How To Use Scroll an Ethereum Scaling Blockchain with AN AIRDROP!!?

By | May 9, 2023 is a new blockchain, layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum like Optimism OP and Arbitrum ARB but they haven’t airdropped their SCROLL token yet! Here’s how to use Scroll and hunt their free crypto airdrop! Buy the best miner for 2023 here –

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Scroll is another blockchain looking to fix Ethereums scaling issue. Arbitrum ARB and Optimism OP ignited another free cryptocurrency airdrop season. Scroll is actually more like Linea, ZK sync era, and Starknet as its a zkEVM scaling solution for Ethereum as opposed to Optimistic roll-ups like ARB and OP. Here’s how to get started using Scroll and how to hunt the airdrop eligibility for Scroll token!

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00:00 What is scroll?
01:21 Ethereum needs scaling solutions
02:10 How to use scroll?
04:10 Using the scroll testnet to be eligible for the airdrop
05:50 How to get testnet Goerli Ethereum
07:22 How to use the Scroll Alpha testnet
08:41 What can we do on the scroll testnet?
11:22 Be active on the chain to hunt for the Airdrop
13:06 Tails never misses an airdrop

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Another day another blockchain this is a Layer 2 solution to ethereum it doesn’t Have a token yet we’re hunting the Airdrop but I’m also just going to show You what this chain is and what’s unique About it specifically we’re going to be Diving into or here’s a good pun opening Up the scroll we’re gonna be looking at today it’s a ZK evm you know It’s an ethereum virtual machine it’s a Scaling solution for ethereum they don’t Have a token yet and what you would find To be similar to this would kind of be Like optimism and arbitrum but more so If you’re familiar with a ZK sync era or Stark net today I’m going to walk you Through what this chain is how to Participate and the exciting part is to Very likely make yourself eligible for a Future cryptocurrency airdrop and if It’s anything like some of the airdrops Of the past this would turn maybe 15 30 Minutes of your time into thousands if Not tens of thousands of dollars Sometimes even more than that my name is Vosk I’m a professional cryptocurrency Airdrop Hunter I know I know so it’s a Weird job it’s hard to explain at the Family gatherings and let me go out for A couple drinks with a couple friends But That’s what we are The native ZK evm scaling solution for Ethereum ZK Roll-Ups you may not really

Even care for the tech and that’s better Suited to just break down in another Video the bottom line is this makes Ethereum faster and cheaper And ethereum is neither of those so That’s all right that’s why we have all These options we’ve talked about ZK sync Error before and I really highly Encourage you to watch that video and Participate with that if for no other Reason than to hunt the airdrop we’ve Also talked about Stark net and have Several videos on that including a Wallet guide I encourage you to check That out and participate to become Eligible for that very obvious incoming Cryptocurrency airdrop now we’re gonna Be looking at scroll okay they existed In 2022. but you probably never heard About them they boasted they had over 397 000 unique addresses over 6 300 unique Contracts deployed and over 600 unique Tokens deployed with an average daily Transaction volume of 32 000. they grew A lot over 80k on Twitter 120k Undiscored they shared their research in Multiple ethereum conferences they boast That they’ve got an industry-leading ZK Research resource through their blog They’ve laid the foundation for their Ecosystem Even uniswap governance has passed the Temp check proposal and will be deployed

On the test net lens protocol deployed On their pre-alpha test net and they’ve Added support for graph protocol and Save they’re also partnering up with Multi-chain org hot protocol and Orbiter Finance to provide a low friction Experience as they approach a Permissionless test net That’s solid especially because their Team they really only show off their Three co-founders They even have a page or a Twitter Handle build with scroll where they Share projects building in their Ecosystem which that’s pretty cool for Example there’s Omni and they’ve got Some scroll deployment we also have Linea which we just talked about here on The channel starkware polygon arbitrum I Mean you’re starting to connect the dots Right if everyone’s kind of focused on This and doing these things you know The reoccurring question is Win token Bitcoin mining is really cool But to be honest it’s loud The devices are expensive and there are Some pretty interesting Alternatives Like I’m earning 60 a month in passive Income after my electricity bill using This hard drive minor it’s small barely Any heater noise and it’s profitable Check it out with the link down below And save some money by using our coupon Code boss coin

So without further Ado let’s get started So we’re still early we’re still dealing With the test net they don’t even have a Mainnet launched or live and let’s pause Right there for a second because Arbitrum laid some really good recent Updated foundation for cryptocurrency Airdrop eligibility you look at the Eligibility you see multiple Transactions on multiple days multiple Months you look at volume you look at Participating on this chain as well as This chain they had did you have any Kind of test net activity right the more You do the longer you do and on the more Things you do and the more smart Contracts and dapps decentralized Applications you interact with the not Only will you increase your likelihood Of just simply even being eligible at All airdrops are best suited to be Scaled you do a little bit you get a Little bit of coin you do a whole lot You get a lot of coin that’s why we’re Here and not just being aware of scroll But also participating with their test Net so first we need some test net Ethereum Go early we need to get there early so They have this page right here and you Can connect your wallet and you click Metamask and you connect great right uh So you can add this test net to your Metamask by clicking this you can add

The scroll Alpha test net to your Metamask by clicking this I already have Those there so I don’t need to click Them so the next step is we need to get Some of our test net ethereum onto the Scroll blockchain I’m also going to Assume that you know what metamask is You have it set up right if you don’t Watch our beginner tutorial guide on how To do that and you also may be thinking Voski didn’t even cover How to get that test net ethereum okay Well great good points I’m glad you’re Here I’m glad you said that I’m over Here on go early faucet link down below Alright also you need an Alchemy account Because they’re trying to stop spamming Use our link for that you get 100 bucks Towards their services for free it’s Kind of like a why not and supports the Channel I opened my meta mask And copy my address I’ve already set up Alchemy and click sign in pretty simple Pretty easy there So I’m going to drop my wallet address Here I’m going to be like yeah I’m not a Robot send me some Ethan I’m gonna fail Let’s try again click click Click It’s close enough And bam we’re in and then we’re getting That cool and while you’re here you may As well stock up on some other test net

Coins so I can click over to sepolia I Can say I’m not a robot punch these Stairs in Click verify give me some of That ethereum okay cool uh how about Somatic sure uh we don’t even need to do Uh uh a capture check on that one Oh Mumbai what are the Apes doing here It’s real quick and easy and why not Just stock up on some test net coins Right so now we have the test net coins Cool And now we can go back over to the Bridge you can see my balance is already Updated so I’m putting 0.02 eth here I guess it thinks that’s too crazy I Don’t have too much coins let’s go 0.01 And I’ll send this from the go early Testnet to the scroll Alpha test net and I’ll come in here and I think I’ll be Able to squeak by with a low fee and I’ll go ahead and click confirm on that The scroll Bridge is a fork of hop Exchange we’ve talked about hop exchange We were airdrop hunting on it with Arbitrum uh it’s been a good experience Hop does not support them yet but they Already tagged them saying that they Parted with them more bridges is always Good for an ecosystem so this Transaction is in process estimating Four minutes over here that’s cool Finding Dandy I’ve already bridged a bit Of testnet eth over to this chain this Is the block Explorer so you can go to and you can take Your wallet address Right so I’ll copy it I paste it And it takes me to my page cool so this Is where this video starts to slow down A little bit because again we are quite Early So let’s look at the ecosystem How do we participate what can we do So you see Ave you may be familiar with Ave it’s a huge non-custodial Open source liquidity protocol basically You can come here and lend coins and Borrow coins uh you go over here and you Look at the markets and Scroll’s not there It’s not on version two either I mean That makes sense it’s just a test net Okay We look at the governance And you know recently we we don’t see Anything about scroll Nothing Huh Are they really In their ecosystem are they building Behind the scenes I don’t know but I Certainly can’t participate yet So when you start clicking around in Their ecosystem right I mean we they Talked about Orbiter Finance Well do they support scroll yet No Scroll is not here

What about Stargate that’s another Bridge we’ve talked about and that uses Layer zero so we’re hunting all kinds of Blockchains by using this let’s go to Transfer what kind of networks we got in Here Okay No surprise the test Net’s not there and Surely Scrolls test net Is not there So you start looking around and you’re Like Guys Oh maybe this defy thing okay Rhino Phi Let’s launch the app You got scroll test net support you Maybe We’ll connect the wallet and check it Out So we link the wallet verify ownership All right so we’re gonna check the Privacy it’s a signature request Does it cost anything or to enable Trading okay All right Simple enough And we’ll skip this for now we’ll also Leave off our first deposit So we don’t have any funds on here Ethereum polygon arbitrum BSC Looks like they’re powered by arbitrum Polygon ZK sync BSC couple other chains But Nope nope none of those look like a

Scroll So that’s kind of the thing here is We’re so early there’s not that much to Do but even just bridging to the test Net is a good thing to do you can’t dig Deeper you can’t join their Discord Server you can you know try some of These testnet daps that they do have on Their chain I invite you to join the Voscoin Discord server as well as their Discord server because there are things To do but it’s just not all that obvious Or easy and to be frank and this was a Roundabout way to get here I think just Bridging some coins over and being aware Maybe throwing them a follow on Twitter To just see when they bring a main net Or really anything right I think that’s Good to go I don’t really want to do too Much If I don’t really need to I mean we can See that there’s a lot of transactions Going through You know every every day I mean daily Transactions 360 000. they already have almost 2 million Blocks and over 4 million wallet Addresses So you know we’ll see time will tell a Good data aggregator aggregator Aggregator Uh for stuff like this is defy llama Uh they haven’t added any sort of Support here uh for scroll yet and this

Is a really useful tool even for smaller Chains right Um I mean we look at ZK sync right we’re Talking about ZK sync error earlier we Look at this we can see the TV out We can see other metrics we can see I Mean they’re getting a lot of Applications here where just you know a Couple weeks ago we made our video There’s only a few options but when you Put in ZK Sig it’ll bring you there we Put in the scroll it’s nothing right so Let’s just let’s keep it old school But we’ll punch and scroll no server Error and on that error note it’s time For me to head out and check on my CEO My chief error officer here at the Bosco On YouTube channel we’ll revalue C Titles as high as any major corporation 10 seconds of tales we do it on every Freaking video it’s raining here and the Super pup doesn’t like storms especially When the water you know the water drops Kind of blow and hit the windows kind of Freaks her out she gets a little sad she Gets a little scared she goes in a Corner or in a crate and if the storm is Bad or if there’s lightning or thunder She starts doing the full body shakes It’s just tragic I wish I could you know Just alleviate her of this but you know We try to support her calm her down even Tried a thunder uh jacket and stuff Before but it’s just ingrained in her

She hates these storms but I hope that You love this video And subscribe thanks For watching and uh that’s all I got Today When [Music]