Coinbase COIN Stock Will MOON?! Coinbase AIRDROP?! International Perpetual Futures Trading!

By | May 3, 2023

Coinbase COIN stock set to MOON Coinbase AIRDROP and International Perpetual Futures Trading! Brian Armstrong and the Coinbase team are sick of Gary Gensler, the SEC, and Binance — ohhh it is gonna be an exciting year for COIN! Buy the best miner for 2023 here –

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Coinbase is the 2nd biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, one of the most interesting stocks you can buy the Coinbase COIN, and now instead of being bullied by the us government and its entities like the securities and exchange commission SEC Coinbase has decided to SUE THEM. Binance, Gary Gensler, and everyone else better watch out because Brian Armstrong is poised to build the next Goldmans Sachs in the digital era… Oh and they even launched their own freaking blockchain the Coinbase BASE ethereum layer 2 protocol!

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I don’t know how you can’t be a fan of Coinbase and Brian Armstrong at least in Some capacity at this point and I Understand that most of us don’t trust And don’t like centralized exchanges After SPF and FTX well they scammed big Time coinbase is fighting the good fight Especially when it comes to U.S citizens Today we’re going to unpack the latest News on coinbase their venture to going International their Endeavor of fighting The biggest bully in the world the United States government and some pretty Exciting news for those that have bought Or are buying the coinbase coin stock My name is Vosk and you’re on the Introducing coinbase International Exchange this is the latest news this is Pretty crazy they’re working hard to Update the financial system building Trusted products expand the utility and Adoption of crypto because they believe Crypto and blockchain Technology have The ability to increase economic freedom And opportunity around the world they’re Dedicated to partnering with high bar Regulators across U.S and non-us Jurisdictions the coinbase International Exchange will enable institutional users Based on eligible jurisdictions outside Of the U.S to trade futures Perps This is derivatives trading Perpetual Futures accounted for nearly 75 percent

Of the global crypto trading volume in 2022 and coinbase decided that they want In they want a piece of the pie It that’s most of the volume then that’s Where most of the earnings are because These exchanges have fees They’re boasting that they’re bringing Real-time 24 7 365 risk management Liquidity provided by external market Makers Dynamic margin requirements and Collateral assessments liquidation Framework that meets rigorous compliance Standards well capitalized exchange to Support tail market events and this Isn’t just coming soon they just listed BTC and eth perps this comes on the news That the US SEC threatens to sue Coinbase over some crypto products Really they were subject of a Wells Notice a Wells notice from the SEC Securities Exchange Commission basically Says we’re going to come after you very Soon and uh you’re going to be getting Fined and these fines are not little Slaps on the wrist they’re Millions tens Of Millions Of dollars it’s ridiculous So coinbase said you coinbase sues The SEC after months of Silence from the Federal regulator this is the same SEC That approved them to go public with Their IPO their IPO brought us the Coinbase stock I hope you didn’t buy it When it came out because you would be

Down terribly yeah it opened at 250 Rocketed up to 342 and hit an all-time High in this chart it says 342 but I Thought it was like 400 bucks it was Crazy It was absolutely crazy and overvalued And just great timing for them full Disclosure I’ve got some coin stock Because I pay attention and these guys Were poised to succeed in a very big way Furthermore I can buy my coin stock on Robinhood and just diversify where I Have my assets of course I love crypto And I hold more crypto than I have coin Stock but this is a fun way to diversify In a way really still getting uh crypto Exposure but really the point is that There’s been a lot of opportunities to Buy a coin around 50 or sub 50 and if You bought it when it was around 30 Bucks you’d have a pretty decent return Right now and it’s not like the Cryptocurrency market has been all that Exciting to put this into perspective Right this is the biggest cryptocurrency Exchange in the United States this is The second biggest cryptocurrency Exchange in the world Coinbase commands a market cap of 12 Billion dollars when we look at the data Right and let’s take this at face value From coin gecko which is basically a Third-party data aggregator they put Coinbase position two they do about 25

Of the volume let’s just run off the Last 24 hours against Finance this is Pretty normal pretty typical here Coinbase is monthly business 38 million Binance 75 million that is a very Important factor because it really kind Of gives you an idea to what their Upside here can really look like and be But what some people don’t understand is That many people are invested into Binance through their BNB token it’s the Binance token the binance token alone Has a market cap of 51 billion Dollars yes on the binance coin there is The binance blockchain it’s confusing Because there’s the BNB main chain or Beacon chain but there’s also the BNB Smart chain or the bunny and smart chain It’s often called that has real use real Utility and drives adoption of this Cryptocurrency that is a big contributor To this market cap yes but before that Even existed and took off which it’s Really just a clone of ethereum it was Just a binance exchange token it reduced Your trading fees And if you’re a long time subscriber to The Boston YouTube channel I showed it To you when it was a dollar if you’re Interested in mining yourself then Something like the Plug and Play Evergreen Miner would probably be Perfect for you it doesn’t make much Noise doesn’t produce much heat doesn’t

Consume much electricity and it’s Profitable it’s hard drive Mining and It’s really easy to use and with my Evergreen mining rig I’m earning 60 a Month in passive income if that sounds Interesting to you I’ve got a link out Down below that not only supports the Channel but also a coupon code that Saves you 20 bucks the BNB token is Basically half of its old all-time high Which will put it at a whopping 100 Billion dollar market cap we can’t buy Into binance stocks but we can buy into BNB if we want that exposure so let’s Kind of take a step back and put it into Perspective right if you look at Coinbase’s 24-hour volume here of about A billion you know again 25 percent and You kind of crunch the numbers real Quick in your head you’re like 50 Billion market cap app and then you’re Like what was that coin market cap oh It’s at 12 billion you know it actually Starts to be pretty fairly priced if you Just take it at face value against the BNB token if we want to kind of use that Metric and this may seem like a bit Skewed right well here’s the deal is That there is nothing comparable to Coinbase This publicly traded there is no Exchange of that caliber and really the Only exchange you could even compare to Coinbase

Would probably be Finance So to round out what I’m trying to say Here right now I think the market cap is Relatively fairly priced I think that This is a fair price for coin right now I don’t think it’s overbought I don’t Think it’s oversold but now that Coinbase is expanding with a serious International Focus now that coinbase is Diving deep into Perpetual Futures which Is the leading product on binance Exchange it’s Futures Trading if you Didn’t know coinbase is now finally Coming after Finances lunch This provides a real upside and Opportunity For the coinbase coin stock to be truly Worth more Oh and get this coinbase has launched Their own blockchain It’s the base protocol It’s a layer 2 solution for scaling Ethereum it’s basically a clone of Optimism if you’re familiar with that We’ve got a full video guide on what That is and how to participate with it To hunt the hopeful airdrop for a Governance token on that cryptocurrency Blockchain coinbase said that they’re Not going to do an airdrop I don’t Believe them especially with the way the US government has been treating them

Also some major protocols have said they Won’t and then of course They do just like arbitrum and their ARB Token that amassed a market cap quickly In the billions of dollars after saying No token to the ever reoccurring Question of win token so if you take the Fact that they are building out their Own blockchain They’re rapidly pushing nfts on chain Okay which Forget the nft part right it’s just a Focus on more crypto Tech more crypto Products it’s also their nft Marketplace There’s of course the retail side they Have the institutional side they have The Pro Trader side and now they have a Serious real Push into International Market coinbase Is basically building a bank and some People don’t realize that and I know That kind of gets away from the original Mission of Bitcoin and crypto I’m not Here to debate that stuff today you know That’s another day another video the Point is is that coinbase is the bank That a lot of existing Banks want to be All of these old archaic banks are Rapidly trying to transition and get hip In the digital age Coinbase Was a digital Bank from its Inception Coinbase is integrated with Cryptocurrency and blockchain Technology

From its Inception It’s easy to add the other stuff it’s Hard to be a leader in what they have I’m so excited for this because I want To see crypto win and in binance Recently shuttered in the face of the US Government with their attempted Voyager Proposal at least so far coinbase on the Other hand is literally trading blows With the US government Is that not the hero we want and need at Least to some degree you don’t have to Be a coinbase fanboy but if you want Crypto to win you have to be rooting for Them to some degree I’m super excited About all of this there’s a lot going on There’s more than I’ve even talked about Today but I’m gonna go ahead and round Out today’s video this is the latest News on this front and uh Shameless plug Right use our link down in the video Description below and you get 10 bucks For free when you sign up for coinbase But I can assure you that I did not make This video just to tell you about a 10 Bitcoin code if you use it I also get 10 Bucks in Bitcoin uh you know that that’s Not my incentive here today uh also Pretty much everybody already has a Coinbase account so I feel like I’m Wasting my time and bringing it up and Putting it in this video unlike how I Feel when I talk about Are CEO our chief enforcement officer

Advice coin that’s Gonna Be Tails who Lays down the law as she should She’s a beautiful pup 10 seconds of Tails on every Vibes coming video I hope You subscribe stick around hit the Thumbs up share the video get the word Out there get in the game fight the good Fight don’t give up government sucks They print as much money as they want Taxation is theft let’s get them boys Let’s win or die try I can get down with That Stand for something or fall for Everything it’s such a good quote Foreign