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By | May 10, 2023

Helium was previously a cryptocurrency unicorn company, reaching a billion-dollar valuation, and then Helium Inc or now Nova Labs decided to merge their blockchain with the controversial Solana SOL blockchain, leaving urgent updates you need to do to still earn money mining Helium in 2023. Buy this miner instead of an HNT miner –

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Helium mining was one of the easiest and most profitable ways to mine crypto and while you can still mine HNT Helium has become a Solana token, with their own shitcoin ecosystem of Helium tokens that can be redeemed for HNT like their IOT and MOBILE tokens earned by their original LORA miners and their 5G Helium miners. There’s some critical updates you have to make to even keep your Helium miners online in 2023, and you may not realize you likely have IOT tokens you can claim that do have a tangible value after being redeemed for HNT or you could deploy them on the Solana blockchain on decentralized exchanges as a liquidity provider, farmer, and other DeFi techniques… There’s a lot of critical Helium news in 2023, let’s dig into it!

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02:21 Is Solana still a good platform?
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07:21 Helium $HNT performance
09:59 Mining and staking Helium $HNT
12:47 The future of Helium?

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Helium and the hnt token was one of the Best buys depending on when you got into That crypto in the last cryptocurrency Cycle helium mining proved to be one of The most profitable mining Endeavors if You were able to get some of the mining Hardware early enough helium continues To change the helium network has Migrated to Solana it’s not just talk Anymore and we can’t tweet about it all Angry anymore it’s happened helium is Now a Solana token they still have their Whole network thing And they even have sub tokens that are Live on chain if you’ve mined helium Previously you probably have some new Tokens in your wallet that do have a Tangible value that can be exchanged Straight up for the hnt coin which is Traded on numerous cryptocurrency Exchanges I’m gonna walk you through That today and also get you up to speed On helium if you haven’t been paying Attention and I won’t fault you because With helium’s lackluster price among Some other controversial decisions I won’t spoil the whole video yes Foreign [Music] Network has migrated to Solana and this Happened basically in the middle of April helium didn’t just set out to Transition to Solana They’ve done it the migration is

Complete and at the end of April already Over 50 percent of the 850 000 Transactions that represent the full State of helium on Solana have run Against the state Merkel route which Brings their migration completion Milestone over 50 percent but basically From our point of view is just like a Simple helium user right The migration’s done naturally the chain Went down for a little bit but per their Reporting it was down from the 18th to 19th it kind of worked on the 20th and Then was back up on the 21st helium’s New iot token and it’s getting a little Bit of Buzz huh has risen over 370 Percent this article last month writes This is following the successful Migration to the Solana blockchain let’s Talk about Solana you know like the fact That ala not that nice to meet you Has so much Solana it’ll make your brain Melt like 345 million dollars or Previously it was worth half a bill and I don’t mean a bill like a hundred Dollars I mean a billion okay but it’s Still apparently gonna be locked until 2028 is that the date that FTX exchange Finally fires back up because they don’t Know what to do with all this sweet cash You’ve probably heard enough about SPF The fraud FTX the scam and just the Ponzi scheme that was Allah not that nice to meet you research

They didn’t even research they Researched how to rug us uh but I mean I Feel my way I’m not really here to go on A huge rant today I don’t like Solana Anymore I just feel it’s dirty is Negative uh but people are quick to Forget and for some reason that’s Surprising to me so Lana is still worth Over eight billion dollars it’s still The 11th biggest cryptocurrency all Right and during Solana’s Darkest Days In recent history after the Fallout of All this drama the token dipped under Ten dollars but now it’s trading over Twenty dollars It kind of seems like Solana’s here to Stay in some way shape or form is that Where everyone’s money is is it just Living on chain I’m still waiting to Pick up the pieces of my Fallout from All that drama but uh yeah I’m just I I Don’t like it there’s rumors I don’t Have all my notes in front of me I Didn’t care enough to dig back into it And I’ve talked about on previous videos Uh but there’s ties between Solana FTX Ventures Alameda helium Foundation Nova Labs which is formerly helium Inc And all that stuff I’m not trying to Throw shade on them but there is a a Connection whether anybody likes it or Not that’s just the fact of the matter But let’s go ahead and move on and move Forward helium right now per helium is

Trading at 1.64 cents a coin and there’s Now not only the mobile token which We’ve talked about before but basically You earn mobile tokens when you run off 5G hotspot there’s the 5G hot spots and There’s the lower hot spots which you Basically have a 5G connection and then A radio connection on the other one but You look at these there’s almost 4 000 5G active hot spots they report and There’s 462 active iot or Laura hot Spots I’m glad that they’ve mixed up This dashboard one this looks a little Bit better and two they finally dropped That stat where they were so close to Getting to 1 million hot spots deployed But then everything really started to Crumble and sentiment just fell through The floor And then it got to a point where their Network was like 50 60. 40 online you Can’t really celebrate a million hot Spots when your active hot spots was Less than 50 percent of that So this is what you need to know make Sure you open the application and Complete the migration this whole Scenario is not that user friendly uh It’s it’s annoying it’s kind of Cumbersome like you open the app and That part is easy but I’m getting so Many questions of just like what’s going On what happened where’s my stuff why is My Hotspot offline why is the app not

Working have I been rugged right so join The Vasco and Discord server go to the Healing mining channel in there and ask Any questions you want we’re still there We’re still active still got the best Community in the world ever as it stands There’s that helium token and now they Have deployed their own coin Ecosystem again enter mobile and iot and There are other tokens that they plan to Deploy in the future as well You will have iot tokens in your wallet That you do not know about open it up And you can claim them they have a value For example right now you could swap 9314 iot tokens for an hnt coin you can Also swap about 14 million mobile For a helium token at a minimum go out There and see what’s sitting in your Wallet it may surprise you and this is Really not the best time to be selling Helium they never even got to their Whole network split and reducing the Coin uh basically increasing the total Supply but giving you some tokens when They do that think of when a stock Splits right and everyone who had Tesla Now had five Tesla shares you still have The same dollar amounts same value the Same percentage Uh so right now their market cap is only 240 million they’re down 97 from their All-time high if you bought it a year Ago you’d be down 87 but if you bought

It 30 days ago congratulations you’d be Up 26 I’m very proud to say that I sold All my helium around 50 bucks and while I can’t give Financial advice I was Sharing that very broadly here on the Voscoin channel because I didn’t like The way things were going and it was Just about that time I don’t have much Hnt right now and my hot spots are not High earners uh no ones are Anymore but I will say I don’t think Helium is going away probably not yet Right they still have money they still Have a war chest they’re still doing Things people are still involved they Have a core cult Fanboy base uh you know The agent that I do mine the iot that I Do get the mobile tokens that I need to Get that thing set up I just I just have So many things that are vastly more Interesting and important to deal with Than more lucrative Endeavors like Um looking up coupons at Walmart because That’s about how much you earn I’m doing It they can get Negative throw in shade I’m not doing that well already did it I’ve got to stop doing that Um my point here is that all these coins I do have and that I am earning I’m just Letting them accumulate this is not a Time where I’m personally gonna be Selling coin I’m just gonna let it stack Let it ride I hope it turns into Something semi-interesting one day

Uh you know and and I’ll take maximum Profits then are you interested in a Little computer device that will earn You passive income Mining cryptocurrency Doesn’t use much electricity It doesn’t make much noise it doesn’t Produce much heat And I’m not talking about a helium Miner I’m talking about an evergreen minor That mines the Chia cryptocurrency or It’s actually farming and it uses hard Drives in order to do this it’s Basically Plug and Play mining Chia is Building its own platform blockchain and To be honest a lot of the things that Made me excited about helium mining a Few years ago are a lot of the same Boxes that excites me about Chia but They’re just doing it way better if you Grab one don’t forget to use code boss Coin to save some coin These helium hot spots have such a Little impact on say like your Electricity bill why not keep running it That’s just the simple gist of it if you Want to grab one head over to eBay there Are a massive amount of people That are dumping their helium miners Many of them are new uh just be advised That if you buy a used one you know it’s A little bit of a pain to transfer and There’s a trust factor involved Um so just kind of be aware of that

There’s also the buy sell trade in our Discord server and our boss coin talk Form where people are always wheeling And dealing uh mining Hardware helium Rigs included the fact that helium is Now a Solana token opens the door to Some interesting things well it’s a Token on a blockchain that has D5 and Stuff like that so here’s kamino finance And they open two new helium Bots both With h t rewards the vault is iot and Hnt and the other vault is mobile and Hnt this is helping helium realize the Dream of deploying their own coin Ecosystem the rewards on this are uh Very high apy for even just h t and Seoul on this Decentralized exchange this Vault ATT Iot hnt mobile but here’s the deal There’s not much tvl in here if a lot of People Pile in the rewards will change Fifty thousand sixty thousand a hundred Thousand not too much going on here and When you participate in things like this You’re putting your coins in there if They’re exploited or they rug just make Sure you understand that you will lose Your coins but it is a great opportunity To try to get these coins doing Something which I know many people Basically are looking at that Meme and They’re poking it with the stick and It’s like come on come on dude something Go up couldn’t the devs do something it

Is what it is but I need the price to go Up Can devs do something Camino Finance Faults and then also the Orca exchange Here are in the equation when we go to DAP radar and we see well how many People really doing this stuff we see Terribly low user amounts reported 128 68 I mean this is a network that Sold one million helium Hot Spot miners If you want to get started with the Solana blockchain and you’re totally new To it make sure to watch our video guide On Phantom wallet how to use it how to Get started uh excuse my enthusiasm in That video I shot that back when we were All fooled that Solana and its Associates were all like just killing it Um they were basically playing with a Cheat code I really don’t wish helium ill it’s I Don’t hate them a lot of people Take the recent boss Queen videos it’s Just very negative and they lash out I Just at what point do do we just take a Step back and talk about the fact that Like they’ve made numerous changes over The last couple years and I hate almost All of them helium was More fun more engaging more honest more Innovative when I got into helium years Ago I just don’t feel like those Qualities are there I hope that my Opinion changes I hope that they start

Doing some really cool stuff I hope that They find a unique use case Beyond a Solana phone what’s your opinion on Helium let me know down in the comments Below and make sure you subscribe if you Haven’t because voscoin is home to Something pretty cool it’s our CCO it’s Our chief coin officer it’s Tails Vosk We got 10 seconds of her on every video If not more and that’s all I got today Again let me know your thoughts Down Below Good Bad Ugly I want to hear them And uh yeah I’ll see you on the next one Foreign