Hashrate Collectibles – NFTs backed by Bitcoin Crypto Mining Farms!

By | April 24, 2023

Hashrate collectibles, Bitcoin mining NFTs, basically Cudos Markets are launching digital collectibles backed by real Bitcoin mining rigs that earn you BTC paid out straight to your Bitcoin wallet, and that’s just the start! Get in early with this link – https://voskco.in/CUDOSm

CUDOS blockchain – https://www.cudos.org/
Cudos Markets hashrate marketplace – https://www.cudosmarkets.com/

CUDOS is a blockchain, built to be fast, scalable, and cheap to use all of the things that the Ethereum blockchain is not. Now the Cudos cryptocurrency team is launching Cudos markets on top of their blockchain which focuses on hashrate collectibles that bitcoin and likely other crypto mining farms can create to power Non-Fungible Tokens with Bitcoin and crypto mining rewards!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Combining Bitcoin and NFTs?
00:46 A true usecase for NFTs?
01:58 Cudos blockchain hidden gem?
03:16 How to use the Cudos blockchain?
04:16 A hashrate NFT marketplace?
04:47 Receive BTC rewards for owning NFTs
06:30 How to get more rewards?
07:14 The genesis collection
08:20 Is this a huge opportunity?

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