BULLISH Pick For NEXT DeFi Summer! (DYDX Primed To Pump)

By | April 15, 2023

If you got into crypto in 2021 or 2022, I’m sorry to tell you, but you missed out on one of the most insane exponential pump parties in all of crypto: The ”DeFi Summer” of 2020! With the Metaverse, Storage, A.I. and other niche sectors of the crypto space popping off, will there ever be another DeFi summer? I definitely think there’s a chance that could happen, but there’s one project in particular could bring the heat on its own…and that project is DYDX!

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0:00 Intro
1:32 How It Started
4:48 DYDX Tokenomics
5:21 Why Choose DYDX?
7:30 Conclusion

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The snow has melted the plants are Growing and as the weather begins to Change all I can think about is how much I’m looking forward to Summertime where You at Will Smith I’ve had a lot of Great Summers to remember but one summer I’ll never forget was the D5 summer in 2020 if you got into crypto in 21 or 22 I’m sorry to tell you but you missed out On one of the most insane exponential Pump parties in all crypto except for That one party with Sam Bateman Friedman’s follicular with the metaverse Storage Ai and other Niche sectors of Crypto popping off will there ever be Another D5 summer I definitely think There’s a chance but there’s one project In particular that could bring the heat All on its own that project is dydx Let’s get it [Music] Welcome to billboard crypto my name is Ben and today we’re going to be taking a Look at a very interesting project a lot Of great projects are defined by their Leader ethereum has vitality cardano Hatchroll hoskinson Al Green has Sylvia McCauley bibboy crypto has it easy So if we’re going to talk about dydx we Have to talk about their founder Antonio Giuliano Antonio got a degree in Computer science at Princeton after he Graduated in 2015 he went on to work at Coinbase he’s a software engineer for a

Little over one year he was their 100th Employee according to his Force profile He left coinbase to be a software Engineer at Uber but then he left Uber To start a search engine for crypto Applications Antonio says this failed because he was Too early to the party after much trial And error he took a long look at the way Traditional markets evolve First assets are created then they are Traded on spot exchanges then they’re Traded on margin exchanges and Eventually they will make derivative Products on top of the asset his idea Was to build a decentralized derivatives Exchange on top of ethereum because that Was The Logical next thing to build just Two years after his graduation Antonio Managed to lock down two million dollars In a seed funding round from Big hitters Such as polishing Capital injuries and Horowitz and his old friend coinbase my Uncle Brian Armstrong Antonio chose the Name bydx because in mathematics d y d x Basically means taking the derivative of A function he set out to build a Decentralized derivatives platform on Top of ethereum and he did just that Platform was launched in 2018 but Derivatives didn’t launch until 2020. Once derivatives launched the daily Trading volume shut up from 10 million Dollars to 30 million dollars per day in

2021 dydx introduced the layer 2 Starkware to shorten time of finality And reduce gas fees with the addition of Stark wearing liquidity mining the daily Trading volume shot from 30 million a Day to roughly 2 billion dollars a day Craziest part of all this is that they Did it with a 19 person staff now more Than ever especially after 2022 we see How valuable decentralized these changes Are now more than ever we see why Devices are important and so useful and Why so custody is mandatory in fact Class of FTX was a catalyst for a Plethora of Traders heading towards dydx Rightfully so to add even more incentive To onboarding onto the doodx platform Your first 100K in trading volume are Free of any fees the only catch here is That if you live in America you’re Prohibited from using the Perpetual Contracts definitely not the best news For all you leverage Traders out there You can’t even use your favorite trick To get around it in their updated terms Of service it even says use a VPN to Circumvent the Restriction set forth Herein is prohibited just because you Can’t use the platform in America Doesn’t mean you can’t profit off the Platform’s native coin dydx it’s all About having another device summer am I Right but I think this coin has high Potential and many people I believe will

Probably make serious gains with it and If you want more insight to how to Change your life through learning about Crypto make sure to like this video Subscribe to the channel and ring that Bell for notifications [Applause] [Music] [Applause] From a trigonomics perspective the Current price point is around a one Thousand percent pump away from its All-time high of just below 28 bucks as For dydx itself they recently abandoned Ethereum in Stark Ware and have adopted Cosmos they did this to increase Transaction throughput and to work Towards a fully decentralized future Also dydx purposely avoided America to Stay on the right side of the law the Move to Cosmos is in line with us too Because it would be easier to change Their model on Cosmos if we get to a Place where regulation where the rules Change with their Perpetual contracts Moving forward why do I think do idx is A solid pick for D5 one quinary pump 200 In the first 30 days of 2023. it’s Retraced a bit since but it’s still Holding above the 50-day EMA on the Daily chart believe me when I tell you This is one of those sneaky crypto picks You want to pay attention to not only Because you can make money trading it

But because people actually care and use Their product just buy the turbulent 2022 uidx still managed to increase the Number of unique addresses holding to Dydx by 33k not only are people using Their platform they’re even backed by Some of the best Global Investors in the World this include dangerous and Horowitz the finance Capital Paradigm Polychain capital and many others it’s Hard to bet against a project that’s Well funded because even when the Situation can seem dire you know they’ll Find a way to turn it around for the Sake of their investors and their Shareholders and by the way just for Full disclosure as of right now we are Not invested in dydx the Midway crypto But it is one that we’re definitely Considering for the portfolio and we Start building that you you’ll be the First to know if we had it but always Remember the success of the dydx Platform is what you’re betting on if You chose do idx as your bet in D5 if You’re going to bed on a platform you Want to make sure they have volume right Just on April 2nd of this year do idx Platform saw over a billion dollars in 24 hour trade volume with over 300 000 Traits my point is platform is putting Up the numbers so in my eyes the coin Isn’t some random sketchy pick they’re Not paying me to say this by the way of

Course we don’t do sponsored content From tokens or coins just Trader to Trader there’s a coin I’ve got my Island Do idx coin is used for Community Governance and the community is very Involved in these votes always make sure Whatever coin you’re looking to actually Has people who care they have an Absolutely massive ecosystem and take a Long look at this list and try to tell Me that this project is already past its Prime This one’s not an if it’s a win speaking Of when the road map continues to check Off Milestones on their road to full Decentralization dydx V4 is projected to Be complete by September this year I’d Expect nothing less from their leader Antonio Giuliano who’s ranked number 88 On the coin Telegraph top 100 and the Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2022. all in All if you live in America that doesn’t Mean you can’t have yourself a defy Summer with uidx I don’t see this coin Sitting just outside the top 100 for Very much longer and the fact that it’s Market Cap’s only 380 million dollars Well once they get back into the Billy Dollar Club you may have already doubled Your money that’s all I got be blessed [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign

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