How To Become Eligible for the Coinbase Token Airdrop?!

By | April 17, 2023

Coinbase could be the biggest airdrop the cryptocurrency sector has ever seen, but they said no token right? So did Arbitrum previously, which is now one of the most valuable coin in the world! Buy the best miner for 2023 here –

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Arbitrum ARB is an optimistic roll-up layer 2 scaling solution to ethereum, and so is Optimism OP but now Coinbase basically forked Optimisms blockchain and has brought their own layer 2 solution to market and uh they say that there will be no Coinbase token, but will Coinbase sit idly by when this could be the most lucrative endeavor they have ever embarked on?? Let’s hunt the Coinbase cryptocurrency token blockchain airdrop!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Coinbase is launching a layer 2 solution
00:47 Base could be the next big airdrop!
01:38 What is Base?
03:22 Cudos, the hash rate collection
04:07 How to participate in the base airdrop?
05:38 Bridging some eth to Base
07:18 Learning about Bridge (you could earn an NFT)
08:23 Block explorer on the base protocol
10:40 Deploying a smart contract on base
13:04 Should you try base protocol?

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Coinbase yes like the coinbase has Launched their own layer 2 blockchain in Cryptocurrency it’s called base that’s Not the latest news you may have heard That by now and there’s rumors of a Token airdrop and you may have saw Something that has you shaking your head No we’re gonna dig into just exactly That my name is Vosk you’re on the Boscoin YouTube channel today we’re Going to dive into the base protocol and Even more so we’re going to talk about The potential coinbase token as well as Hunt this airdrop I’m going to show you How to increase your potential airdrop Eligibility Foreign We’re going to be taking some data from This thread cash is saying 15 grand plus And it’s going to cost you zero dollars To participate how can that not interest You this 15 grand plus not excite you But maybe you saw the introducing base Coinbase is L2 Network a ethereum Scaling solution and right at the top They say please note that we do not Currently plan to issue a new network Token but let’s read between the lines For a little bit of opium currently keep In mind arbitrum said that they weren’t Going to do a token and then some people Made insane money and got a token with In my opinion a big upside let’s briefly Touch on just what exactly is bass

Before we dig into this and and this Alone might interest you to participate Irregardless of a cryptocurrency token Secured by ethereum right it’s a layer 2 Solution this is a chain built on top of Ethereum it’s empowered by coinbase Bringing access to coinbase’s product Users tools seamless Integrations big Features small fees full evm Compatibility during virtual machine Basically anything on ethereum you can Clone or fork and bring to this chain It’s open source that’s cool it’s Basically their version of optimism Utilizing super chain Powers agnostic Roll-Ups it’s this crypto Tech stuff the Bottom line is it’s a lot like optimism Leading to fast transactions and low Fees basically a better ethereum that’s The gist of it scalability efficiency Faster transactions reduce gas fees Consistent security measures and Decentralization on that layer one there So when this all happened unrelated bass Token had a quick Spike yeah somebody Somewhere had a good time and made some Money others not quite if you want to Gain coinbase exposure uh maybe right About now then you can grab some coin Token full disclosure I’ve got some coin Because betting on coinbase is a winning Bet because they are going to bat for Cryptocurrency users investors they’re Fighting the good fight especially in

The United States courtroom which is a Snake pit it’s very Valiant what they’re Doing I’m not a coinbase fanboy but I’m A huge supporter of the stances they’ve Been taking and really the fight they’ve Been fighting build on base is going to Be their official Twitter is their website they’ve Also secured base dot eth okay coinbase And their base blockchain isn’t the only Interesting thing going on there’s a new Nft Marketplace that’s providing hash Rate Collectibles it’s built on the Kudos blockchain these nfts are backed By Bitcoin mining contracts there’s Tangible value behind them the holders Of these receive daily Bitcoin rewards Paid out straight to their BTC wallet And now that’s cool they’ll also have Access to games and be able to compete For more hash rate among other utilities That they’re building out learn more About Kudos markets with the link out in The video description below and so we’re Gonna kind of run through the basics of This uh airdrop guide okay but there’s a Few things you need to understand and be Aware of naturally bass is integrating Their coinbase wallet it’s a web 3 Wallet it’s basically their version of Metamask okay so make sure to watch our Metamask guide if you need a tutorial on How to get started with all this web 3.0 D5 decentralized Finance crypto stuff

They’ve got guys themselves as well and You can utilize the official coinbase Wallet which is continuing to get more And more support but not always support It and you can even get ethereum on the Test net go early yeah that’s what You’re going to be if you participate You going early Um you get 0.18 per day there’s also the Official just go early faucet but it Only brings you 0.02 ethereum per day Which isn’t that much uh which I’ll show You here there’s also chain list uh Specifically the base section which can Bring you all of the uh chain IDs that You’re looking for to participate with Anything that’s deployed on base so far And so again cash lines out some of this Uh in his uh thread here so I’ll drop That down below definitely uh kind of Follow along what we’re going to do is We’re going to go here you’re gonna grab Some uh test ethereum basically uh you Can make a free account with Alchemy you Basically just do a Google login and Then you click Send me eth and you’ll go Ahead and get some just verified on this Address this also works even just an Hour ago then you go to base and you’ll Bridge over here from here you’re going To be bridging from the ethereum test Net to the base test net simple enough And we’re going to go ahead and send Over more of our ethereum here so let’s

Go ahead and send .009 right because we’re going to get Hit with a transaction fee you can see Right there and that’ll just ensure that Uh the transaction will go through or Maybe it won’t good old ethereum gas is Even high on the test net getting sick Of it metallic my buttering getting real Sick oh still not enough let’s go ahead And just drop it down and we’ll click on The low speed and it still is just one Eternity I’m so sick of ethereum I mean This isn’t a good user experience it’s Annoying I do this kind of stuff all day Every day and like it’s uh it’s just a Pain right uh this is largely born on The fact that on this address I don’t Have much test eth so there are a couple Other ways to get more um like we talked About with the coinbase wallet uh you Know if you want to do that I’m Personally not interested in the Coinbase wallet why well because I Already have metamask so why do I really Want another wallet to do the same thing Here you can also go over to to the uh The base faucet on quick node uh but Unfortunately this one is not working For me I’ve tried three times on this I Just hit it with the refresher Roni and See if uh I’ma head out all right so let’s move to The next stage before I start to get Irritated but this also goes to show you

That like doing this kind of stuff it’s Really not all that fun it’s not all That easy so the next step we’re going To do is you’re going to go to I’ll drop the link down below and from Here you can complete an intro to Coinbase right so there’s six steps here They give you an introduction to what Our sip coinbase to base the base Protocol here is what you’re looking at Uh so they tell you about bass you take The quiz you get the test net ethereum You bridge it to base you admit the nft Optional and you can share it so you’re Really just making that account and You’re pasting your address and you get The ethereum you can do this once a day Test net ethereum right to bridge is as Simple as going over to their Bridge Right and you connect your wallet and You take it from the ethereum test net To the coinbase based test net right and You put in you know whatever amount that Ethereum thinks that you can do so we’re Gonna switch that to positive and it’ll Still be like you’re a loser you can’t Sit with us Once that transaction goes through You’ll see it on the blockchain right And so there’s a Explorer you go to base Scan product of ether scan look very Familiar so this is the first time I’ve Used Bass with this address and you can See my transaction went through

Um you know that’s there I can also go To the go early Test net here Um which is the first time I used it With this address so you can see if you Know the limited data here as well uh so Very simple very straightforward stuff What we can do is just go ahead and do a Test transaction or you know or a basic Transaction so what I’ll just do is I’ll Go ahead and send some ethereum to Myself here so I want to send you know Just 0.04 ethereum and The kabang I’ll go ahead and complete That transaction Um this isn’t like you know the peak of Airdrop Bunning uh but this is a good Way to just basically complete a couple More transactions on chain uh so we can See that I have another transaction There when you’re participating with These blockchains I mean one of the Biggest things just being early and even If my address just exists right I’m Gonna be one of not very many right so Even when we go to like look at the Transactions on this chain we can see There’s been 10 million test Transactions which may seem like a lot But that is a whole lot of nothing Compared to say the ethereum main net Furthermore this is probably just one Piece that would be related to airdrop Eligibility if you look at this page you

Can see that arbitrim had many different Requirements for their airdrop and if You check more boxes you earned more ARB Token some other thing would be like Getting the base introduced nft which You will go go ahead and complete if you Do the next optional step here of the Layer 3 quest which this is optional Because you mint it on the ethereum main Chain so basically this piece of it Costs like 25 to deal with a ridiculous Ethereum gas fees it’s always your Mileage will vary but this is another Thing that could take another box and if You’re going to hunt the airdrop might As well hunt it seriously all this stuff Is new like not audited things can you Know potential compromises right just Just be careful with what you’re doing Right so with the little disclaimer Atomism is cool because it lets you Deploy an nft collection like that so You can go up here and put in the Project details and so I just put in Test test my Twitter account right uh You know I can get my own slug in here I’ll just go slash test right put a Ridiculous picture myself and I go ahead And click save and somebody else already Stole that so we’re gonna be test test Oh cool but have you ever seen test test Yep got them boys and from there that’s Safe so we go to the smart contract Not the best experience but we put in

The information we want here test test One one you know whatever you want to do Here so I’m basically just making an nft Collection that’s you know BS of a just Single nft here from this step I could Just go ahead and click save and deploy I don’t have enough ethereum at the Moment so I’m gonna come back from the Future and do this for you what this is Is basically a smart contract being Deployed and I need more test ethereum In it in order to deploy it why are we Doing this though well we’re making an Nft collection we’re doing more things On chain There’s even more things that you can do To get more exposure and participation Here for example you could go to open Zeppelin and you could choose ERC 721 And basically just make your own nft 721 Is one of the non-fungible token Standards so you can go there and go Ahead and mint one then you deploy and Run bam it’s pretty much what activism Is doing for us uh but this is a little Bit more technical looking but it’s About the same especially if you follow A simple guide like this you can also go To Guild XYZ build on base join their Guild to get roles in their Discord Server connector wallet or Twitter Account to get more exposure there and From there you can go ahead and own the Base introduced nft give a star on their

Base or chain repository on GitHub and Then you can as well as own the base in Optimism nft and that will give you more That will give you more exposure you can Take it a step further by going to deploy a contract verify With them and be rewarded in nft for Doing so again this is a bit more Technical stuff but it may bring Hefty Rewards or it could be a fruitless Endeavor ultimately this is what I would Say a low probability air drop I don’t Want to come off like oh yeah boys we All get 15 G’s let’s go airdrop hunting All right they said no but that Definitely means yes no it’s I think This is not very probable but from my Point of view why wouldn’t I spend a Couple hours being a crypto nerd having Fun learning new things trying out one Of the latest Cutting Edge protocols by Arguably the second biggest if not Biggest depending your point of view Companies and whole entire Cryptocurrency sector and Chase Potential token airdrop eligible ability Along the way this is what I’m about and Uh you know again this may be fruitful Or fruitless but either way I can sleep Easily knowing that at least I’m in the Game and my wallet address is in the Equation after watching this video will You be able to say the same maybe you Won’t care that’s cool what I really

Care about is you subscribing I hope you Found some value in this video if you Didn’t let me know down in the comments Why and what I could improve on in the Future if you did enjoy it well let me Know what you liked uh hey my name is Voss you’re on the Vasco and YouTube Channel and uh I work for our lovely CBO Our chief base office here at the Boston YouTube channel it’s Gonna Be Tails boss Uh she’s incredible that’s my pup and we Do 10 seconds of tales on every video Because I love her and I think she’s Incredible and she’s a douche and I had Her before I got into crypto so I call That fate so hey that’s all I got I’ll See you on the next video hopefully With me [Music]