BNB Smart Chain Guide – Metamask & Binance Wallet Tutorial using Pancakeswap

By | May 21, 2023

BNB Smart Chain Guide – Metamask & Binance Wallet Tutorial using Pancakeswap Here’s everything you need to know to get started making trades, earning cryptocurrency tokens, and more on BSC!

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MetaMask is the most popular crypto browser wallet and the Binance BNB smart chain has established itself with billions of dollars of total value locked on the blockchain. You can use the Binance wallet to convert BNB from the main chain or beacon chain onto the bnb smart chain or commonly referred to as its original name the binance smart chain BSC but other than that the Binance wallet is a poor experience. Pancakeswap is the leading decentralized exchange DEX on BSC, and I’ll show you how to trade, provide liquidity, farm, and even buy NFTs on the BNB smart chain!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 How to use the bnb smart chain?
01:04 What is the BNB smartchain?
02:05 How to use the BNB smartchain with metamask
04:51 Using the binance wallet to swap BNB tokens
05:58 Pancake swap is the biggest DEX on the BNB smartchain
06:55 trading on the Ethereum chain is way too expensive!
07:55 How to farm and liquidity mine on pancakeswap
10:49 How to buy NFTs on pancakeswap
11:42 Pancakeswap now has a v3 version
13:16 How is the Binance chain doing?
15:07 Will there be a new meme coin craze?
16:00 Be careful out there!

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