Goldshell SC BOX II – Small, Cheap, and Low Power Siacoin Mining Rig

By | April 10, 2023

Today we’re going to check out the SCBox II from the Goldshell ASIC Box Miner Series. This miner mines SiaCoin ($SC), but you may want to take a closer look at the project’s current status before buying. This is a small profitable mining rig I like more than the SC Box 2!

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In today’s video, we’ll take a look at the Goldshell SCBox II’s mining profitability, electricity consumption, and how to set it in low power mode, as well as SiaCoin’s history. At current prices the SCBox II mines about $1/day. If SiaCoin were to hit a new all-time high, it would mine about $24/day. The odds of that happening? Not very high. We’re going to take a closer look at SiaCoin’s current status and activity to see if this miner is worth investing in. Thanks to CoinMiningCentral for providing us with this miner for review!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 A new cryptocurrency miner!
00:33 SCBox II Goldshell box miner series
02:39 Where can you buy crypto miners?
03:37 How much Sia coin am I mining?
05:26 How much money does the SC BOX II make?
06:36 What will this miner make if Sia returns to the all time high price?
07:18 What is happening to the Sia coin project?
07:55 Should you buy this miner?
08:58 Sia coin and the community
09:38 Sia vs other projects

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There’s a new cryptocurrency mining rig That’s small even has a low power mode If your electricity rates are higher Which basically translates to more Mining profitability and I just got mine In it’s pretty cool but there are a Couple caveat it may look like some Other miners you’ve seen but let’s check It out [Music] Thank you My name is Vaz here in the vice coin YouTube channel we Chase passive income We got a cool new tagline that you may Have heard somewhere else before but we Didn’t steal it learn more earn more Because that’s really how it comes or Breaks down in life that’s what it comes To in life so we’re looking at a gold Shell box Miner we’ve talked about these Before there’s numerous Miners and Models and stuff like that and in Particular we just got in the gold show SC box two there’s some good news and Some bad news with this in a way I’m Actually surprised to even see this come To Market it mines Saya coin and it Really only mines Saya coin and well Please stick with me in this video I’ll Explain that but let’s focus on the we Have a default mode of 1.9 terahash a Second Terra hash right it’s like Horsepower for a car it’s speed for Miners and these are specific to coins

Or actually their mining algorithm at The default hash rate mode it consumes 400 watts and that leads to about 211 Joules Terra hash efficiency you compare That with the low power mode you lose About half a terahash right we’re Decreasing the mining Power by 25 But we’re dropping that power Consumption down to only 260 Watts Necessarily they mean these beefy Graphics cards that’s like a beefy Graphics card 179 joules of tear hash The less joules of Terror hash it’s Energy Measurement basically it’s more Efficient Cyocoin is the Blake 2B algorithm these Things are simple and uh they they work Right we have two pcie connections this Is basically the power input they have An Ethernet where we connect an Ethernet Cable and then we have Internet Sometimes they offer Wi-Fi models these Things can work on Wi-Fi but they don’t Work great on Wi-Fi at least in my Experience depends on your setup you can Easily get Wi-Fi throughout your home With a Wi-Fi adapter or using like a I Mean these are much more common now like Mesh routers and Wi-Fi extenders and Things like that they normally have an Ethernet cable in the back stuff like That will help you get more stable Mining which leads to more profitable Mining stock goes in and out on gold

Shell’s official site so of course check There if you want to grab one they were Previously out of stock for the SC box Too so thankfully coin mining Central Helped us Source our own SC box too and This is where I have to remind you Please punch in bosscoin to save some Cash and you support the channel when You use our link code mining Central has Helped us Source miners for years to the Point that we wanted to make this cool Segment [Music] Really the first step is actually Getting one of those mining rigs that’s Where coin mining Central comes into Play David helping us Source miners for Years now and you can save money on your Order by punching in the code boss coin Use our link down in the video Description below But let’s get back to the review the SC Box 2 so I made a sub mining account Here it’s the only Miner in here it Makes it very easy to see the data a Mining on DX pool linked out down below I have uh current profits today of 171 Yesterday I earned 245 remember this Number is not complete here And I’ve got a couple days of earnings Here so my first complete day I did 276 My second day I did 231 and yesterday I Did 245 worth of acai coin SC Login into the miner is as simple as

Logging into your router or using a or Wi-Fi scanner getting the IP address Punching it in it tells you the default Password on that page so let’s go ahead And lock it we’ll go to unlock and it Shows you one two three four five six Seven eight and nine unlock enter no Gotta click it so here we can see my Hash rate is at the low power mode there Very simple to switch you can just click Over low power mode but when you do that Right make sure you click apply if you Just switch it And do anything else it’s not going to Work it’s not enough there’s no other Algorithms input on this device Sometimes a minor can mine cyocoin as Well as handshake hns another Cryptocurrency two Different mining algorithms Very similar variations adding money Pools easy right click add you put the Mining pool and you want and you’re done But if you use a mining pool that needs An account like DX pool well make sure You set that up it’s not as simple as Just dropping your Cyclone address there This Miner has been a good performer in My initial experience I mean it’s fine Something wrong with it their box 2 Series have been better than their box One series I haven’t heard of any power Cable failures or anything else uh Really I haven’t heard of any problems

With the Box 2 Series uh but you know These are not crazy lucrative Cash Cow Miners not in this market and not with The efficiency that these miners have Uh they’re projected to make a dollar a Day but in the hash rate mode you’ll Burn up 75 percent of that in Electricity when you bump it down to the Power efficiency mode Then it actually doubles your mining Profitability at a 12 cent per kilowatt Hour electricity rate but let me pull my White board up here for you right so you Can see that this device let’s say it Costs 500 and let’s say you’ll earn 22 Cents a day okay Well over the next 1 000 days That’s 220. Current market conditions things aren’t Looking All that great we go over to coin gecko We punch this in we see that yesterday We mined about 93 cents worth of SC Sayakoi But Cyclone used to be worth almost Point one cents So let’s say it hit a new all-time high Right So let’s do some easy math 0.1 times 245 Which would equate to earning 24 and a Half dollars per day And over the next a thousand days if it Somehow kept that up you would earn 25

Grand I don’t think this is going to Happen that’s some good opium that’s a Pretty crazy return off a device like This here’s the elephant in the room That some people don’t really know they Don’t really understand Then when you zoom out on the chart I’m wondering why it gets any sort of Price relief The cyocoin project is Basically Abandoned When you go And dig into this This is what you find They haven’t even tweeted Since 2022 Skynet Labs is shutting down Skynet remains online David boric if you Don’t know him is the controversial Leader Of the Cyclone project there’s a lot of Different ways we can look at this and Check it out and cut it up but at the End of the day cyocoin is a dead or at Best dying project unless Some people Pick up the pieces and put them back Together and and build a brighter future For it you know why would you grab Miners for this you may say boss you Idiot why’d you get one oh I my goal is To review every cryptocurrency mining Room that’s ever created here on the

Boston YouTube channel and I’ve got over A thousand amps of electricity literally At my fingertips now so it’s easy to Deploy gear which which is a really cool Change of pace which is just it’s so Invigorating has been a cryptic minded Nerd But they don’t even masquerade they’re Like they’re still kind of going or Doing stuff I mean a lot of projects Fake it They act like they’re doing something And they’re just Not Uh it’s crazy but you know we’ll see When you look at you know the Leader the company behind this project Holy shutting down has shut down it’s Shut down right See you later but we go to Their website it’s It’s still here They’ve boast a Vibrant Community let’s Check out their subreddit Okay so we got the state of Saya We see projects here we see someone Beating me to a minor review how dare You look at the Discord server we see The sci Foundation has about 9 000 Members 877 online but yeah I mean it’s Just not where I’m gonna place my bets I Mean they’re blooming booming ecosystems Like arbitrum and and that may not be a Minable ecosystem but something that

Wants to compete in this minable would Be Cadena and a lot of these projects That are doing well are still investing Millions of dollars into their ecosystem Ah you know it’s it sucks it’s sad Situation is the situation and uh you Know From my point of view I I can’t save that project I don’t want To save that project focused on other Things maybe you can think about it But hey it’s time for me to check out Because my CMO my chief mining officer Here at boss coin is yelling at me That’s Gonna Be Tails box 10 seconds the Tales will be doing on every video I Hope you subscribe and stick around and If you enjoyed the video at all please Subscribe to the boss going YouTube Channel I will see you on the next one Thank you Baby [Music]