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In today’s video, you need to hold shib. It is important to get in early on the shib train. We will also be talking about the major recent success of Shiba inu token and what the future holds for the Shiba inu coin. As well as giving you Shiba price prediction and Shiba inu coin news. Make sure to subscribe to the channel for daily Shiba inu updates. We are also going to be talking about Robinhood listing Shiba inu tokens and how this will help Shiba inu explode. Robinhood listing Shiba inu confirmed Shiba to $0.10 soon.






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Breaking news new information has just Come out about Shiba Inu and it could Change everything so if you have any Interest in Shiba Inu or you hold any Sheep tokens then you need to see this So what is the breaking news about the Shiva in new coin and how will it affect The value of Shiva in you in today’s Video I will be answering these Questions and I’m going to be telling You all of the new price boosting Information that has just come out about Shiba Inu and how there is still a high Possibility you could become a Millionaire from new I have put a lot of Research into this video so make sure You watch the entire video to not miss Out on any price boosting information Welcome to crypto hype your daily dose Of Sheba if you are interested in Everything around Sheba this is the Place for you subscribe if you want to Stay updated with all the news Predictions and stay one step ahead in The crypto World make sure to hit the Like button for us to provide you with More ship news also just before we go Any further this channel has a daily Giveaway of 1 million Sheba tokens To enter all you have to do is be Subscribed to this channel like this Video and comment hashtag Shiba Inu good Luck but before we get to our topic Let’s take a look at the chart and see

What the price of Shiba is doing on the 9th of April shall we Shiba inu’s price today is around 1094 Units shiv’s price is down 0.1 percent In the last 24 hours with a 24-hour Trading volume of 151 million dollars The token also currently has a market Cap of over 6.4 billion dollars ranking It as the 15th most valuable Cryptocurrency Please keep in mind these prices might Have changed by the time you watch this Video It has a circulating supply of 549 Trillion Sheed coins but this number is Getting lower every day due to coin Burns the token started with a total Supply of one quadrillion if you are Looking to buy sell and trade Cryptocurrency then you need to sign up To mexc Global if you join through the Link in my description you can earn up To nine thousand one hundred dollars in Free crypto Also guys please be aware of scammers Impersonating the channel in the Comments we do not have a WhatsApp or a Telegram Now before we get to the main story of The video we first need to update you on The latest Chiba in new crypto news from Today so let’s not waste any time and Get into it Whittle buys 229 billion Shiba Inu total

She bought reaches 3.73 trillion Whale stats a blockchain Data Tracking Platform recently reported that the 254th biggest ethereum whale named Blue Whale0073 has added a whopping 229.96 billion sheep worth 2.58 million Dollars to her wallet in a single Transaction executed about two hours ago From press time This marks the second largest sheet by Transaction in the past 24 hours as Reported earlier by the crypto basic a New Shiba Inu whale has emerged to Become the 30th biggest holder of Shiba Inu scooping up an astounding 3.50 Trillion sheep worth 40.23 million Dollars in a single transaction overall Wales have spent 42.81 million dollars To purchase 3.73 trillion sheep via two Separate transactions in the past 24 Hours As of this writing sheb Remains the most Traded token for the 100 biggest whales On ethereum and also maintains its Position of the biggest crypto holding In US dollar equivalent for these whales If you were still watching it would be Massively appreciated if you could go Ahead and smash the like button it costs Nothing and really helps support the Channel Also keep watching to find out the Latest Chiba in new Coin News She burned rate Springs High as tens of

Millions of Sheba Inu pushed out of Circulation Crypto tracker has reported that over The past 24 hours the Sheep Army has Managed to get rid of a substantial Amount of sheep pushing the Sheba Inu Burn rate over a hundred percent higher Than it was yesterday in the meantime While some continue to push the Circulating supply of sheep to shrink Whales keep purchasing massive chunks of It 20.2 million Sheba Inu destroyed burn Rate cause of shiburn has reported that Over the past day 20.2 million Shiba Inu Have been sent to dead end wallets in Three transactions so far this amount of Burnt sheep tokens falls behind those That were seen earlier this month However compared to yesterday the burn Rate has gone up by almost 148 percent Now let’s get into the main story of Today’s video Shiva in new frenzy popine and activity Booms she’d flips Litecoin Sheba inues Siberian public beta is Flourishing with over 1 million test Transactions processed so far The average block time is just five Seconds clearing the way for faster Transactions than on the regular Ethereum blockchain Shibarium Veda is being built on a fork Of polygon another thriving blockchain

Technology company that built a faster Scaling solution for ethereum Shiba Inu overthrows Litecoin by market Cap The popular dog themed mean coin Shiva Inu proved its dominance by overthrowing The OG altcoin Litecoin while both are Claiming a market capitalization of Nearly 7 billion dollars at the time of Publication Furthermore the quick rebound rally to The upper zone of the bull pennant for Shiba Inu is highly influenced by Billionaire crypto Enthusiast and Twitter CEO Elon Musk The shiba in New Burn rate has slowed Over the past few weeks but according to Shibarium’s documentation the layer 2 Solution for Shiva Inu might change when Shibarium launches an auto burning Feature on the upcoming mainnet Currently crypto enthusiasts have to Manually send a desired amount to dead Wallets specified on the shiburn portal It is currently estimated that shibarium Will burn 111 trillion sheep tokens Every year this means that it only a Couple of years Shiba in news Supply Will drop by a huge amount This will send Shiba in news price Soaring and could potentially give the Token a price point of one cent all the Way up to one dollar But not only shibarium will burn sheep

Tokens but lots of projects that are Built using shibarium will also burn Sheep just like the coyote token which Has burned billions of tokens Now imagine there were hundreds of Projects built on shibarium and they Were all burning massive amounts of Shiva tokens we can actually see lots of Shiva in new being burned on a constant Basis this is why I hold sheep because Worst case scenario I lose some money But best case scenario sheaves price Source to new all-time highs and we make Millions That’s why it’s important that if you Hold at least 1 million sheep tokens That you should just keep holding for Now Many of our subscribers comment that They are not going to sell Sheed for the Next five years and hold millions of Them because they believe in the Sheba Inu developers and the real world value Of sheep how many are you guys holding Don’t forget to list your sheep Holdings In the comments section below let’s Praise the Sheep holder for trusting and Believing in the process if you are Enjoying the video then please give this Video a huge thumbs up subscribe to the Channel and let us know in the comments Your views on the Sheba Inu token and Make sure to turn on the post Notifications to get notified every time

We post a new video Check out the video on screen now to Learn more about the recent Shiba Inu News the information provided in this Video does not constitute investment Advice Financial advice trading advice Or any other advice you should not treat Any of the content as such do conduct Your own due diligence and consult your Financial advisor before making any Investment decisions