Building My Own Mini Data Center For Hard Drive Mining

By | April 29, 2023

I am building my own mini data center, dedicated to hard drive mining, which allows me to earn passive income using computer hard drives. HDD mining is often overlooked but it’s low electricity usage, heat, and noise, and now it is easy to do with these hard drive mining rigs! h

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Converting a Shed into a DIY HDD Mining Data Center
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Evergreen Miners are plug-and-play hard-drive cryptocurrency miners that mine Chia ($XCH)! They are safe, quiet, and easy to operate. I am looking at building out a dedicated shed with the sole purpose of being an Evergreen hard drive mining server room. My goal is to keep the miners out of the house and build a dedicated, controlled space for them to mine 24/7 without any interruptions. Chia XCH is committed to mining long-term, especially with their green mining alternative to Bitcoin, which makes it seem like a safe bet for a serious addition to the VoskCoin mining farm. Hopefully, hard drive mining pays off, to ensure I don’t waste money on this DIY mining data center please give me your feedback asap! Let’s talk dimensions, buildouts, A/C, power consumption, etc.

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00:00 Working on some crazy new mining ideas!
00:38 Building another mining shed?
01:24 Hard drives are more fragile
03:00 What kind of mining shed am I building?
04:04 Using solar panels to mine?
06:00 Asics can be cooled using ambient air
06:50 The amish shed connection
07:24 Building a farm with chia evergreen miners
08:09 Will Chia pump?
09:00 Tails inspecting the weeds
09:40 Is this a good investment?
10:34 How to build a harddrive mining shed
12:00 The current evergreen farming setup
12:52 Home mining can get annoying
15:15 Crazy or genius?

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They got some crazy mining updates today My name is Vox I can’t even say my own name bosk hey This is my manager Tails Vosk and uh Let’s go I got some pretty cool stuff We’re working on so if you’ve been Following you know what actually you Know what Cue the cinematics [Music] All right So I wanted to share with you my rough Plans got a ride up on Boss coin talk That kind of breaks us down with a Couple sketches written stuff you know Notes and all that but obviously we’re Gonna run through it in the video as Well and pull some of that stuff in Above all I don’t think I’m some super Genius I know that the collection of you All are so much smarter than I could Ever be you know it’s like chat GPD Mining version hashtag the bosscoin Subscribers the coolest people in the World I really want your input on what I’m doing any advice if I’m overlooking Something uh just share your thoughts With me so here’s the deal though here’s What’s going on I’ve been expanding my hard drive mining Endeavor okay and uh specifically I’ve Been using the Evergreen miners I like The Evergreen miners they’re fun they’re Plug and Play easy to deploy all that Kind of stuff so these have been a great

Experience and I have two pro kits right Now I’ve got two on order and then I Have plans for more in the future so you Start running the numbers I mean that’s A very expensive mining Endeavor at this Point to the point that I feel like I Need to dedicate an area for them where They can you know be set to succeed Specifically right They are hard drives they are not as Robust as an Asic Miner like I’ve got in There and my mining shed is it has Always been planned I know to be for Asic mining with some GPU mining CPU Mining and just you know whatever else I’ll throw at it I thought about having A clean side and doing kind of what I Want to do with the hard drive mining or It’s really Chia farming in there but it Just doesn’t really make sense so I’m Thinking about grabbing a shed Specifically I’m not I’m the shed guy I Just I can’t get away from it I I used To live in a shed I built a tiny home And I really had nowhere else to go and I I lived in there for three years when I was younger and uh maybe I just have An affinity for shed you know in the Beginning of the bonus coin Journey Turned a shed into my you know I call it I don’t know if you say this anymore It’s probably offensive but you know my Redneck data center uh back then but my Point here is that it’s relatively

Inexpensive and it’s relatively Maintenance free specifically especially With vinyl I’m playing a long game here So drop a shed insulate it seal it up Put a mini split into it it’s an Efficient easy to deploy AC unit Installation is cheap as well I’m Dealing with if I do it this way 80 Square feet it’s not much at all I could Even make it smaller but I want to put In two racks that are about two feet Wide and four feet long and that gives Me a few feet on each side uh you know All the way around and so I’ll pretty Much just have them there in the center And I’m not just going to put One Mini Split I’m gonna put two but I’m only Going to use one so I I feel like that’s A little over the top but what it does Is it gives me redundancy and it gives Me a way to keep everything running and Operational if one of the Mini Splits Goes out of the main one the primary one Goes out in the middle of the summer and With where I want to take this I mean It’s a serious Endeavor it’s I I can’t have down time down time is How you lose Then you look at the numbers you need to Run one of these right so the ones I’m Looking at consume like 1 000 to 1 300 Watts uh so with that in mind I wouldn’t Need that many solar panels to run that Mini split furthermore I want my first

Solar deployment which I am just so Excited to finally get there uh really I Want to deploy it on the house as soon As possible as well as deploy it with This endeavor it just wouldn’t be that Many panels because these Evergreen Miners the pro kits I mean we’re talking Like 100 Watts it’s not much at all I Mean these miners burn like five dollars Of electricity per month okay the mini Split is projected and my electric rate To use about 100 of electricity per Month I mean the electricity consumption Here is low the heat output because of That the more energy you burn the more Heat you make is low so I mean I I view This I mean it’s it’s interesting right You know some are people like oh you’re Too late to Chia farming or oh you know There’s the housing coming up well There’s still plenty of money emitted Per day she only recently announced that They’re pursuing an IPO and that’s is That’s what would really like their Project on fire and when they would Hopefully finally spend on marketing yes They do have some pre-mining and all That stuff I mean it’s not exactly a Picture-perfect scenario but the way I Look at it Is I’m having fun And Why not That’s not the best pitch

But no like it’s a way to diversify I Mean I focused on Bitcoin mining as well As some altcoin mining um in the Pod and You know the shed is just going to be More or less of the same there it’s Going to be the majority of Asic mining This kind of deployment would not work Which is why I completely ditched the Cooling concept uh with Asic mining They’re they’re too big they make too Much heat they’re too powerful it’s a Losing game that’s why everyone uses Ambient air cooling or liquid cooling Immersion cooling right so I’m using Ambient air I’m just running the air That’s around through there uh through The building which goes through the Miners which is so much cooler than what Is inside of the miners even if it’s 100 Degree Fahrenheit day out here this air Is going to be so much cooler than how Those miners are operating and that’s Good enough that gets it done so I mean it’s pretty simple I’m just Looking at you know maybe I really like A 1200 BTU mini split I think would be Overkill uh but I’m also looking at the 1800 BTU mini split because there’s not Much more and it doesn’t consume that Much more electricity uh but you know my Takeaway here uh specifically is like I’d rather be overpowered and it you Know has an easy life then you know it Has to work hard I’m thinking about

Actually dropping it right around here You know on my mining pad I’d like to You know build the shed on concrete uh But you know concrete is just so Expensive these days and uh you know it Would have basically set me up with a Cooler uh you know temperature wise uh Scenario and it would quite literally be Cooler and more sturdy and just better All around it’s probably going to double The infrastructure cost I mean I can get Into a 10 by 8 shed with my Amish Connection for about two grand and That’s a lot of money but if I don’t Have a proper setup for these and the Hard drive start going out you know once You factor in the hard drive price and You put on the premium of it being Pre-plotted for Chia farming and all That I mean it’s like 250 bucks a drive So every drive that goes out from these Kits I’m losing 250 dollars and by the End of the year I hope to have over 100 Hard drives deployed So I think it warrants a build out like This am I a lunatic I’m gonna die on This dirt out here so I mean maybe worst Case scenario one day I move on from Using it but ultimately geofarming is One of the most long-term viable forms Of mining for this simple fact if Nothing else that it’s so energy none Intensive right it’s as long as chia Is pretty much above 40 bucks we’re

Gonna be having a a decent time even Above 30 dollars and I’m hoping that This coin 10 X’s which could make this Miner go from making 60 bucks 80 bucks a Month To 800 a month per unit especially in Retrospect and I’m not just doubling Down on mining hardware and Mining Infrastructure I’m also grabbing some of The coins and I hope that that doesn’t Come off Shelly or I’m like I’m trying To pump or pimp my bags or whatever Right I mean I already got the cutest Dog in the world Hey what do you think Tails always comes With me when I’m waiting and she gets so Hyped when I’m waiting uh because a lot Of this stuff is just kind of gotten out Of hand the last year it’s a watch so I’m like make this weed And so you know I’ll pluck the weed And she’ll go after every single one and She kind of brings them back but she Realized they were plucking so many Weeds that she pretty much just goes After it bites it some and then rushes Back to be ready For the next one How do you spend your Sundays in all Seriousness though I’m not trying to Waste money I’m not trying to do Something stupid and I don’t want to get In over my head right but on the other Hand like I’m never leaving this

Location so this could always be turned Into something else I mean this could Become a server room I mean there’s so Many things I could do with it I mean I Could even just convert it into a little Tiny home AC cooled glamping camping Hut you know What whatever right it’s I have a lot of You know potential with these things in The future I don’t I I love Infrastructure I love buildings I’m the Kid growing up I was watching a Construction video you know he’ll push It into VHS I bet some of you don’t even Know what a VHS is yeah am I dating Myself But in all seriousness right it it just To me that’s how I justify right maybe I’m pitching myself whatever and I mean My my plan is crazy simple I mean no no Windows a door no vents no ridge vents No nothing I don’t want anything on here And I’m just gonna stop you know Probably two Mini Splits on the side And uh insulate it and I I’m gonna throw Up some kind of you know uh wall cover I’m not quite sure but I need to put up Some kind of siding and uh that’ll just Keep it clean and this is what’s cool About Mini Splits is they don’t take air From the outside so they’re not pushing Air in it’s not overflowing I don’t have To worry about this air coming in now Where does it Escape it’s taking the air

In there and then just cycling it Through and basically making it cold So it’s turning the hot air colder right These are Plug and Play temperature Based so you know I just set it on you Know 70 degrees or something and just Let it rip let these things eat and Really the only other thing I’m going to Put in there other than obviously you Know a switch or ethernet I need to run Some conduit into it is I’m gonna put in Just you know some kind of basic air Filter then it’ll clean the air in there And I should have clean cool rigs which Should give me the longest lifespan Possible with them right now they’re Over in the field building or what we Call boss Queen HQ over there Um and I mean that thing’s not finished It’s dirty it’s never been clean there’s All kinds of contaminants in there There’s not a lot of movement in there Right now so it’s not kicking a lot of Stuff up I’m not like too worried about Them uh but it’s not a long-term Solution Instead of just telling you why don’t I Just Time warping and now I’m up here With an original box fan I used to use On my GPU rigs Ah I never stopped mining Even if I have to make

The best coin to mine ever myself Everyone’s cheering my name’s dad I won’t let it die and although like I Have a heavy focus with the video stuff Here on the channel for you know can This work in your house and the Evergreen miners are absolutely awesome For that as well as just simply Chia Mining rigs right I have a very heavy Focus moving forward now that I’ve got This facility I’ve been working on to Not bring them into the house I’ve been Surrounded by miners for closer to a Decade they’re it just it just gets old Man it just gets old I mean they a lot Of them make noise they make heat they Get in the way why is there a mining rig In the bathroom what he’s asking what’s That maybe you don’t feel like talking About crypto on your day off I mean most Of the time I do but you know when when Like that cousin or no Uncle comes into Town you’re just like man I don’t really Even like you and now I gotta explain All this stuff you got 900 questions and You don’t even subscribe to the channel Man again obviously I’m joking a little Bit but part of The Pact I wanted to Respect you know our home a little bit More moving forward because my business Has been bleeding into it for over a Decade uh because I had a business that Turned into another business before this Uh that I left behind to just fully

Chase cryptocurrency full-time Um and and those businesses were Bleeding into the house you know way Back when as well and you know I just Never forget like when I got this Panda Miner and it’s screaming in the garage And I know it’s pretty loud right I’m Here to talk to you today about the Panda Miner I didn’t have any kind of Cooling solution in there so I opened The garage door and I was refinishing my Bedroom so I was sleeping in a hallway On a mattress right next to the garage And it was it was so loud it was so hot I mean it’s like God it was like 90 Degrees and down there the AC wasn’t set Up to deal with this oh my gosh and I Was trying to conserve money because Everything was so freaking tight then You know I was on the brink of failure All the time but anyway I’m just kind of Ranting or droning on uh you probably Maybe you don’t care about the life Story that’s all right uh that’s okay uh So really that that’s that’s the plan Um and uh I’m still trying to work Through the Internet situation out here Verizon ran me a line and then they Broke it uh we got like that c Squad out Here doing that kind of work so actually The whole Farm is still operating on Starlink I’m still undecided on what I’m Gonna do moving forward regarding the Internet solution but I need to make

Sure that The Verizon FiOS line is Rock Solid and Then I may just move the starlink to be Basically backup internet I may turn it Off and then just redeploy it if Something ever happens and I really need It uh it you know it’s expensive these Bills add up and Mining is absolutely Profitable but it’s not crazy it’s not a Gold Rush right now and a lot of these Expenses just really eat and eat eat and Eat and eat away at you so that’s all I Got today do you think I’m on to Something or you think I’m an idiot you Let me know hopefully you don’t call me An idiot down in the comments below uh As always I appreciate you all to watch The videos all the way through and this Is one of the few videos we’ve shot so Far in 4k does it make a noticeable Difference Or or is it a waste of bandwidth see you On the next one [Music] [Music]