Canaan Avalonminer 1346 Bitcoin Miner Review

By | May 5, 2023

Canaan and their Avalonminer Bitcoin miners are a leading Bitcoin mining rig, competing with Bitmain Antminers and MicroBT Whatsminer among other Bitcoin ASIC miner manufacturers, let’s review this Bitcoin mining rigs cost and mining profitability! Have you tried HDD mining yet?

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Bitcoin mining is more profitable than ever before because Bitcoin continues to rise in price making it the best investment of the previous decade. Bitcoin miners are naturally rising in mining profitability as Bitcoin price rises, and most BTC miners are actually out of stock?! Today we review the Canaan Avalonminer 1246 a direct competitor to the Bitmain Antminer S19 and S21 Bitcoin miners as well as the MicroBT Whatsminer m31 BTC miners. The Canaan Avalonminer 1246 is easy to set up as we give you a quick tutorial on how to set up your Bitcoin mining rig, and it’s very hungry especially if your electricity is cheap! This BTC miner along with all of the recent Bitcoin miners is very hungry and extremely loud, so please keep that in mind if you’re considering buying any Bitcoin miners and especially if you want to mine BTC out of your house!

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08:53 Canaan Avalonminer 1346 review
10:32 Canaan Avalonminer power modes
12:16 How to set up your Canaan Avalonminer
13:32 Is the Canaan Bitcoin miner worth it?

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Yo I’m out here at the mining Farm just Got a new mining rig the Canon Avalon Miner 1346 this is my first Avalon Miner Of the 1300 series I’m pretty excited to Expand my Bitcoin mining hash rate uh so I’ve already got it thrown up which by The way my name is Vosk you’re on the Voscoin YouTube channel uh that’s the Mining shed I’ve been building but I did Put the mining shed on hold because I Was able to secure a digital shovel mini Pod uh so let me just take you in real Quick I’ve already got the Avalon Right in there Um and already got a hash it away which By the way thank you so much to digital Shovel for designing a 208 which is Basically a mini pod Bitcoin mining pod Like this that can be configured with Single phase electricity because I’m Working with my electric company to Bring three phase out here to the sticks But uh until I can do that all I’ve got Is single phase electricity uh so with That I was able to you know deploy a Plug and play mining Farm which I’m Pretty excited about but today I want to Focus on that Miner in particular I’m Going to be showing you how this Miner Works if it’s worth it how much it costs How much money it makes and more Importantly how much Bitcoin we’re Mining with it Foreign

Ed a Canon Avalon Miner Bitcoin shot 256 Which is the Bitcoin mining algorithm Asic minor a custom computer Purpose-built just for Bitcoin mining Canon has many models much like bit main Of similar performance for example we Look at the 1346 which is the model We’re focused on here there is a Difference between the 110 terahash a Second version which is what we have the 104 the 107 the 113 and the 120. there Is also a newer version of this the 1366 which hashes at 130 terahash a Second consuming 3250 Watts you see These Bitcoin miners will cost you Somewhere from one thousand three Hundred dollars to one thousand seven Hundred dollars and you can even step Back an entire generation and go to the 1200 series and buy a big coin Miner for Less than one thousand dollars one thing In particular I really do like about Canon’s webshop is the fact that they Make it easy to Source their power Supplies and even buy a bulk eight pack Many moons ago I had the uh 900 series I Think and that had the separate Controller and it looked more like an Amp minor S9 a couple years ago they Sent me I believe it was the 1146 1046 To review and while I did place this Order for this Miner from their web shop They did compensate us uh the miners Price for the review full disclosure

There but I did have the full experience Of going on their webshop ordering the Miner and I did check out with Bitcoin Which is pretty therapeutic to buy a Bitcoin miner with Bitcoin once I paid Hundreds of dollars for shipping I was Uh yeah I was pretty disappointed a 1 540 Miner ah quickly turned into almost A 2 000 order uh but one thing that you Want to be very aware of especially if You’re in the United States when it Comes to buying Canon miners is checking Their in stock at Texas warehouse this Will allow you to buy miners in the States so you will not have an expensive Shipping charge and you will not be Subject to tariffs because in addition To a 1 600 Miner turning quickly into Two grand I’m also going to be hit with A tariffs fee which that’s like another 30 percent uh yeah so it can add up Quickly the good news is dealing direct From the manufacturer is that you know It’s good you know it’s New Canon also Boasts that you will have a 360 day Warranty and when you do buy from the Official manufacturer you have that Warranty they specifically state if you Buy it anywhere else uh then that’s Basically not their problem based on Mining profitability calculators and We’re going to run through the real World mining prop profitability later in This video this is supposed to make

Thirteen and a half dollars a day in Bitcoin and at 12 cents per kilowatt Hour electricity rate it would cost you Nine dollars and fifty cents to run so With a good residential rate you can be Mining Bitcoin in your home still and Expect to pull 1 500 of Bitcoin over the Next year if nothing changed if you had A industrial rate of six cents per Kilowatt hour you’d be having a much Better time mining again obviously that What you mind doesn’t change based on Your electricity right that’s your Income 13.55 expected uh but your cost Will go down to four dollars and seventy Five cents allowing you to realize a Profit of 8.79 comparatively one thing you need to Make sure you are aware of is the Bitcoin having is in one year in 31 days Or projected to be that very sum so this Means that the amount of Bitcoin mine Per day will be cut in half uh this is Substantial because if nothing changed Your Mining Profitable ability would Then just simply be sliced in half the Network continues to grow in hash rate Many miners are really struggling to be Profitable right now even though Bitcoin Has doubled in price in the last several Months brains has a good breakdown here So if you’ve got an s19 you know Comparatively you need 10 cents per Kilowatt hour just to break even on this

Machine looking at the Bitcoin mining Difficulty chart we break it out over The last year we are sitting at an All-time high in Bitcoin mining Difficulty it is more difficult than Ever to mine some Bitcoins and when you Really start to zoom out it starts to Look even crazier we go out even further And well look at that about three years Ago we can see the last halving which Was really the only last substantial Drop in mining difficulty as far as this Parabolic chart is concerned they said We were too late to Bitcoin mining back In 2017 but wow what we would give to go Back keep keep in mind though the Leading Bitcoin miner was the antminer S9 back then that thing was pulling like 13 and a half terahash a second now most Bitcoin miners mine it over 100 terahash A second which is the mining power uh Specifically for the Sha 256 mining Algorithm which would be the Bitcoin Chain some good news though about Bitcoin mining is the fact that ordinals Have gotten some traction and they’ve Brought an additional five and a half Million dollars of fees to the Bitcoin Blockchain and on the Bitcoin blockchain All fees are paid back to the miners so You get the block reward or the new Coins mined every block on the Bitcoin Blockchain and you also get the fees It’s not enough to uh keep all these

Mining Farms going at 190 coins or five And a half million dollars but it is the First and only notable thing that has Ever increased Bitcoin mining Profitability especially with any sort Of staying power and longevity hey guys It’s Miss Vosk here to tell you about Today’s video sponsor bab is an All-inclusive Financial app whose goal Is to provide everyone with easy access To Banking and Financial Services their App allows users to send and receive Fiat crypto and stable coins they offer Free internal transfers and minimal fees For external and international transfers They also have plans to launch a debit Card hybrid accounts and their own Mainnet Babs app is available in 70 Countries and they say they’re Registered with the financial conduct Authority and have over 130 000 Registered users to learn more about bab Check out the link in the video Description below this is not Financial Advice please do your own research in The last 24 hours over 24 million Dollars of Bitcoin was mined or admitted This is pretty average right now this Bitcoin price this difficulty everything Like that so at this trajectory we’re Going to see a consistent 20 million Dollars or more of Bitcoin mine per day The next closest cryptocurrency in Daily Mining prop profitability would be

Dogecoin at one million dollars fun fact Back when ethereum was still minable it Was not only almost every day more Profitable or more money omitted than Bitcoin uh sometimes it was Substantially higher so a theory moving Away from mining removed so much Profitability from the mining ecosystem So mind of my Bitcoin right now on Pega Pool who boasts to be the most Profitable Bitcoin mining pool I’m like Well let’s see about that so I’ve got my Miners on here you can see my average Hash rate per day where I ticked up uh From around 500 terahash a second to 580 600 tear Hash a second and that’s when I Added the Canon Avalon Miner uh 1346 Here also noticed that there was a Difficulty correction by Bitcoin which Happens every two weeks uh right really Kind of at the start of this period so Let’s cover some numbers right so before That I was pretty much mining about Point 0013 Bitcoin a day or about forty Dollars worth of bitcoin now I’m mining About 0.00153 Bitcoin or about 46 dollars of Bitcoin so there is a discrepancy here Of how much more I was supposed to make And then how much more I’m actually Making one thing in particular though That you’ll notice when I look at my Miners is my actual hash rate that the

Pool is crediting me with with my 1346 Over the last 24 hours and this has been Consistent over the last several days is About 91 Tera Hash a second and that’s Not 110 pretty easy math so what’s going On Well I changed the mining rig to the Normal mode and I had to dig into the 1346 technical details documentation to Get some information on the differences Between their modes this information Should be much more clear and much more Readily available so normal mode has a Lower power consumption and hash rate Compared with high performance mode it’s An older mining strategy the new power Mode is more flexible mining mode that Offers more power and hash rate options It’s divided into two directions one to Reduce power consumption the other two Increase power consumption and with that You’ll get more or less hash rate as you Burn more or less kilowatts electricity It’s not really all that clear for me Personally I’m looking for the most Efficient mining my electricity rate Right now especially until I can get Three phase out at my mining farm and I’m a year away from that I’m sitting at A not that great of an electricity rate Of about 12 cents per kilowatt hour my Bitcoin mining Endeavor actually is Treading water every single day right Now uh it’s it’s difficult to mine with

This electricity rate my end game is to Deploy solar panel channels produce my Own electricity and then I’ll be golden But I’m not there yet so I’m just kind Of running a gun in with the best I got Some people have a lot of negative Things to say about that strategy but I’m doing what I want to do and I’m Mining on my own property as opposed to Going somewhere obscure and in an Industrial complex and that’s just not a Route I ever wanted to go down this has Been a homegrown operation for me from The beginning and I think it’s pretty Cool to turn a literal feel farming Field a field that was farmed Into a digital Farm uh that’s like That’s like me in a nutshell uh so That’s pretty cool that’s pretty fun Lifelong Endeavor for me if you will Once I realized I’d set out on this Mission and before I knew it it was well Underway logging into the device is Pretty easy you just need to grab the IP Address and it’s better to do this on a Computer but you can even do it on a Phone like I wanted to show you today uh So I go into my router I get the IP Address I punch that into my browser and From there I just need to input the Username and the password so we punch in Root root and from there we paste the Mining pool information we want the Worker name passwords don’t really

Matter anymore in this era and then we Can also choose our work mode which I’m Still trying to get clarity on on what Exactly are the differences between These uh so for now I’m gonna run with Normal mode I’m hoping and assuming it’s The most efficient option but yeah uh if You know I’d love for you to share the Details down in the uh comments below Other than that I mean that’s all there Really is to it you know you can upgrade Firmware in here you can do Troubleshooting but it’s pretty simple Pretty straightforward most mining Pools Use a username setup and then you put Your wallet address and pay on it or Really pay out information in on the Pool side so this is my review on the Canon Avalon Miner 1346 I really wish There was more clear documentation the Shipping fee is very high on these Miners if you’re not in the US and you Can’t order from the US Warehouse uh the Performance has been good keep in mind That if you want exposure to Canon as a Bitcoin miner manufacturer and Company They also have their own stock uh I’m Not you know pushing that or whatever Just something for you to be aware of uh Bitcoin stocks at least mining Farms Right have actually outpaced gains Against Bitcoin uh since the start of This year but don’t ever count orange Coin out that’s for sure the miner’s

Been fine I mean it’s been chugging away It’s been good I like that they’ve gone Towards a style and it’s been this way For a while where the controller is Integrated with each Miner as opposed to An external controller like that old 900 Series I was talking about or maybe it Was an 841 it’s actually the The Miner I Had back then hey that’s my review I Hope you enjoyed it and uh as it stands I’m happy to see multiple minor Manufacturers still producing Bitcoin Miners creating competition it’s better For everybody uh if anything I just wish That there weren’t so many major mining Farms sucking up a bunch of Miners and Skyrocketing freaking hash rate they Could chill out so little guys like me And maybe you could do some more Bitcoin Mining well I’ll be all about that so on That note I’ma head out but not first Before introducing our CBO our chief Bitcoin officer tails of us the cutest Pup in the world 10 seconds of tales on Every video because tell is the gem of My life and jump started this channel Years ago uh back when we were in the Same home where that uh early Canon Avalon Miner I think a41 video was shot And unfortunately she got sick then Pushed me out of my last job which I Didn’t like anyway and uh you know I’m So thankful she made it through that and Is happy Alive and Kicking these days

And uh yeah so I’m gonna close it out Thanks for watching and if you haven’t Please subscribe support the channel We’re chasing a million subscribers we Got a way to go Oh [Music] [Music]