Grant talks about how he got his team #shorts

By | April 18, 2023

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Wait a second I’ll start with the latter There it’s really difficult that’s Probably the second most difficult part Of my job behind structuring tokenomics And keeping people happy like once People start earning money they say I Want to earn more right like if you have A rental and you’re playing Undead Blocks and you’re renting out your guns You want to earn more you you just want To keep keep feeding the Beast and so That’s curbing those expectations is Probably number one along with the Tokenomic structure but yeah finding Talented people’s tough and so you know My right hand man one of them is his Name is Michael Branson he was an Actuary I met at Liberty Mutual in Boston he loves this he’s a full D Gen like he was one of those guys that Was using and my bookie Because sports betting wasn’t legal in Massachusetts you know when we were Originally concepting this me and me and Isaac Isaac nakash who’s my product Director we were like how do we how do We just get some people in here that Think like nft people like if you can Get people on your team that think like Your consumer base you’re gonna be in a Really good