Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold (When To Make Smart Money Moves)

By | April 17, 2023

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My minimum price target for Bitcoin uh One to two years post having is 150k That is the worst case scenario minimum Now leading up to it might be a Different story [Music] [Music] [Music] I want to share an article from Finn Bold Um so the Bitcoin rainbow chart have you Have you seen this rainbow chart it’s Gonna be I have yeah yeah okay I haven’t Pulled it up lately the uh the rainbow Chart has set the Bitcoin price for the End of this year okay now after breaking The psychological level at thirty Thousand dollars the price of Bitcoin Has been moving in a sideways Trend well Not today it’s moving down but as things Stand the rainbow charts suggests that Bitcoin is currently in the accumulate Phase which is indicated by the dark Green color and I’ll scroll down there In a second so you guys can take a look This phase presently stands in the Bitcoin price area between around 27 9 And 36 7. In its most bullish scenario which is Highlighted in dark red uh for the end Of this year the rainbow chart Identifies the area between 180 000 and almost a quarter million dollars As the maximum bubble territory for

Bitcoin as opposed to the most bearish Scenario which is in dark blue between 20 and 26 4. see you keep saying you Keep saying like blue green yellow I Just look at it as the flavors of the Skittles so right now we’re in lime and You know this that are your color blind The the the yellow is so that yellow Band there if you were to if you were to Get into the yellow band at the having We were almost at 100 Grand you see that Uh and okay do you first of all do you Believe in this the the rainbow Char you Have the stock to flow model that kind Of I would I wouldn’t uh I wouldn’t take That as uh the gospel there like it’s It’s all or nothing but I do think it is Something to keep a look at you know it You know it’s gonna it’s gonna follow The rainbow chart to some degree right And I mean is it yeah I mean the having The having coming up you’re gonna at Least be in the yellow band right and so The next having 100K I think is is is a Foregone conclusion at least in in our Minds right So uh we actually did a having video Last week and uh my minimum price target For Bitcoin uh one to two years post Having is 150k that is the worst case Scenario minimum now leading up to it Might be a different story look you Gotta understand right hedge funds these Money market funds people that look that

Are their sole goal is to make money and If the stock market is bleeding and you Can you get four three four five percent On U.S treasuries and the dollar is is Is uh being threatened right now right The dollarization is happening right we We can’t just turn a blind eye to that That is happening right where else are You going to put your money you’re gonna Put it in Gold that goes up two percent A year you’re gonna put it in silver Other precious metals or are you gonna Put it in something like Bitcoin like Ethereum who no matter what happens Still has utility still has utility on Top of retail on top of having a events Like havings on top of it being Deflationary on top of it being on the Blockchain and so that’s what I think That narrative shift is going to come so While everyone thinks that a recession Is bad for crypto and Bitcoin I Personally think the opposite I think When your back is against the wall and You’re looking for an outlet and you Can’t find an outlet you start looking At other ways that you haven’t looked at Before and one of those ways is going to Be Bitcoin you know what’s funny like in All honesty when Bitcoin was at seventy Thousand dollars all you hear people men Yeah okay I wish it was at 20K man it Was a 30 000 I buy it right now and Bitcoin got to 16-5 and what did we hear

From people bitcoin’s going to zero I Knew that’s why I didn’t invest now People always people always talk about Uh talk about hey I’m gonna pull the Trigger at this price point they just Didn’t ever do right it’s it’s it’s it’s It’s so common but now if you had the Conviction and you see that that things On sale while everyone else is panicking As people are puking and CNBC all of a Sudden wants to cover crypto and uh and Trash it or whatever it is uh when Mainstream media is is talking about it When you’re when you go to the barbecue And your friends are like how that FTX Well if you got the conviction to buy Then you are the smart money and uh Because nothing’s changed yeah nothing’s Changed Bitcoin Bitcoin has not changed The the Bitcoin blocks are still getting Validated every minutes and uh Ethereum’s still chugging along Finally got its upgrade there you go [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Thank you He said that Bitcoin is a very very poor Alternative to Gold I like to think the Roles are actually reverse I think that

Gold is a very very poor uh well okay a Very very poor version of Bitcoin Because it’s not it lacks a utility the Benefit with Bitcoin versus gold is that Bitcoin is digital you just pick it up Anywhere as long as you got internet Connection here in the states hey if I Want to buy gold I can go get an ETF of Gold I can go to a pawn shop ETF is not right here but here’s the Thing it is a digital representation of Gold that’s manipulated but it does it Doesn’t matter either way you’re still Getting exposure to Gold you’re gonna Okay you’re gonna go take your ETF but You buy something you can still get a an ETF they do buy and sell gold uh in Relation to how many people are buying And selling gold now now you can trade Those digitally but that is only Services that are that are allotted to Us residents Um or to privileged Traders abroad that That can trade in in the stock exchange Uh so if you don’t have access to those Services uh you can’t get a digital Representation of gold so outside of the EU handful of other countries the states Uh there’s a small percentage of people That can get digital gold outside of That if you want exposure to Gold you Have to go out and physically buy it and Then if you hope that gold is real nope It’s pure and hope it’s like you know no

You can get counterfeit Gold fake gold I Think you you made an interesting Statement you said Bitcoin is not a poor Version of gold gold is a poor version Of Bitcoin it is it and and it doesn’t Lose its value by any means it gold gold Will always be gold it always you know Have its value uh and as as Fiat Currencies inflate and lose its value uh Gold will increase in value it’s just It’s it’s a scarce commodity yeah but Here’s the thing like Up to a quarter million dollars and you Want to take it and you want to Re-hypothecate and invest sure okay That’s how the economy keeps going right Without printing money that’s all but at Least let me get a bigger piece of The pop don’t give 10 grand for Me Lend that 10 grand out To Robin via credit card charge him 20 Interest and give me less than a quarter Of a percent like that’s complete BS Well I think times are changing right Now times are changing and your money is Debatably covered I’ve talked about this On the basement several times whenever People talk about FDIC some other people Know this but the question for you how Much do you think is in the FDIC Reserves not enough but what do you Think it is I think the number was about 30 billion it’s 128 billion so what half After after the whole bailout with uh

With silicon no no that’s how much was There so they didn’t even have enough to Bail out silicon alone yeah because Silicon had one 107. Well they didn’t have enough money if They went over their 250k they did have Enough money if they stuck to their Limits but they didn’t they guaranteed Every deposit or their money back So they guarantee to make everyone whole To uh indemnify them but the problem is That that bank night like seven I Believe it was either 78 or 90 of the Deposits was over that 250 000 threshold And now they’re talking about an Unlimited FDIC like how much are these Banks gonna have to pay into the Insurance program because that’s what They do it comes off the bank uh it Comes off the backs of of people like me And we know they’re not taking that out Of their bottom line They print it and they debase our our Currency and then we we feel it through Inflation and the thing is is we don’t See it immediately and then next thing You know two years down the road you Look at the price of gas it’s doubled You’re like and it’s because of actions Like that coinbase for example isn’t Listing xrp it doesn’t have the order Books for it you gotta imagine that They’re not gonna keep a massive amount Of xrp as liquidity they’re just going

To offload that and so for that reason I Think I think when it does re-list Eventually this is going to be so much Supply shock because you’re going to Have the license And xrp wins court case starts getting Relisted what price Uh I think it you get some candles up Into two three dollars And then I think it probably settles in At 150. [Music] [Music] Thank you