How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency DAO

By | April 13, 2023

Creating a DAO is the best way for cryptocurrencies and crypto companies to operate now, it’s a decentralized autonomous organization, basically a decentralized company and Aragon makes it easy to make your own DAO with just a couple of clicks! Subscribe!

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In today’s video, we will walk through how to create your own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in just a few minutes with Aragon! Aragon’s platform is built for developers but allows users to easily make a DAO in just a few clicks. We’ll walk through that process as well as talk about some of the latest news in the cryptocurrency space, including updates on Arbitrum, one of the most talked about airdrops of 2023.

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00:00 What is going on with crypto?
00:44 Aragon launches a new stack!
01:52 How to create your own DAO?
03:50 Do you want to win a Mini Doge II?
04:30 Crypto mining can be very profitable
05:23 Are NFTs the future on social media?
07:54 Arbitrum dumping their tokens?
10:00 Optimism and Uniswap tokens
11:00 Tails will never dump on you

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Yo I’m bossy you’re the boss going YouTube channel no fluff just stuff we Got crypto news and much more today We’re gonna be looking at a lot of Things including dowels and a very easy Generator for dows and that’s why I’m Super intrigued because there are many Uses for a decentralized autonomous Organization and you may remember Aragon Which always makes me think of Aragorn I don’t know how you can’t like the Lord Of the Rings like what a sweet series [Music] This is a token that had a lot of Popularity in the 2017-2018 Aero Cryptocurrency But many people never really did much After that right but that could be Changing maybe this isn’t the best case For the coin but they have launched a Modular adaptable easy to use stack Aragon OS X and Aragon app this stack is Live on ethereum mainnet and what Exactly is going on easy to use tools For every Builder their OS X is lean by Design smart contracts laying the Foundation but the app is what’s user Friendly with no coding involved and the OS X you’re right it’s the framework Security and flexibility this is for Developers right but it’s the app that Is way more exciting at least for me Personally right so I’ve already Connected my metamask in the top right I

Guess so you click the top right and you Connect you connect your meta mask if You need a guide on what metamask is and How to set that up Bingo watch that Video so by literally just connecting Your metamask you can now create a dow This is very cool with this you can mint Tokens you can set governance parameters You can deploy your Dow on chain and It’s not just ethereum they’ve already Added support for polygon so I click on Create Dow right step one I’m gonna go Ahead and select my blockchain so let’s Say I want to go Layer Two I want to use Polygon because it’s got cheaper fees Right you know from here we can start Putting in information we can name the Dow we need a description right then we Go next who can participate right token Holders tokens act as voting chips the More tokens you hold the more weight Your vote has one token equals one vote You could also do multi-sick only Multi-sig members can vote so you can Add your token on tube coin right for Because we’re on here on YouTube and We’ll make it 2B that’s fun why not and So we distribute the tokens and how These are distributed right so let’s Just say we want 100 tokens we get all Of those and then we go next up for here There’s more parameters but my point is Like just that quickly right [Music]

We just created a dow with this Dow we Can have decentralized governance we Have mincible tokens This is really cool and I think that Some people will glaze over this and not Realize like What a critical thing to bring to Market Especially for so many businesses this Is going to open the door For so many businesses to Pivot from Being centralized to decentralized is at Least in some form shape or manner don’t Forget that shapeshift completely just Deleted their centralized company their Public entity and became a full-blown Dao that’s cool as far down obviously I Just gave the quick crash course on it They have a whole guide on how to launch A dow what I’d love to know is if you Have any reason you can make a dial You drop it down in the comments below Let me know what you’re doing what You’re making a down for or where you Think a dow would be best implemented And in addition to that you better be Entering our giveaways because we’re Giving away a mini Doge 2. we’re also Working with gold show to bring a Tails Edition very low quantity probably just Like 100 miners or something really just For fun here uh but to bring that to Market with a sweet Mario theme design I Mean have you seen the new movie yet Did you think it was good or bad because

The reviews They’re mixed right we’re also working On a Tails Edition uh for an evergreen Miner which is a plug and play hard Drive monitor I really enjoy these They’re fun easy to use they’re Profitable low energy low noise but Anyway I’ll link that stuff out down Below if you guys don’t know this I I Freaking love cryptocurrency mining I Mean looking at just the LA the mission In the last 24 hours Bitcoin put out a Whopping 28 million dollars Dogecoin 1.23 million dollars of new coins mine You add Litecoin to that equation Because their merge mine that’s two Million dollars and so many of these Other cryptocurrencies even just on this Limited list are illustrating how much Money is up for grab so I’m not trying To push it or shill it or whatever right Uh but crypto miners Bros has been great Helping us Source uh some Miners and Especially some really quick turnarounds Uh so with Evergreen minor and with Crypto Miner Bros above all if you Decide to grab anything please make sure To use the code boss coin not just for Me because it saves you money so please Don’t forget to use voice going to save Some coin you like that I I was writing A description the other day and I wrote That I was like oh I I like that I like That so people are sleeping on nfts

Right and maybe nft isn’t the cool word To say anymore I mean momento is calling Them digital Collectibles and they’re Based on this all around social media Content and when you open this Application which I’ll get to more here In a second it really looks like a like Like a tick tock clone but imagine Tick Tock with nfts as a crypto guy that Really intrigues me so huge thanks to Momento for making today’s video Possible and just keep helping keep boss Coin in business because let me just Tell you YouTube ad Revenue it ain’t Enough And enough what they’re really trying to Do here is create and collect Social Content as well as sell limited edition Content to the community Is there really a market for that do People want that there have been some Cases that have proven that that is the Case like the NBA top shots that no rise And fall in that category there’s many Other examples as well and don’t forget That one girl was selling her used bath Water [Music] So there are some people out there that Will buy anything yes Yes indeed This isn’t just some new app though this Is the article on Forbes from a year ago Where Rodriguez who’s leading this

Project boasted that there’s already 55 000 users and they’re growing fast that Was a year ago so let’s dive into the App real quick because which by the way They’ve got a giveaway going on give Away 100 bucks for those that download The app I’ll drop a link down with the Giveaway information down below again This is through them not me uh so I come In here I open the application and I Mean it throws me right into a video Right uh you know behind the scenes when I unlock this unlockables are perks that Come with your nft purchase uh so for Example some things here will be meet And greet Tickets Merchandise Live stream Uh so I mean it’s interesting to see Like how Like especially for athletes celebrities That a platform like this you know could Have a lot of utility for them Instead of just selling a meet and greet Add-on I’d rather have some kind of Digital collectible that also served as My ticket for them meet and greet and How cool would it be if we loaded that With the picture of me meeting greeting That Celebrity This guy right here he’s waiting for the Moon Me too buddy me too anyway check out

Momentum down at the link Out Below oh The drama never stops in cryptocurrency Uh so this isn’t the latest news but I Haven’t had a chance really to talk About it here on the two uh so I I Definitely want to address this Especially with the RV content that We’ve had the foundation will be Severely damaged without blank check Grant making Powers according to the Blog post the arbitrary Foundation began Selling arm tokens for stable coins dude The foundation dumped on all of us a Bunch of idiots I guess uh they ratified The organization’s nearly one billion Dollar budget the price of r fell after Coindesk report of the post with the Token falling to 117 down nine percent Past the in the last 24 hours at the Time they posted this I mean talk about Being exit liquidity what a terrible Feeling what a quick action to just go And get to dumpity dumping they received 7.5 of all arm tokens and they got they Went they went quick to do some dumping Apparently they’ve used these in the Interest of the Dow including conversion Of some funds of stable coins Operational purposes and basically I Guess they want to get paid uh the first Of these seemingly AIP which is an Arbitrum improvement proposal one Omnibus package that covered everything From governance to emergency powers to

Funding to Grants in the follow tweet The foundation said it loaned 40 million Arm tokens to a sophisticated actor in The financial Market space referring to The market maker winter mute it sold an Additional 10 million tokens for Fiat to Cover operations an arbitrim promised to Share more information soon Arbitrim air dropped over a billion Tokens or you know made them eligible to Be claimed nearly 300 000 wallets as Part of its effort to share power uh but This is just you know it’s it’s a rough Situation right uh there’s there’s a lot Going on here uh because yeah like the The team deserves to get paid they need Money to operate they need money to Build things like that and and you can Only send our tokens out there so far uh You know there’s also a volatile Market Just you know building their War chest Like I do get it but like wow to just Turn around and be like yep it’s cash in The end time boys and they’re just off To the market it’s crazy I don’t think They really did this the best way but Please don’t like forget that most of These other cryptocurrency tokens have Done all these same things don’t think That optimism didn’t dump on us because We’re dumb plebs among many other Cryptocurrencies that have airdropped Coins and let’s talk about uni the Uniswap governance token I mean wow talk

About a boring token that’s never really Done anything that’s reached very high Token valuations and don’t get me wrong Uniswab is very useful it was very novel But ah anyway I could go on but Basically uh the situation is a Situation that this was probably likely To happen one way or another I think it Just came so quickly and a very large Amount it was very shocking I don’t even Know why they tried to bring it to a Public vote because they lost the public Vote by the way they didn’t know that They lost the public vote and then They’re like well we already did this Slash we’re doing it anyway Well alrighty then well if we’re gonna Operate like that I think that you’re Gonna be subscribing whether you want to Or not and you’re gonna hit the thumbs Up whether you we’re gonna do it or not Seriously I hope you do uh thanks for Watching that’s all I’ve got today Um as always I appreciate you I’ll see You in the next video 10 seconds of tails you thought we Forgot that’s my dog It’s also the owner of bosscoin AKA my Daughter because I freaking love her and She’s a piece of our family And Tails has been here before voxcoin She runs these streets [Music]