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In today’s video, you need to hold shib. It is important to get in early on the shib train. We will also be talking about the major recent success of Shiba inu token and what the future holds for the Shiba inu coin. As well as giving you Shiba price prediction and Shiba inu coin news. Make sure to subscribe to the channel for daily Shiba inu updates. We are also going to be talking about Robinhood listing Shiba inu tokens and how this will help Shiba inu explode. Robinhood listing Shiba inu confirmed Shiba to $0.10 soon.






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Breaking news Sheba in news price could Be about to explode this month this Prediction comes from one of the biggest And most accurate experts in the crypto Market so if you have any interest in Shiba Inu or you hold any sheep tokens Then you need to see this so who made The Sheba a new price prediction What price will she reach this month and Why will the token spike in value in Today’s video I will be answering these Questions and I’m going to be telling You all of the new price boosting Information that has just come out about Shiba he knew and how there is still a High possibility you could become a Millionaire from Chief I knew I have put A lot of research into this video so Make sure you watch the entire video to Not miss out on any price boosting Information welcome to crypto hype your Daily dose of Sheba if you are Interested in everything around Sheba This is the place for you subscribe if You want to stay updated with all the news predictions and stay one step Ahead in the crypto World make sure to Hit the like button for us to provide You with more ship news also just before We go any further this channel has a Daily giveaway of 1 million Shiba tokens To enter all you have to do is be Subscribed to this channel like this Video and comment hashtag she button new

Good luck but before we get to our topic Let’s take a look at the chart and see What the price of Shiba is doing on the 10th of April shall we Shiba news price today is around 1094 Units shiv’s price is up 0.2 percent in The last 24 hours with a 24-hour trading Volume of 152 million dollars the token Also currently has a market cap of over 6.4 billion dollars ranking it as the 15th most valuable cryptocurrency Please keep in mind these prices might Have changed by the time you watch this Video it has a circulating supply of 549 Trillion sheet coins but this number is Getting lower every day due to coin Burns the token started with a total Supply of one quadrillion if you are Looking to buy sell and trade Cryptocurrency then you need to sign up To mexc Global if you join through the Link in my description you can earn up To nine thousand one hundred dollars in Free crypto Also guys please be aware of scammers Impersonating the channel in the Comments we do not have a WhatsApp or a Telegram Now before we get to the main story of The video we first need to update you on The latest Chiba a new crypto news from Today so let’s not waste any time and Get into it Boneshiba swap scores new listing here’s

How price reacts Bone is the governance token of the Sheba swap ecosystem and the token that Fuels transactions on sherbarium Today the news was announced that bone Has been added to a decentralized Exchange called swapika along with the Other meme tokens of the Sheba Inu Ecosystem which together make up the Trifecta Sheba Inu and Doge killer this Is not the first new listing for bone Token this week as covered by you today On Thursday the mean coin was added by Major digital exchange cryptocom Ironically it will be trading against Sheba in you there however today’s Listing by swapika has not made any Impact on the bone price The token is changing hands at one in Seven cents dropping a marginal one Percent over the past 24 hours according To coin market cap As mentioned above the bone token helps To conduct transactions on the shibarium Beta Network called popinit which was Released on March 11 serving as gas Earlier this year the lead of Sheba a New known as trike Toshi kusama Published shibarium documents in Particular they specified that 70 of the Base Bond transaction fee on shibarium Would be converted into sheep and then Sent to unspendable wallets which means Burned the rest of the fee would be set

Aside by Developers for maintaining the Network If you are still watching it would be Massively appreciated if you could go Ahead and smash the like button it costs Nothing and really helps support the Channel Also keep watching to find out the Latest Chiba inucoin news Crypto Community with 87 historical Accuracy sets she price for April 30 2023 while other top digital assets such As Bitcoin and ethereum recorded gains In March the same could not be said for Shiba Inu This slowdown in performance has left Many investors wondering whether shiv’s Glory Days are behind it in the world of Cryptocurrency uncertainty loons large Over the long-term value of popular all Coins such as Shiba Inu which has been Known to trigger price surges among Retail Traders Interestingly the crypto community’s Predictions on coin market cap for Sheaves price over the past six months Have proven remarkably precise with an Impressive 87 accuracy rate According to estimates based on 3744 member votes the price of sheep is Expected to trade at 1131 units by the end of April which Would mark an impressive 3.32 increase If these estimations hold true sheb

Could offer a potential opportunity for Investors to capitalize on the Anticipated price hike But I do think this could be a big month For Shiba Inu and that we could see the Token reach 1250 units what is your Prediction for Sheba in new this month Let me know in the comments below Now let’s get into the main story of Today’s video Popular crypto strategist predicts major Rally for Dogecoin and Shiba Inu a Prominent cryptocurrency analyst has Predicted that the prices of major meme Inspired digital assets Dogecoin and Sheba Inu will both Cedar value surge in The near future in a rally that’s going To bring a lot of disbelief In a series of tweets the pseudonymous Cryptocurrency strategist Kaleo shared With their over 500 000 followers on the Microblogging platform they revealed That Doge has broken out above its high Time frame downtrend and could be Targeting the 25 cents price Mark in a Price rally that would more than double Its current value of 9 cents The analyst also pointed to dojoin rival Shiva Inu another meme inspired Cryptocurrency that has a substantial Amount of tokens being held by long-term Investors demonstrating the token’s Growing appeal among holders with a Longer investment Horizon

Blockchain from into the block data Shows that sheep holders who have kept Their tokens for over a year Collectively owned 687.17 trillion sheep worth over 7.20 Billion dollars these long-term holders Control nearly 70 percent of Sheba in News circulating Supply To Kaleo while Doge may be a better Play She Looks ready to Rally alongside it For another leg up Kaleo predicts that a breakout could Result in significant gains for sheep With a potential increase of 50 to 100 Percent The analyst notes that although a 1.5 x To 2x squeeze may seem substantial it Only scratches the surface of what these Mean coins have achieved in the past During rallies If we saw a 2x on sheave this month then That would be amazing but if the hype Kicks up for she again this time it Could go parabolic because this time Round the token would have actual Utility to back the price pumps Many of our subscribers comment that They are not going to sell sheep for the Next five years and hold millions of Them because they believe in the Sheba Inu developers and the real world value Of sheep how many are you guys holding Don’t forget to list your sheep Holdings In the comments section below let’s

Praise the Sheep holder for trusting and Believing in the process if you are Enjoying the video then please give this Video a huge thumbs up subscribe to the Channel and let us know in the comments Your views on the shiba inu token and Make sure to turn on the post Notifications to get notified every time We post a new video Check out the video on screen now to Learn more about the recent Shiva Inu News the information provided in this Video does not constitute investment Advice Financial advice trading advice Or any other advice You should not treat any of the content As such do conduct your own due Diligence and consult your financial Advisor before making any investment Decisions