Goldshell Mini Doge II VoskCoin Tails Edition!

By | April 14, 2023

The Goldshell Mini Doge II VoskCoin Tails Edition is a mini Dogecoin mining rig with retro gaming-inspired graphics! There are only going to be 100 of this limited edition Doge ASIC miners made, mining Dogecoin has never been easier or more fun! LATEST INFO IS HERE!

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Goldshell box miners are great beginner miners, or something to stick in your office or apartment and Dogecoin is the 2nd most profitable coin to mine right after Bitcoin! It’s super exciting to for VoskCoin to team up with Goldshell again to bring another mini Dogecoin miner to market, this little ASIC mining rig also dual mines Litecoin LTC at the same time it’s mining Dogecoins! The Goldshell Mini Doge II VoskCoin Tails Edition miner also has wifi support, so you can easily mine from anywhere in your house or Dogecoin mining farm!

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04:30 Designing the Mini Doge VoskCoin Tails Edition successor
05:55 Mini Doge 2 wifi mining, PSU, and hashrate modes
07:28 How much money did VoskCoin make with this miner
09:00 Original VoskCoin Mini Doge Tails Edition miner
09:40 Mini Doge 2 vs Bitmain Antminer L7
15:12 How much Dogecoin does a doge miner earn
15:52 Mini Doge 2 tutorial and set up guide link
16:00 VoskCoin Tails Edition Mini Doge II miner by Goldshell review

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Foreign [Music] Just showed up today I’m pretty excited Check this out looks like a gold shell Miner if you know what those are right Uh basically a mini Asic Miner a mini Mining rig but you may have noticed Something super cool in the front that’s Gonna be the Diggity dose this Is the Voss coin Tails Edition two it’s The successor to our mini Doge Collaboration with gold show two years Ago it’s crazy that was already two Years ago just a hundred of these it’s a Mini Doge Miner we’re doing it for fun It was a fun opportunity to team up with Them it’s almost our seven year Anniversary on the channel and uh yeah I’m stoked here probably should have Closed my bathroom door It’s a little awkward so when you zoom In here you see we’ve got a retro gaming Design This is the first UV printed Miner that they’ve ever created it’s Powered by two pcie connections and Ethernet to give it internet To be able to mine with but it also has This which is a Wi-Fi antenna connection Point basically this Miner can mine on Wi-Fi making Dogecoin mining easier to Access more accessible there’s a unique Design on both sides of the miner that We can see here again this is Specifically a mini Doge 2 but it’s a

Limited edition print there’s only 100 Units this isn’t some you know get rich Quick scheme just wanted to do something Fun if you don’t know tails is just the Key piece of the Voss coin YouTube Channel I’m Vosk honored to be her dad Right she’s our pup she’s a sheep and She’s a doge it’s not like I picked up Tails to be one of those weird clout Chasing gotta get a doge shibanu because Those coins are going crazy I actually Had her before I got into cryptocurrency These are going up for sale really soon 12 p.m Eastern on Friday only 100 units I just want to say if you’ve been on the A fence about this Miner or if you’re Looking for a way to support bosscoin And get something you know simple in Exchange it would really mean a lot to Me if you would go ahead and grab one of These show and support like that it is So cool honored to have P like just you Know boss coin subscribers people in our Community that support our releases like This it’s really hard to convey like Just like I truly mean that without you Bosscoin’s pointless I’m just some dude Yelling at a camera with a cute dog That’s That that’s it that’s that’s that’s all We got uh so today I’m gonna run through Some more details of the mini dose 2 Miner uh we actually have a previous Video review of the mini Doge 2. uh but

We’re gonna run through some of the Details again and expand a little bit on The process of bringing a limited Edition minor to Market uh some of the Hurdles some of the process and uh I’m Just really excited to share this with You guys it’s a fun opportunity again I I don’t want to come off the wrong way This isn’t like some cash cow the most Profitable Miner in the world but Honestly most miners are not all that Profitable right now so this thing Earning more than it burns is really all You can ask for the coolest thing that Gold show has going for it are the Box Series of miners these are mini mining Rigs these are quiet they don’t use that Much power you can use them with so many Different types of power supplies makes It easier to deal with and these power Supplies can plug into your normal wall Outlet you don’t need dedicated 240 Voltage or 220 plus voltage right if You’re totally new to this make sure to Watch our how to set up an Asic Miner Video guide actually in that is a gold Shell box Miner being one of the key Focal points as well as how to set up Electricity for mining you don’t really Need to do that with a box Miner because That’s what’s cool about these they’re Simple and easy yeah so that’s kind of The gist of it I’m going to go ahead and Sit down behind the computer let’s dig a

Little bit deeper I’m really excited to Share with you all just some of like the Iterations right so here were three of The rough drafts uh all of these are not Final products they’re not full print Quality uh they were just like hey let’s See what this looks like it is really Cool to be working with them on their First colored UV print and really one of Their just simply first UV printed Miners right so they were real stuck on The it’s party time tax which is I just Think is kind of funny these are three Drafts is just one side of them you see Some different iterations what’s cool About the UV printing is it’s also kind Of building up um you know you see a cut Off right there which never looks good Because the UV printer can only go so Far so you want to set it up in a manner Where it’s not like rolling over the Side and distorting it uh where it’s not Printing over white uh you know for Example you look at the bottom down here Versus that and uh you know we’re just Kind of tapers off and it just makes Sense this is what the other side of These miners look like in the right Rough draft and then enter the final Version with the final Pub that’s Gonna Be Tails and uh so this is the actual Final product um and what that looks Like and so this is the first one that Kind of rolled off uh of their uh

Production line so again it’s a gold Shell mini Doge 2 Miner I’ll go into the Specs here in a second uh but it’s just Exactly that they’re all supposed to Have Wi-Fi support to my knowledge and Understanding they do not come with a Power supply so just make sure you’re Aware of that look into the performance Here they mine Litecoin and Dogecoin at The same time dual mind on the script Mining algorithm and uh with that they Are going to be mining at 420 Mega Hash A second consuming 400 watts on the Default mode you’ll get more coins but You’ll burn more electricity You can also utilize the low power mode They will all ship with this you don’t Need to update it for that or anything Like that the low power mode mine’s at 335 Mega Hash a second consuming 260 Watts creating a much better efficiency Here and to put that into perspective You will literally earn double the money In your pocket after the electricity Bill using the low power mode At 12 cents per kilowatt hour Electricity keep in mind that even at 12 Cents this Miner uses well under one Dollar a day in electricity depending on Your power supply efficiency probably Somewhere around 60 cents these are very Easy to use right we’ve got the two pcie Connections and the internet port mini Doge 2 you know official serial number

Up there talked about the Wi-Fi if you Want to utilize Wi-Fi make sure you Screw the antenna in it’ll be there in The little cutout in the Box it’s always Better again as a reminder to be using Ethernet if it’s possible so people Always think that like oh you know your Name’s on it you must be getting Filthy Rich they pay you like a million dollars Bro One million dollars So this entire Endeavor will earn us Less than three thousand dollars I can’t Disclose the exact you know rates and Earnings uh but bosscoin will earn less Than three thousand dollars you know for Using our name image likeness branding Uh you know in association with this This is just an opportunity to do Something cool we’ll also be compensated With seven miners which I will Distribute to our team and uh that’s I Mean that’s it right so I I I’m surely Not selling my soul for three grand and Seven uh 500 little mini box mine in Full transparency this also brings the Production of this to 107 units and I Have three of the test cases that have No innards I don’t think you can really Tell Um oh yeah actually yeah you can in this Picture there’s nothing in here these Were just the cases so these aren’t like Additional miners diluting the uh you

Know quantity of them I take you know Limited edition stuff very serious I Collect a lot of things things you know From Firearms to switch physical games Shoes or even more specifically some Jordans and mainly Ultra boosts but yeah So so my point is I take that really Serious which is why I kept such good Notes on our original Mini Doge uh Miner Release which was this one almost two Years ago it’s crazy how time flies by This is one of the drafts there was an Etching used in this minor Um and that wasn’t even the final Version but yeah so it’s really cool to Be doing a follow-up here the new Miner Is cheaper it’s a lower price and it is More powerful but the market conditions Are different this one was more Profitable at that time I hope for Greener days in the crypto market and That will make these more profitable Day-to-day as well as in retrospect but I don’t know the future time will tell And there’s also another Miner we need To discuss that this Miner competes with So the big Pro of this is the fact that It’s small it’s lightweight it’s easy to Deploy anywhere Wi-Fi support doesn’t Make much noise doesn’t produce much Heat but with all that comes to Compromise that it’s not like an Industrial grade mining rig it’s not Like those big bit made amp miners that

Hash much faster and you know they have More efficiency it’s a better design at The price of over 3 000 watts of Electricity instead of operating more Like just a gaming graphics card that This does and you also need 220 voltage To be able to power those it doesn’t Work in a normal United States wall Outlet among some other you know places Throughout the world giving away a mini Doge 2 Miner This is the thread Um the condition was basically you know To gauge interest in this really cool Tons of support here on this thread and Uh so very excited for this to drop soon Uh so the people that support us you’re The freaking best Um some more notes Here order Link’s Gonna be there obviously I’ll have all This stuff down below uh by the time You’re watching this video it should be Going live or almost live or will have Recently went live I hope this sells out You never know right uh gold show did Give me a coupon if you watch this far In the video uh for the first 30 people That use this coupon simply code voscoin You’ll save 30 on the money saved is Always a win so why not when the midi Dose 2 Voss coin Tales Edition goes live I’ll close this giveaway and someone’s Gonna win one of these so I hope you Participated if not hey subscribe follow

Along we’re gonna be giving away more Stuff in the future as always uh we’ve Given away well over 100 thousand Dollars of cryptocurrency mining rigs as Well as cryptocurrencies Dogecoin is a Fun coin to mind there’s no doubt about It it’s here to stay in my opinion and Whether we love it or hate it uh just in The last uh seven days has been a very Interesting difficulty change going down 26 percent on Doge uh furthermore it’s The second most profitable coin to mine At 1.2 million dollars just in the last 24 hours of new myth and doge coins Again you’re also mining Litecoin which Is the third most profitable coin to Mine well it was until Casper job jumped Up the charts but That’s a very very very interesting Development Um another day another video uh keep in Mind there is a Litecoin having on the Horizon uh so that a mission will be Halved Dogecoin has no more havings it’s An inflationary currency uh and it will Keep minting dogecoins forever and Dogecoin is junk if they ever move away From mining in my humble opinion Dogecoin continues to be in the news all The time whether that was Elon Musk Making the Twitter icon of Doge making a 1 million dollar Dogecoin bet Um I mean elon’s just back on his thing Pump and Doge and it’s cool um it’s

Funny it’s engaging and if you watch This recent Clips in the interview Mainstream media was lying scamming you Know POS as always that’s a pulse no What I could just lied he would just Shut him down I’ve had a few dealings And they lied and manipulated when Dealing with me it’s crazy it’s like They’re all just like psychotic and Toxic it’s what a world makes you Wonder Like historically can we trust like any Of the news we’ve ever really read I Think it’s worse than ever be for nuts Right now dogecoin’s trading at about Eight cents almost nine cents it’s up 20 In the last 30 days it’s still down a Whopping 88 from its all-time high uh I Actually have a video coming up where I Think that was just probably the easiest 10x in the books Um I think dogecoin’s gonna go 10x or I Shouldn’t say easiest it’s an easy 10x I Think everyone’s gonna you know keep Going Doge to a dollar Doge to a dollar Those to a dollar and they’re just They’re gonna unite they’re gonna meme It they’re gonna send I don’t know right I’m not trying to like push it or shill It or anything Um but we’ve just seen it time and time Again and really the last couple Cryptocurrency bull runs have actually Been led by Doge when you really crunch The data and look at the charts it’s a

Gateway drug for cryptocurrency it’s fun It’s simple it’s engaging these are Cheap coins people want a lot of coins They want to buy a thousand of these and Then be like yeah Doge go to a dollar And they you know they’re excited about Their you know dream one thousand dollar Crypto bag Um it sounds simple to some people but That’s how simple some other people are Keep in mind some people don’t have Internal thoughts I’m like dude what Kind of NPC are you uh all I do Is Battle myself in my head I feel like The Council of wrecks live up here and I’m like you know yeah this and that That like I have so much Eternal Dialogue would drive you crazy I’ll go Ahead and leave that one at that to Bring it back to the Doge Miner here at Hand uh its main competitor is the bit Main antminer L7 that’s the miner I Referenced earlier uh this Miner is very Powerful it’s supposed to mine like 30 Bucks a day right now and consume about Ten dollars in electricity leaving you Like 20 bucks in your pocket keep in Mind this is a mining rig that once you Pay for tariffs shipping stuff like that It’s pretty much going rate of nine Thousand dollars or more right now uh Very expensive the mini dose 2 in Comparison has a price points around Five hundred dollars depending on gold

Show wants to price it and any you know Special coupons like the one we Mentioned uh availability there uh you Know obviously your profitability will Vary uh when you deal with Dogecoin it Is the eighth biggest cryptocurrency When ranked by coin market cap right now Uh very simple math for 8.72 cents you Can uh buy 100 Dosh right now these mini Doge 2 miners are pulling in about five To seven does a day depending on you Know the network variables and the power Mode you have chosen uh and that also Equates to about 0.03 to 0.045 LTC a day That was just some recent data I had It’s very limited uh you know so take From that what you will when it comes to Getting these set up like the actual Software side bang here’s a recent Tutorial we put out on just exactly this Setting up and using the mini Doge 2 Mining rig so there you all have it the Voss coin Tails Edition mini Doge 2 Miner I mean there’s way too many words In the name I get that uh but that’s in Classic Asic minor fashion here I am Always talking about how Asic miners Need better names and I’m like yeah Let’s see how many words we can put in The title boys that’s all I got My name is going YouTube channel at home The cutest Dogecoin in the world my Beautiful daughter my pup Tails I hope You subscribe stick around I’ll be

Grabbing Miner if you think it’s cool or You’re on the fence or wanted one or Whatever Um and uh for all of you that grab one Just for the singular purpose to support Bosscoin and our mission out here to Just try to bring some of the best Crypto content in the sphere It means everything thank you and I hope To see you on the next video [Music] [Music]