He’s Making $1,000,000 with an Ethereum Trading Bot! You Could Too!

By | May 11, 2023

He’s Making $1,000,000 with an Ethereum Trading Bot! You Could Too! Seriously, people are quick to write off trading bots but here’s a perfect example where a cryptocurrency Ethereum trading bot is earning over $1,000,000 per day for YEARS! Earn even more passive income with this device! https://voskco.in/evg

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The dreaded MEV Miner Extracted Value which really has nothing to do with actual cryptocurrency miners or often referred to sandwich attacks (lol) MEV bots have cost many people, many dollars, as far as their cryptocurrency trades go. Specifically JaredFromSubway.eth is notorious for running one of the most aggressive and most profitable ethereum crypto trading bots the world has ever seen, but how does he earn over $1,000,000 per day trading, without actually even doing anything manually other than building the trading bot, and setting up the trading bot, well let’s review MEV ETH trading bots, and how you could also start your own MEV Ethereum trading bot if you want to!

MEV trading bots explained – https://twitter.com/atgoodm/status/1653571007548989440
How to build your own arbitrage MEV trading bot – https://www.blocknative.com/blog/mev-and-creating-a-basic-arbitrage-bot-on-ethereum-mainnet
Cowswap a DEX Aggregator to protect you from MEV – https://voskco.in/cowswap
flash boys 2.0 original MEV whitepaper – https://arxiv.org/abs/1904.05234

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00:00 Making millions a day using a MEV bot!
00:51 What is a MEV bot?
02:00 Front running traders ussing slippage
03:20 Gas on ethereum is very expensive
04:29 Jared has been training his MEV bot with machine learning for years!
05:27 How to get MEV protection?
06:05 Miner/Maximum Extracted value
07:05 How to make a MEV bot?
08:50 How much is jaredfromsubway.eth making?
10:08 He has spent 20million dollars in ethereum gas!
11:11 Are you going to make a MEV bot?
11:47 Tails loves sandwiches

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Jared from Subway has built a ethereum Trading bot that is earning a million Dollars a day or more using something Called Mev my name is Vosk I’m a Full-time cryptocurrency d-gen today We’re gonna dive into just exactly what He’s doing and I’m also going to show You one how to protect yourself from his Bot among others and then two I’m gonna Show you how to get started making your Own bot [Music] Where you could potentially be the next Guy earning one Million dollars per day it’s a bot like It it runs on his own it’s pretty much Passive income but it’s it’s a little More technical than just plugging a Mining rig in or something let’s dig Into it This is a good thread that kind of sums It up quickly and then I’ll elaborate on Some more of the details as we go so This is a Mev bot a crypto Trader it Makes one million per day front running Meme coin Traders and meme coins have Gotten a lot of love lately so meth is Minor extractable value and Mev Bots Have existed for a long time but their Interest has been renewed since Jared From Subway Jared from Subway killing The game Jared from Subway a Controversial figure Jared from Subway Uses MeTV box to operate by detecting

High slippage transactions on zero tax Coins slippage refers to the price Movement allowed before a transaction is Reversed zero tax coins are attractive To Mev Bots because they don’t pay taxes To developers only gas fees to make Transactions on ethereum as you know Transactions with higher gas fees have a Higher priority over other transactions If you pay more you will get bumped to The front of the line it’s like priority Boarding on airplane now let’s take a Look at the example involving the Mev Bot here someone puts in a 100 buy order For a cryptocurrency token with 10 Slippage on a zero tax coin for example Pepe coin right I think that one’s got Zero tax and that’s been in the news Lately and we well we talked about last Week on the channel the methbot will Place a buy order with an insanely high Gas fee to move the price by 10 percent And buy more than 100 dollars worth of The coin the Mev bot then places a sell Order directly after the 100 buy order Making a profit and raising the original Buyer’s entry price by 10 because on That slip bid he’s trading 100 of a coin And he will take plus or minus 10 of the Coin he’s trading for this is abusing That slippage window if your slippage is Not wide enough then trades can revert They’ll cancel and it just basically it Won’t go through and oftentimes you’ll

End up wasting gas Bitcoin mining is Really cool but to be honest it’s loud The devices are expensive and there are Some pretty interesting Alternatives Like I’m earning sixty dollars a month In passive income after my electricity Bill using this hard drive Miner it’s Small barely any heater noise and it’s Profitable check it out with the link Down below and save some money by using Our coupon code boss coin gas or Transaction fees on ethereum are very Expensive for example completing a Uniswap trade which is the standard Decentralized exchange for making trades On ethereum is about thirty dollars Right now that’s a lot of money and this Example takes one hundred dollars uh you Know as the example but trades that have Higher dollar values are just going to Be more ripe targets especially burning Up money on ethereum gas fees Bots like This Mev bot that Jared from Subway has Deployed on us are not helping you me or Whatever other average guy here Transacting or doing anything Interacting with the ethereum blockchain Or any of these applications and smart Contracts that live on it because I mean He’s paying a lot of money to be at the Front of the line and you got to compete With that that’s one less seat on the Plane that you can get the block is Getting full for example here’s TX

Street it’s a fun way to try to Visualize the eth blockchain as you can See those paying more higher gray are Getting on the bus you go down those Paying less well um they’re waiting well Let’s bring it back to this crazy Million dollar a day bot Jared from Subway has been training his Med by Using machine learning for years and is Currently one of the best in the market He’s extremely brutal He has spent over three million dollars On gas fees alone to perform Depends how you want to look at it His attacks Or his trades But he is not scared To pay to play Ironically he has a great name for Someone performing sandwich attacks Jared from Subway A Mev attack like this a Mev trade a Mev Bot this is also referred to as sandwich Attacks because basically he’s front Running your trade and then selling on Top of your head so you end up Sandwiched in the middle of this trade I Have no affiliation cow swap is a way to Get meth protection right it’s basically A decentralized exchange aggregator it Means it searches different exchanges Right and there’s also the Coincidence Of once which is what Cal stands for uh But all this combined as well as the

Other things Cal swap does gives you Mev Protection okay so another way to define Mev is the ability of a minor which is Really a validator sequencer someone Here on the Chain ethereum has nothing To do with Mining and even when it was Called Mev it really had nothing to do With miners then at least not in a good Way but arbitrarily include exclude or Reorder transaction actions within the Blocks they produce in order to Right or abuse as of today the total Amount of value extracted by miners on Ethereum transactions Is 606 million dollars at the time of Them writing this and again this has Nothing to do with minors is really Nodes and validators including Successful and failed transactions Cal Swap uses batch auctions with uniform Clearing prices for all trades in the Same batch because of the uniform Clearing price you don’t need to order The transactions within a single batch Everyone receives the same price across Assets it’s not possible for any value To be extracted by placing transactions In a certain order this prevents this The primary strategy used in Mev Additionally there are composition of Orders that are submitted and are valid For a given bash the existence of cow is Made significantly reduce the amount That has to be exchanged via external

Mev prone protocols such as uniswap Block native has a beginner’s guide to a Mev Buck creating an Arbitrage bot on Ethereum so this is their starter guide On it I’ll link down the important Things I talk about in this video down In the video description below uh you Know including this including that uh Twitter thread that compiled a lot of Information made this video easier to Produce here’s an example of a basic Arbitrage script this is not very Complex stuff this is pretty simple Stuff especially when you’ve got a guide To follow things to copy and paste if You want some help from some super Geniuses join the foxcore Discord server Connect with all the other 50 000 crypto Degens in there and let’s put some cool Bots together there’s already people in There doing it right now but here’s an Example that you can use to get started There’s also this Mev bot guide by Dagachi I’m not going to run through the Whole guide setup and everything but I Love the way he opens this I mean this Is clearly a guy that grew up playing And strategy games World of Warcraft Hopefully even much cooler growing up Playing Diablo Diablo 2 incredible game But I mean this is a fun opening Paragraph so you’ve been doing too much PVE and want to get into the on-chain Pvpc right that’s players versus

Everyone and then also uh players first Players be worried traveler this is a Lonely environment to be in if you’re Playing solo you’ll you will spend Months building to upkeep your Infrastructure to stay competitive Unless you find a very Niche strategy However the booty is high and mighty if You manage to pull it off That sounds like something you want to Do Continue on Now finally let’s dig a little bit into Jared from Subway’s ether dress we’re Using etherscan and ethereum blockchain Explorer his last transaction was just 47 seconds ago we refresh it uh the wild Man did it again 28 seconds ago another One you can see his ethereum balance Just changed as well now he’s got 52 eth Which equates to about 100 000 in here this is how much this is Just firing off I mean look in the last Minute we’re dealing with one two three Four five six seven eight nine ten Eleven twelve we’ll just guess 15 Transactions here this address alone has Completed 350 000 transactions the first Transaction for this was only 64 days Ago because periodically he blows up his Mev bot and we speculate that basically He upgrades it and moves it to a new Address there as well when we look at The analytics just on on this deployment

Of his bot which again I want to remind You is not the first okay His Highest Ethereum balance was 123 eighth and the Lowest balance was about two ethereum Meaning that this thing is ranging Somewhere between two hundred thousand Dollars and four thousand dollars last Month the transactions greatly ramped up And with that the fees starting to Skyrocket right to put this into Perspective I mean this is crazy Okay He has spent 20 million dollars [Music] That is crazy Yesterday he burned 1 000 ethereum just Yesterday right let’s Let’s just kind of break this out and See it and all it’s just wild Glory one Thousand ethereum just yesterday okay That’s two million dollars Wait a second if he’s making a million a Day and he spent two million yesterday Does that mean he lost a milli the Bottom line is is that he is Aegis Goliath in the Mev bot trading game There’s room for you to get in though if You’re willing to put in the time and You’ve got the eth to play maybe a Better option would be trying to deploy Mev bod on a different blockchain first Where it’s much cheaper to transact Something like the binance smart chain Or arbitrum or another chain maybe a

Chain that is much more similar to say The ethereum blockchain but Has a lot of zero tax coins especially Things like meme coins things that are Rapidly Changing Hands not something That people are really big into just Hoddling long term Ah it’s a crazy world in crypto make a Misstep you’re Doom but you’re not Doomed if you subscribe to the vascoin YouTube channel and if for no other Reason stick around for our CDO or chief Doom officer because C titles are very Important didn’t you know the Vasco on YouTube channel is 10 seconds of tales We do it on every video and if you don’t Like it too bad thanks for watching Understand [Music]