My name is Ben I never thought I was gonna make this Video guys Look at that reflection look at the way That man holds the camera he’s amazing That’s me Guys today we’re going to talk about Meme coins I don’t talk to you guys About meme coins a lot why because I Don’t think they have any value I I Don’t think they’re good and I’m Certainly not going to say guarantee you To buy some okay you’re never going to See me come into a chat come on to Twitter and say look at this meme coin This one’s amazing no it’s it’s all Height driven I do want to talk about Meme coins because I’m going to talk About a different kind of philosophy That we’re going to be uh we’re gonna be Using and it’s not only going to be mean Coins but we’re going to open up what we Are going to call our Casino portfolio Now why are we opening up this casino Portfolio is because we’re sponsored by Stake and we love casinos it could be it Actually could be we do love steak they Are awesome thank you safe for being the Main Channel sponsor of bitboy crypto Um and if you guys want to check them Out you guys can go to check Out my Twitter IO we do another fun

Giveaway with them here pretty soon so Make sure to check it out Let’s go but the fact is Is we’re going to run this casino Portfolio because I want to see the results okay I you go Back to the last market and we didn’t I Mean we bought some Dogecoin at like a Penny sold it at seven cents bought it Back at 20 cents sold it at 70 cents It’s got some trades we made some trades Based on hype which is whatever you can Certainly do that Um but in terms of having a portfolio We’re going to sit on something through The through the bull market I just I want to see the kind of games these Things are going to give like that’s What I want to see and there’s no way For me to really know it without Experiencing it because listen to Somebody else talk about how they became A millionaire in Chiba like that’s cool I’m glad if people did it you guys know I don’t like Sheba but Um you know the the fact is people made So much money on I know that Um Dave garstein uh recently said on Twitter uh some of the effect of you Just look dumb when you’re telling all These kids that made millions of dollars Of meme coins if they’re no good and you Know I understand that mindset that’s Why if you look at my interview with

Pump we we had last year we the debate Literally the peak of the market Um I I was explaining that I don’t like Being coins however You look out of touch and like old man That yells at Bitcoin when you say that People can’t make money with them so They do so we’re going to experience That so we’re gonna actually open up Uh A portfolio that we are going to buy Meme coins And even though this is not a meme coin I do feel like the gains were so massive Last time and that uh you know I mean Richard Hart’s a bit of a meme right Which thing is a bit of a meme I don’t Mean that in a negative way I’m not Saying that against Richard you guys Know I like Richard Um I’m saying it in like I mean you see What he how he dresses right he’s more Over over the top Than Me by a long shot Right Um so we’re going to be putting a Dogecoin Sheba in HEX in that portfolio Now what I want to I think here’s what I Want to do for the casino meme coin Portfolio where you get the channel Involved What we’re going to do is we’re going to Be bringing on Um over this next year now these will Not be sponsored anyway these will not

Be nobody’s gonna be able to pay to come On the channel okay However we’re going to be looking at Several meme coins and we’re gonna do Maybe an interview with a founder and We’re we’re going to let the audience Vote on whether we should add it to our Portfolio or not and if more than 50 of Our audience says we should add that one To a portfolio we will be adding that to The casino portfolio maybe five thousand Dollars worth I’m not sure whatever Whatever it might be So that’s we’re going to be doing I mean The ones that ones that I can think of Uh I know we’ve been in touch with uh The uh founder of uh squid grow okay Chip Toshi we’ve been in touch with uh Well I see these Suka guys all the time Don’t they’re gonna they’re gonna flip Out when they see this they have no idea I’m saying this Um but I’m sure they would probably like To come on the channel like we just it’s Very delicate because what I want to do Is I want to be able to create A thin line okay a very narrow walkway With guard rails to where we’re walking Down this meme coin path and we’re going To be adding them to our portfolio and We’re going to be Including the audience for engagement But we’re not telling you To go buy these because they don’t have

Utility like we’re only doing it because We have an embarrassing an Embarrassingly large amount of money and It’s going to be good for us to be able To see this this will actually be what What really is my thinking on this I Know you guys think I’m going to retire Next year it’s not true Um I want to see What kind of returns over this bull Market that some of these mean coins are Going to give So that way I have more research and Understanding for the next Bull Run on How we should handle meme points for the Next Bull Run because we just totally Missed out on the last one and they were Massive now maybe mean Queens don’t even Do well maybe a hexa store terrible Maybe that will do terrible I I don’t Know maybe they will if it’s okay I’m Okay losing all the money this this Difference between me and what some of You might do if you put money as your Investments into these meme points it Doesn’t matter if I lose all the money It does matter if you lose all the money So do the research and figure out if There’s a percentage of your portfolio That you would like to allocate to fund Things whether it’s nfts or memes or hex Or whatever it is right if that’s stuff That you want to do but don’t be putting Them into keep the majority of your

Investments 90 in major coins in the top 100. most of that should be in the top 10 to 20 okay so I just want to make Sure we’re getting the message straight Let me explain what we’re going to do Because I think it’s going to be cool Information for the channel so let me Know what you guys think about that Thing or sponsor stake as always Uh you guys can check them out on Twitter Um that’s all I got be blessed I’m gonna Try to go find some FDT in the Bahamas Oh yeah [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music]