Layer 2 Cryptocurrencies are the BEST Crypto Tokens to BUY

By | April 11, 2023

Layer 2s… L2 cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular as they are set to be the best investments for crypto investors as they are blockchains that are easy to use, cheap to use, and reward their uses with millions of dollars in token airdrops, but what are the best layer 2 cryptocurrencies right now?! Buy the best mining rig in 2023 here –

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Ethereum was the first but it can’t be the last, as new cryptocurrencies building on top of ETH are solving scalability and cost issues. Basically using L2 blockchains like Arbitrum ARB, Optimism OP, Polygon MATIC, Starknet STRK, ZkSync Era ZKS, are much better, faster, and more lucrative to the actual cryptocurrency users. Lets review some of the best layer 2 cryptocurrencies, and how to get into this crypto tokens!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 A lot of people are sleeping on layer 2 solutions
00:40 ARB token airdrop
01:27 Arbitrum to break up governance votes
01:58 Where are the whales investing their arb?
03:11 How eth became a king?
04:04 How are layer 2s better than layer 1?
04:29 Optimism, fast stable, scalable Ethereum
05:18 Layer 2s are decentralizing their ownership
06:00 Another Bullrun will come, even if USA bans crypto!
07:22 Starknet a zk-rollup blockchain
08:58 ZK-Sync another Scalling ethereum alternative
11:36 Layer 2 blockchains on defillama

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I think a lot of people are sleeping on Layer Two Solutions in cryptocurrency And that’s really not the best branding But these are basically protocols that Make cryptocurrency transactions fast And cheap it’s nothing like my racing Career which has been expensive and Sometimes I’m slow but today we’re going To be breaking down layer two’s what’s Working what’s not and really the Protocols that you should get involved With sooner than later my name is Vosk I’m a professional cryptocurrency Degenerate I Crypt all day every day Just dig a little bit deeper Let’s talk about the protocol in Everyone’s mind it’s going to be Arbitrim they recently just had their ARB token airdrop and if you subscribe To boss coin and followed along the Videos you got thousands if not tens of Thousands of dollars for free Shameless Plug pat on the back but you know at What point can we Celebrate our wins as well arbitrim is a Lot of fun it’s really engaging because It’s got good branding I think I like The name I like The Branding I like the Transaction speeds and and fees I mean It’s so cheap and so fast like it is Truly winning in that category compared To its competitors but it’s not all sun Rays and butterflies and donuts the Foundation just pushed through millions

And millions of dollars that was never Ratified actually the voting said that The majority were against this and they Said that this isn’t actually a proposal We’re just letting you know that we’re Doing these things and there’s been all Kinds of drama that has led to some Decrease in the ARB price but analyzing Some on-chain data goes to show that Many of the ARB token whales are holding Through all this drama and are focused Furthermore where are these big tokens Investing there are several protocols That these whales are investing in Here’s a snapshot at that but we’re Going to actually make another video Digging into these five protocols that I Invite you to check out because hey at Some point you got to follow the money And that’s actually what all of these Layer 2 Solutions have done ethereum These are layer 2 solutions to scale Ethereum the second biggest Cryptocurrency and number one in many Categories pretty much everything that’s Interesting in cryptocurrency has more Or less been birthed out of eth or Direct competitor or clone are you Interested in adding a passive income Stream to your life oh then maybe you Should grab a cryptocurrency mining rig Specifically from crypto minor Bros and If you’re interested in earning money You probably want to save some money so

Do not forget to punch in the code of Vice coin to save some coin Krypton Minor Bros has all kinds of different Mining rigs check out their selection Because they not only have great prices They’ve also got fast shipping That’s critical for mining ethereum is The first to make smart contracts Widespread accessible Initially it was the home of icos Initial coin offerings and so many Projects launched on it and then there Were all these tokens and all this money And all these people and just so much Building and activity and development It’s just it just really became the Place to be but ethereum because of that Success then but even more so was Cryptocurrency Advance enter the D5 Decentralized Finance chapter where People start making decentralized trades Nfts non-fungible tokens digital Collectibles start to live on the Chain Right ethereum became a slug it was slow It was congested and worse Well alrighty then My camera mic died thanks a lot DJI Ironically enough I just grabbed my Other DJI camera sorry for the quick Change on the Fly there these layer twos Are doing what ethereum is failing to do And it’s making these transactions cheap Is making these transactions fast and Arbitrum’s not the only one by any means

And yes they did just have their token Airdrop previously optimism had their Cryptocurrency token airdrop I’m going To talk about some other upcoming layer 2 solutions that still have the their Impending tokens they haven’t been Dropped and they’re very obviously Coming before we get there I want to Talk about chain number two and that is Going to be optimism okay optimism Dropped their op token optimistic Roll-Ups it’s very similar to arbitrim But it’s not quite as fast it’s not Quite as cheap in my experience there Has been a lot of growth on that chain There has been a lot of building on that Chain deployment user activity has again It has not done quite as well as Arbitrum but it is doing doing well it Is successful the top 100 cryptocurrency It’s worth about a billion dollars right Now you know before I kind of go further Into some of these protocols I really Want to make sure that you’re aware of I Want to touch on the fact of you know Why why are we really even talking about This today well there’s really two Things there’s using these chains There’s hunting air drops okay there’s Three buying into the protocols the Coolest thing about cryptocurrencies Okay is that they decentralize their Ownership you want to go buy into AWS I Mean you can buy Amazon stock that’s the

Closest you can get but so many other Things come with it right and maybe That’s not even the best example you Want to buy into a private company well You know good luck that’s going to be Way more difficult and average person is Never going to be able to do that uh so You decentralize these protocols with These tokens you want exposure to Arbitrine blockchain you buy ARB tokens You want exposure to optimism and the op Token you buy op tokens and it’s why Tokens are coming for all these other Protocols but these are the chains that Are going to just absolutely explode Okay and good way the next Cryptocurrency Bull Run and yes another Cryptocurrency Ballroom will happen even If the United States bans everything Whatever well guess what see you later USA I’m out of here I’m sick of this Stuff I’m tired of this you know The government’s so stupid uh they’re so Out of touch they’re just it’s Ridiculous they’re all old and they’re All rich and of course they don’t care About technology that makes life better Easier and above all it creates Incredible investment opportunities Which of course because of them I have To say that’s not Financial advice Everyone who’s wealthy doesn’t really Care about things that have speculative Price because they’re already good

They’re on the downhill right I’m trying To change my life and if you’re still Watching this video you probably are too And I absolutely love cryptocurrency the Technology and everything in that Category yes I love using it I I love so Much of it I I truly just adore Blockchain crypto all that stuff but I’d Be lying if I said I wasn’t also trying To ride this up I want to make money and It’s not just like oh I want a bunch of Dirty US dollars that they’re going to Continue to inflate you know I want to Increase my Bitcoin Holdings ethereum Holdings and of course other Cryptocurrency Holdings and I will cash A bit out along the way to buy some Things I want and I’m human I got some Material desires and stuff like that Above all I’ve got bills and never stop That come in US dollars so you know it’s My quick rate on that category moving Back to the subject Focus here remember I’ve always got time stamps down below So you can skip past my rant if you Think it sucks or don’t like it or Whatever let’s talk about Stark net okay So Stark net is interesting right it’s More like ZK sync which well that’ll be The next one to talk about starknet is a Layer two scaling solution utilizing CK Sync technology and it’s very new it’s Very early there’s not too much going on There yet but they’re obviously going to

Drop a token they are obviously going to Continue building and refining and their Blockchain may get faster they help it Make it cheaper they’re trying and uh You know I’m gonna be here for that the Reason I participate with all these Blockchains is yes I’m here to Participate be early Have Fun Hunt the Airdrop of course right but I want to Know how to use the chain I want to have A little bit of coin on each chain Because if there is an exciting new Opportunity I don’t want to be trying to Figure out how to use this stuff and Where to go and what to do what I want To do is be able to Jump Right In right Because when more opportunities start Presenting themselves in the Cryptocurrency sector is really all Prices will generally Trend to start to Trend upwards and so forth like you Don’t want to be trying to figure out How to use the chain how to how to do This defy thing right you want to Already have your metamask set up and Ready to go you want to have made Decentralized trades and understand just Kind of what to do and how to do these Things and be able to do it safely make Sure you don’t click on the wrong thing Get rugged uh send your tokens into some Kind of scam contract I mean there’s a Lot of bad things that can happen but if You stay on the clear-cut path you’re

Traditionally pretty good so that’s one Of my biggest motive Innovations there And you know why I love him and like Participating with this stuff so moving On to the next subject is going to be Number four it’s gonna be ZK sync right So we talked about the three other Protocols I have dedicated videos to all Of those furthermore we also have a ZK Sync video uh diving into the era main Net how to get started participation Things like that of course I encourage You to check that out but ZK sync well The name I really like that it’s very Self-explanatory it’s using ZK Technology they are doing rollups it’s a Layer two solution this is a chain that Is very new the main which is called era Only just launched right on the heels of Arbitrum and it was well timed and Timing is so critical in business and These cryptocurrencies yeah they’re Technology their crypto they’re this and That but they’re they’re ran by Businesses the ran by foundations and Let’s not lie to ourselves on that front Uh but timing is again absolutely key And and they were poised to strike ARB Token is dropped right everyone’s like Well what’s the next best opportunity What’s the next arbitrary because a lot Of people missed out yes a lot of people Won and they’re looking for the next one And that’s when Z casing wrote up

They’re like yo look at this little Cryptic thing we dropped on Twitter yeah And I respect the play and it’s again There’s not much going on on the era Maintenance but that’s really all the More reason why you should be Participating because it illustrates Just how early you can still be a couple Blocks and gas fees to get your tokens There off of ethereum and you know you Spend at most an afternoon learning how To do this stuff and participating could Earn you thousands of dollars if not More long term and it’s not all about Just earning money but I like to remind Myself of that because it’s a good Motivation I’m like I don’t know man I Already did this stuff I don’t I don’t Feel like messing with that today I Don’t feel like learning something my Brain hurts but then I’m like dude come On man like at a minimum if I was like You want plus a thousand dollars I’d be Like yeah well well then go do it like Free money most of my cryptocurrency Airdrops for anything that’s like a half Good protocol I keep them I sit on them I’m here ready to roll I’m excited and I’m not trying to sell in this kind of Red Market that we’re currently in the Time recording this video I’m trying to Build I’m trying to you know get some Stacks of coins so that when hopefully Things become great again it only

Exponentially compounds there’s even More protocols that I haven’t talked About today there’s some controversial Ones like crap dose I mean Aptos then There’s sui on the heels of that one and There’s also many other protocols I Invite you to check out D5 llama it’s a Free data aggregator where you can start Digging around and looking at the Numbers and follow the numbers follow The users right you see a lot of growth Why but remember that no one really Believes the metrics on Tron I don’t Know about that one maybe you feel Differently though let me know down in The comments below let me know what Protocols you’re using and why as always Please make sure to stick around Subscribe to the Boston YouTube channel If you like the content at all if you Think I can improve it which I Definitely think I can let me know how I Can do there uh down in the comments Please hit the thumbs up if you watched All the way through and uh yeah just Want to say thank you and I hope I see You on the next video you have a good One Money with me baby [Music]