BRC-20 Guide – How to Mint, Deploy, and Trade Bitcoin Tokens using Unisat

By | May 12, 2023

Bitcoin tokens are making new Bitcoin crypto millionaires but uh, how do you even get started with BRC-20 tokens? Today I’ll show you how to set up a Unisat wallet to mint BRC20 tokens, deploy your own BTC tokens, and how to even trade Bitcoin tokens! Mint your first BRC-20 token on our $VOSK brc20!

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Bitcoin ordinals have already gotten a ton of traction, but it’s brc-20 tokens that have garnered more interest than all of BTC ordinals combined! You literally mint these Bitcoin tokens for free, all you have to do are pay the BTC transaction fee and you’re loading up free tokens that have already amassed a market cap of half a billion dollars! Here’s a tutorial on how to get started with brc-20 tokens, how to deploy your own brc-20 token, how to trade brc-20 tokens, and how to use the Unisat wallet to do all of this!

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00:00 BRC-20 tokens – this changes everything!
00:55 How to get started with UniSat
02:24 How to inscribe a BTC Ordinal
03:44 What are BRC-20 tokens?
04:31 Creating the VOSK BRC-20 token!
06:24 Funding the UniSat wallet
10:13 Minting BTC domains
12:26 How to buy a BRC-20 token
13:52 BRC-20 tokens could make you rich!

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