Linea Layer 2 Blockchain Tutorial & Airdrop Guide!

By | May 4, 2023

If you’re looking for the next Arbitrum ARB it’s right here, it’s Linea, a layer 2 blockchain for scaling ethereum built by Consensys the company that raised 1 billion dollars and also built Metamask! Buy the best miner for 2023 here –

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Most people don’t even know about Linea yet… if you’re reading this then you are on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency technology and knowledge. Today I’ll show you what Linea is, and why this new layer 2 blockchain is set to be the next big blockchain because of its billion dollar consensys backing, remember this is the company that created Metamask which is the leading defi, web 3.0, ethereum, evm, basically crypto anything wallet! A Linea airdrop isn’t likely, it is nearly guaranteed, especially after they launched their Galxe campaign! Linea is a zk rollup much like zk sync era, and polygons zk chain, similar but different from optimistic rollups like Optimism OP coinbase BASE and Arbitrum ARB.

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Linea Galxe campaign –
Linea official website –
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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 ConsenSys launching a new blockchain
01:07 What is ConsenSys?
02:05 What is Linea blockchain?
03:32 Linea blockchain ecosystem
05:37 How to add Linea to Metamask?
06:41 How to get Goerli testnet Ethereum?
08:10 What is the Alchemy platform?
08:47 Bridging Ethereum from Goerli Testnet to Linea
13:16 Interacting with Linea
15:07 Minting a free NFT on Linea
17:21 Decentralized trade on UniSwap
19:39 Potential Linea airdrop

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One of the biggest cryptocurrency Companies in the world ever is launching Their own blockchain and most people Don’t even know about it yet and let me Just drop a name you may be familiar With consensus or maybe you’re not and You’re more familiar with their product Than well one of their products their Main product the product meta mask okay They’ve made their own blockchain and It’s early and two things are for Certain This is gonna be their token play and Your boy is gonna make sure that he’s Eligible yo my name is Voss you’re the Boss going YouTube channel I’m going to Walk you through this new blockchain It’s changes name now to lineia and this Is why it’s more interesting and Relevant than ever to chase that Metamask token airdrop which was Recently a lot of fuel poured on that Fire but also participate with this Blockchain for its own native token There is an ecosystem that has been Planted it’s about to Blossom let’s dig Into it Foreign Consensus is worth so much money it’s Crazy right and their main product Metamask they boast has over 30 million Monthly active users I remember when That went up to 1 million and that was Crazy then they earn over 1 million

Dollars a day on average if not much More sometimes just with the in-wallet Metamask swap function we’ve got video Guides and what metamask is and how to Get it set up and get started and all That uh but you open the wallet and you Go to swap You can swap tokens whatever and you do It all from within the wallet t-o-d-r It’s easy it’s safe but their fee is a Bit Hefty it’s a bit expensive They have a emphasis on development Their ties in the ecosystem could not be Deeper they host one of the biggest Cryptocurrency conventions in the world Ever they are a big deal and they are Here to stay whether we love them or Hate them enter Linea a developer ready ZK roll-up powered by consensus enabling The next generation of ethereum Builders Oh and it’s here Is here but it’s still in test net It’s a developer ready ZK roll-up for Scaling ethereum dapps so everyone knows That ethereum has basically failed us it Hasn’t properly scaled it’s very Expensive to transact on ethereum even Now even when things have cooled off the Next time the market heats up I mean You’re gonna be spending 100 bucks a Transaction on ethereum And a lot of the eth devs acted like you Know proof of stake Was Gonna Save Us no For some reason after EIP 1559 which is

An ethereum improvement proposal that Went through which adjusted the gas fees And other just uh basically transaction Mechanisms with the ethereum chain uh It’s become even more expensive on Average so basically everyone is trying To rush the best layer 2 to Market Because when the next bull run hits There is going to be a few layer twos That just surge to the top and they’re Going to be the Best Buys and there’s Gonna be so many token plays within Those ecosystems right now arbitrim is Leading the charge we talked about that I showed you how to become eligible for The airdrop and you would have made Thousands if not tens of thousands of Dollars if you participated with that I’m not saying I know everything right A Lot of people saw the writing on the Wall there but the voscoin subscribers Made some sweet cash and I hope that you Were one of them sincerely so let’s dig Into Linea finally kind of worked not Really so there’s really no not too much Going on here yet there’s a bridge There’s a swap there’s a block Explorer And there’s an ecosystem portal so let’s Go to the ecosystem Explorer right and I’ll drop links down to the video Description below to help you kind of Navigate all this stuff and to follow Along and just to Simply participate Right I’m also going to assume that you

Know what metamask is and you have it Set up if you don’t watch our beginner Guide on what metamask is and how to set It up but tlbr it’s easy and we’re even Going to be using test net ethereum Today so this literally costs nothing Don’t forget that while I use metamask On the computer for these videos there’s Also a mobile app which does all the Same stuff so this is the tiny ecosystem Right now which is actually a lot for The stage of this uh which is not Surprising because of the massive Developer ecosystem that consensus will Be rapidly tapping into and deploying They’ve already added support Surprisingly for uh joke That cash is very useful because you Connect your wallet and you can see Where you have token allowances token Allowances can basically be Vulnerabilities for your wallet Generally speaking if you’re not Interacting with a Dap a decentralized Application you should revoke the Allowances most people don’t do this on Ethereum because it’s so expensive but If this was just like a dollar two to Revoke all of my allowances yeah I would Absolutely do it to safeguard my funds Uh so that’s the gist crash course on That one Bitcoin mining is really cool But to be honest it’s loud The devices are expensive and there are

Some pretty interesting Alternatives Like I’m earning sixty dollars a month In passive income after my electricity Bill using this hard drive Miner it’s Small barely any heater noise and it’s Profitable check it out with the link Down below and save some money by using Our coupon code boss coin I’ll drop this link down below but it’s Super useful okay so it’s chain list and Then it has the chain ID which is going To be the Linea test net so what I can Do is connect my wallet right so I’ll Connect my wallet and then do I want to Add this network Hell Yeah Bang just Like that I’ve added the details we used To have to do all that stuff manually People don’t realize but like Cryptocurrencies will rapidly becoming Just easier To deal with to do and leaving you with Less and less excuses to not be on chain Having a good time enter We’ve shown it on some previous videos This is a bridge okay it’s going to help Us take our coins from one chain to Another Dark theme that’s where I want To be uh so what we’re focused on now is Going to be the ethereum test net I like to call it go early child rates All right so if we go early hopefully We’ll get the air drop see what I did There same jokes famous for there’s the Go early faucet link down below smash it

And you can grab some go early eat on Chain you have to set up the Alchemy Account which is basically to help them Stop spamming it’s simple it’s free Um I just go ahead and do it while You’re there collecting that I would Also go to their sapolia faucet and Collect that test net ethereum and I Would also go to the Mumbai faucet and Collect that test net Matic it’s like Two clicks to do all of this on each Page kind of like why not because There’s only so much you can collect per Day and you may find that even the Ethereum test net is kind of expensive To transact on the only catch with this Though is you do have to have a minimum Of 0.001 eth or ethereum on the main net Chain so you gotta buy at least that Much ethereum on say coinbase and then Withdrawal it to your metamask account Or that same wallet address really right That you want to transact with with this Test net because that is another way That they’re trying to basically fight Spammers uh using their faucet as always It’s a shame things are more difficult For the people just honest doing simple Stuff because of some lame spammers and Scammers all I did was go to my wallet Take my address drop it do the captcha Do the send the eth button and you’re Done very simple very easy

Alchemy is not only a platform the boss It’s using to combat people spamming the Faucet it’s also a development platform And I’ll drop our link down below Because you get 100 bucks towards their Platform if you use our link and it also Supports the channel the bottom line is We’ve got to use it any way to use the Faucet but the more I dig into it it is Pretty cool and behind the scenes Vasco Is working on building several tools That I hope to release to you all that Will just make crypto better easier to Deal with data aggregators and just uh Some fun and really free stuff out there So that’ll show up in your wallet Momentarily at that point we go to the Bridge right then we need to select go Early from uh the chain we want to deal With this network will also be in your Wallet so you can click this and you can Drop down and you can click on it and Well then it’ll activate that network uh For your wallet address furthermore You should see the test net ethereum to Go early eth that you just requested so Now we need to go to the lineage chain There’s a couple of different ways to Get test net ethereum but that go early Foss that I just showed you is the Easiest way the simplest thing to do is Basically just collect for two days Because you’ll see like if you just want To send 0.01 and you’re only going to

Get 0.02 per day the fee’s too low right If you go 0.02 then it’s estimating You’re also going to pay 0.02 in fees Which is Not going to leave me with all that much So in this scenario here I’m going to go Ahead and send 0.03 ethereum and then I’ll still have enough to cover the fee The bottom line is we just need to get Some tokens well it looks like this was Too aggressive For just the little bit I still have in Here so let’s try it this way let’s go 0.015 right Um and we’re going to get this micro Amount of ethereum there and it doesn’t Think that I’ll have enough So it looks like when I go in advanced I Lower my gas fee further I was able to Drop it enough where I should be able to Go ahead and complete that transaction Um Again you know the simplest thing is to Just collect enough of test net ethereum That you can just click around and it’s No big deal if you find that you know You have enough to squeak by Then you can go in there and edit the Gas fee the nature of this is It’s just Setting our fees too high it’s not like This chain is That crazy who knew we needed a layer 2 Solution even on ethereum’s test net it Should be easier to transact with that’s

For sure all right jokes on me don’t Edit the transaction gas fee that low Um maybe we did need A higher transaction fee My transaction got stuck in purgatory There So I decided to go in uh click on it Click on the transaction and then I Canceled it so you can click it and Click cancel and uh so After doing that let’s go ahead and try Again I got a little bit more test eth Thanks to the man that met the legend Vincent [Music] And uh so let’s see if I could send 0.03 Uh test net ethereum here Which should leave me with .02 eth and So it says I don’t have enough to pay so Let’s drop that down to 0.02 And jeez Just Wow So I’m gonna click on low Uh which is still much higher than uh The custom B we input before And uh we’ll see if this one goes Through so all right 12 54 right now we’ll see if we can get This party started all right that was Pretty quick I mean that that went Through in 23 seconds uh so that’s good So We’re back in the game

We are back in the game So You know the critical thing here is that We’ve now Left The go early blockchain and we are in Route to our destination on the Linea Chain So what we can do to keep up with all of This Right is we’re going to switch over to Linea And then from here we’re going to open Up the block Explorer And so this is going to be my first Transaction on this wallet address Right now It reads nothing nothing give it time Any moment now while we wait for this to Complete let’s talk about what we’re Gonna do once we finally get some coins On chain let me tell you there’s not too Much yet So Uniswap does have support For this blockchain click connect in the Top right And I connect So my coins haven’t hit the address yet But if you’re unfamiliar unit swap is a Decentralized Exchange It allows the trading of cryptocurrency Tokens you can provide coins uh with Liquidity right deploy your capital and

Earn some fees for doing so so my goal Here will be to make a couple test net Traits and then there’s also this Platform called ghost chain Foreign Jml G nft on linear and other than that There’s really not too much going on I Did see uh this nft contract uh and and Shout out to a bank list because I Actually pulled this when I was doing Linear research their post came up uh in This nft contract I pulled from there so You know as always trying to give credit Where it’s due and uh so I will try to Mess around with these two things that Oxygar uh released here but in order to Do any of this right when I click claim Here it brings me to this page I’ve Already clicked connect on my wallet and Uh will I have enough test net ethereum On the Linea test net layer 2 ZK roll up Blockchain why are there so many names And layers to everything cryptocurrency Is quickly becoming an onion with a Million layers and it’s gonna make me Cry after I pay all these fees [Music] All right one eternity later we’re here And we’re complete All right so let’s try to Mint this nft It says it’s free Okay We have enough To do that

Contract interaction Send me ghost Nft And let’s talk about how do we get to Ghost in This nft and all that Stuff right like how do we get here Well I actually came straight out of Linea’s ecosystem Explorer here And control F my best friend Right here Nft 2.0 open source standard Asset-backed nfts cool Uh so it’s not meaning it’s perfectly Safe foolproof whatever but I don’t care What anyone says if you’re gonna list it On your ecosystem Explorer page there Should be a level of some due diligence And a slight endorsement there so with That said so so there there it is that’s That’s the guy I got and I guess they Have a referral system here and Gmv and ghst And I guess this is where I had the Shameless plug use my link down below Uh it’s I don’t know it’s not my Favorite NFD but hey we’re really doing Here is focused on interacting with the Test net participating right so now when I refresh this and this is the block Explorer for the Linea test net I have a Token all right I have an ERC 721 token And nft John McAfee Legacy token there I Also have an interaction with a smart Contract right and and these are

Critical because when you look at say The arbitrum airdrop eligibility all Right with the airdrop eligibility it Was like did you mess with this chain Did you do this chain how many smart Contracts and daps did you interact with How many unique days and months and and So forth basically more is better will The test net be rewarded we’ll have to See Let’s go ahead and do this and let’s Trade some 0.001 eth for this we’ll go ahead and Wrap it up and uh so Basically now I’m interacting with Uniswap on their chain and so pretty Quickly that went through right there And so now I’ve got CR with which I can Trade for this CR usdc And so we’ll just go ahead and do Default there I’m not too worried about Uh a uniswap test net deployment here And so while we wait for that to Complete let’s go back to our ether here And we’ll wrap Um another 0.001 And I’ll confirm that transaction and so Now I should be able to add liquidity For this so I have cr with I have cr usdc I’ll take a new position Here I clicked off too fast on that Originally Um I did the token allowance but I Didn’t do the token trade there so I

Came back uh and I did just you know Initiate the transaction to trade uh .001 CR with right and so what we’re Doing here we’re doing decentralized Trades Um you know it’s just like making any Other swap let’s say uniswap right I put This all on a test net all this all Basically means nothing nothing Right and so we take CR with and then We’ll go to see our usdc here looks like When we go to actually add the liquidity We’re bugging out there uh so we’ll just Leave it at that we we got a couple Transactions in for the day right we Look at the chain we can see we’re over Here doing stuff good job go us so if You want to take it a step further you Can basically deploy an nft with this Contract uh that I referenced earlier Um here on the chain from Ox cigar right Then there’s another one for an nft Contract uh we can participate with uh For me you know I feel satisfied because I went ahead and just you know clicked The easy button and uh minted a free uh Nft on chain here just finishing up the Editing on our video oh but some more Exciting stuff just dropped so we always Splice in the latest and greatest this Twitter thread is a good way to Summarize what’s going on but basically What’s Happening Here is and if you Remember Galaxy and the campaigns that

Happened on there which by the way for Example arbitrim launched their Galaxy Campaigns which basically was an outline For how to become eligible and very Eligible for their cryptocurrency Airdrop the ARB token worth billions Okay okay so Linea Voyage Bridge week They have started a campaign and this Seems to be just a series of campaigns And this came out just yesterday there’s Already 12 000 participants I’m very Shocked by that I’m very impressed and It’s a very good sign of just how Intriguing interesting how used Linea as A blockchain is likely to be but I’m Going to drop this down below And you can follow along some things I Really just want to stress to you go to This faucet input your address okay Get some test net ethereum if you’re not Going to do this I’ve also put my wallet Address down in the video description it Would be awesome if you would send me Your testnet ethereum it’s free to claim Which means it’s then free to send if You’re not going to do this I would love Your test net eth because Um it’s very sought after right now and I’m struggling to have enough to make as Many videos as I want to if I had to Slow down on the videos Alchemy is a Whole service you got to make an account With them to do this it’s free you also Get 100 bucks if you use our Alchemy

Link to put towards their services but I Bring that up specifically because they Have three faucets that all work very Well and are very easy to use go early Mumbai and sympolia so go to these three Faucets and collect them all every day There’s also a link to usdc faucet Select Ethan here which is the ethereum Test net go early you can also grab some Link tokens which you don’t really need For anything we’re talking about here But hey I don’t know what the theme Lately just we’ve got to collect them All right one of the missions in Particular with this bridge so you Complete these tasks you have to get Enough points to be able to claim the Nft and one of these tasks is to connect The Matic Bridger so let’s see still Hasn’t updated since I just did it uh But so you go here and you’re like Okay Click on the details and it opens up This page this is the CTA the call to Action where you gotta go uh so you open Up this page connects it’s a Bridger Right you can see my transfer taking Place there so what this does is it Takes your test net Mumbai Matic tokens And you bridge them over to the Linea Chain cool simple easy right so if I Want to do that I want to send one so It’s going to switch me to the polygon Mumbai chain And then I need to prove that it can

Interact with my token I’ve already done That and then I need to confirm the Transaction where it will actually Bridge here so I do exactly that and now I have a Bridge in progress once this transfer Completes and you give Galaxy some time To update because they only scan the Chain so often to put it simply so Really it’s best to check back a couple Hours later and then you should just be Able to click verify and it’ll go Through another quick one that’s easy to Do is you can follow them on Twitter Click verify and then it’ll recognize You and then you’ll get the check mark And you’ll get the associated points So this is completely adding on to Everything we talked about everything in This video is still relevant but this Quest this campaign I should say is more Important than everything in the video Because this is officially set up and Sanctioned by Linea That like they made this this isn’t just Like some dude who put this together This is Linea You know the ones who raised I don’t know about a billion dollars Well at least the parent company Consensus so to round it out we got test Net ethereum here to the chain we Completed a couple trades on chain we Minted an nft we interacted with three

Protocols the bridge the nft marketplace And a decentralized exchange Above All We’ve participated here with the test Net using metamask which is obviously Going to be the wallet integrated with All of this because it’s all coming out Of their own ecosystem and most Decentralized Finance are all metamask Centric anyway my name is Oscar on the Vasco and YouTube channel subscribe if For no other reason that for our CAO That’s going to be our chief airdrop Officer we have 10 seconds of tales on Every video and uh yeah she’s awesome so Are you sorry if this video was I guess A little bit long it was just kind of a Lot to sift through and to be frank Several things went wrong for me along The way but uh that’s part of doing this It’s uh it’s a little more cumbersome Than you may think or you’d like but That’s because it is so early and it and It is a test net and all of those Reasons contribute to why people that Are fumbling through this stuff early Are most likely part of their ecosystem So supporting it and the ones that are Retroactively rewarded with lucrative Cryptocurrency token airdrops again my Name is Oscar on the Vasco and YouTube Channel I hope you stick around because We’ve got all kinds of crazy videos in The pipeline I think we’re just going to Stick with the tagline and you know some

Other people said it before it’s pretty That’s not the hardest thing to come up With but I think it really is a lot in Line with the core of oscoin YouTube Mission which is just learn more Earn more the more you learn The more capabilities you have to earn See you on the next one [Music] [Music]