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Coinbase has just spilled a massive secret about an xrp re-listing. This is huge news, so if you have any interest in Ripple or you hold any xrp, then you need to see this. So what has been revealed and how will it affect the value of xrp in today’s article? I will be answering these questions and I’m going to be telling you all of the new price, boosting information that has just come out about xrp and how there is still a high possibility.

You could become a millionaire from xrp.

Xrp price is down one percent in the last 24 hours, with a 24-hour trading volume of 990 million dollars. The token also currently has a market cap of over 20.2 billion dollars, ranking it as the seventh most valuable cryptocurrency. It has a circulating supply of 50.2 billion tokens if you are looking to keep your crypto safe and secure.

The only way to do so is by buying a hard wallet, get the number one hard wallet from Ledger by checking out the link in the description below also guys, please be aware of scammers impersonating the channel in the comments we do not have a WhatsApp or A telegram now before we get to the main story of the video, we first need to update you on the latest crypto news from today. So let’s not waste any time and get into it. Xrp news, crypto whales, add 130 million. Xrp is xrp price surge coming ahead, xrp news, Ripple’s developer team has managed to pump up the crypto whale sentiments toward the xrp token Ripple X. Team has successfully enabled automated Market maker devnet.

It has invited developers to test the amm to build Innovative applications. Ripple adds utility for xrp ripple team proposed a technical specification to build a protocol native amm, which will be integrated with The xrp Ledger. This extension is aimed at extra exchange, utility and functionality to the xrpl holders. As per the release, Dev will be able to link their apps directly with amm. This will help them to power interaction with the trading interface tokens and more features.

However, this news has led the crypto whales to accumulate more xrp tokens. According to whale alert, data whales have added more than 129 million xrp tokens approx worth 53.1 million dollars in multiple transactions. Data depicts that 21.8 million dollars worth of xrp tokens were accumulated from the bitstamp crypto Exchange.

Will its price Jump by 25 percent?

Xrp is trading at an average price of 40 cents at the Press time, Ripple’s native token price is up by seven percent over the past seven days, amid the fear spread in the crypto Market. Due to the FTX crash, Michael Van de Pope, a crypto analyst has suggested a possible price jump in xrp. He highlighted that the xrp is awaiting a price surge of more than 25 percent ahead. He added that most of the crypto Market charts looked similar.

However, xrp chart hints at a bigger move. If you were still watching it would be massively appreciated. If you could go ahead and smash the like button, it costs nothing and really helps support. The channel also keep watching to find out the latest xrp and coinbase news. Coinbase joins crypto supporters, siding with ripple in SEC case cryptocurrency exchange.

Coinbase Inc voiced support for ripple in the blockchain company’s legal battle, with the? U S Securities and Exchange Commission joining a growing number of cryptocurrency proponents filing briefs in the case in a proposed Amicus brief on Monday, coinbase urged U.S District Judge Analyst at Taurus to let a jury hear Ripple’s argument that the company lacked notice that xrp now the world’s Sixth largest cryptocurrency by market value was an unregistered security. The Ripple case has broad potential legal consequences for the cryptocurrency industry, which occupies a regulatory gray area in the U.S Ripple’s Founders created xrp in 2012.

The SEC sued, the San francisco-based company

and its current and former Chief Executives in December 2020, alleging they have been conducting a 1.3 billion dollar unregistered Securities, offering since the token’s creation the case caused immediate collateral harms to Market participants. As, U S exchanges, including coinbase, subsequently delisted xrp, the company said Ripple, has asked the judge to rule xrp is not a security, and the SEC has asked her to rule that it is. The judge could Grant either side a win without sending the case to trial or decide to narrow the issues that go before a jury. In the meantime, Torres has allowed several interested parties to weigh in including a group of xrp holders who have urged her to rule in favor of Ripple.

Taurus has also accepted briefs from companies that say they rely on xrp technology, a cryptocurrency Industry Group and a legal non-profit that says it represents clients against SCC, overreach. The crypto Council for Innovation, a lobbying group backed by Andries and horovitz, is among those still awaiting permission to file priests. The case is sccv Ripple Labs Inc. Now, let’s get into the main story of today’s video coinbase no longer supports xrp as of December 5th, 2022. Prominent cryptocurrency exchange platform, coinbase wallet has announced that it will no longer support xrp and three other tokens.

As of December 5th 2022, the update was given

today stating the coins are no longer supported. The change was a shock to some coinbase users with the platform citing low usage. As its reasoning, the three tokens alongside xrp are Bitcoin cash, ethereum, classic and stellar. Subsequently, all four coins will cease. Coinbase’S support on the same date.

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