Bitcoin Halving – This is Your Moment (BEST Time For Crypto in 2023)

By | April 15, 2023

I discuss the bitcoin halving cycle and what this means for the opportunity you now have to accumulate crypto. This is your time to get in and build wealth.

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Thank you Welcome to bitboy crypto my name is Ben Today I want to talk to you guys about The Bitcoin having cycles and what this Means for the accumulation of crypto First of all if you’re buying crypto Right now congratulations We may go down a little bit but you’re Coming in at a great time this is a Message I really want to hammer home This time because in the last cycle in 2019 which would be the equivalent of Where we are here because it’s import Your cycle uh you know I didn’t have as much confidence that Everybody was going to get rich I Thought everyone’s gonna get rich but Now I’ve got all the confidence in the World of where we’re at in this cycle in 2019 Whenever I hear someone talk about they Start watching my channel in 2019. I Know a couple things automatically I Know number one they know G and number Two I know that They’ve done very well if they manage Their assets well and they didn’t sell Or lose all their money leverage trading Or would write it back to zero people in 2019 that bought crypto like the prices Are still up from 2019. cardano was at Five cents I always like these Cardone Is a good example because it to me it’s It’s such a good indicator of where the

Market is If you bought cardano in 2019 you were Buying it in between two and five cents Most likely maybe one cent even price Even after a large dip bottomed out at 20 cents so you still forexed your money It’s not a Forex joke but you did you Made four times your money even today uh When the when it bottomed and I don’t Know I think right now is around 40 Cents or so so in 8X Um so it’s very important to accumulate Crypto during this stage you need to be Looking at what coins you want to buy Looking at uh you know where the price Of Bitcoin is going and why do we know That it’s based on the Bitcoin for your Cycle let’s talk about the Bitcoin for Your cycle it’s based off of one very Important date which is going to be the Day of the Bitcoin having now the Bitcoin having uh doesn’t mean you cut Two Bitcoin a Bitcoin into two pieces Not what it means it means that the Miners that are mining Bitcoin on the Network When the having date occurs they are now Receiving literally half the amount of Bitcoin that they were receiving before For the same amount of work and effort Uh in the world of mining so that’s a Giant Supply shock to the miners I mean Imagine if it’s your job okay at your Job all of a sudden one day they say

We’re going to cut your salary in half Your awards are going to be cut in half You’ll be like what the heck what do I Do how do I how do I make money you’re Gonna have a supply shock you’re gonna Have a price a salary shock if you will And really that’s what’s happening so Because all kinds of other things to Occur because it’s the miners to Capitulate it means miners are you know Really pumping those machines right as Your head of that having [Applause] Now when does this date occur We say every four years because it’s Approximately every four years but in Reality it’s not every four years in Reality it’s every 210 000 bucks which Works out usually to sometime around Three years and ten months three years 11 months so generally what happens when Those 210 000 blocks for Bitcoin occur The amount of rewards get cut in half The miners do some crazy stuff Capitulate you know buy new equipment Sell off whatever the case may be and Then About three months after that having the Price starts going up parabolically and We’ve seen it cycle after cycle after Cycle in general uh the way that this Four-year Cycle Works uh is that Leading up to the having you’ll get a Large pump

And then you’ll get it after the having The price goes down a little bit then it Goes sideways for about three months Then it goes parabolic it will go Parabolic all the way to the top of the Market uh so top of the market like for Instance in 2021 was in November Of 2021 uh and then the price dropped For a full year until the next November Exactly one year of dramatic falling Action After that falling action has occurred Which would have been November of 2022 At this point okay November 2022 at this Point At that point the price starts slowly Moving up so in 2019 if we went through The same thing this year that we went Through in 2019 what do we expect the Price to do well we’d expect the price To go up At some point this year pretty Dramatically maybe to 50K even And then pull back to about twenty five Thousand dollars that’s why we saw in 2019 it went all the way up to 14 000 Pulled all the way back down to 67k so That’s kind of what we’re generally Expecting it’s very important That right now you are looking to Accumulate coins during this time Because as you’re accumulating all coins And accumulating more Bitcoin this will Pay off down the road very significantly

If we continue to see the four-year Cycle play out the way that we expect it To this means we should probably be Hitting all-time Highs at the end of 2024. now at the end of 2023 as we’re Heading into the having which will Probably be between March and April of Next year we’ll probably see the price Start to move up as well so one way you Can kind of play this is when these Price pumps go up take profits and then Reaccumulate on these dips guys Bitcoin Does not go up forever it has gigantic Drops in price that’s why we love it I Know you sit there what do you what do You mean well that means you’re able to Take advantage of these cycles and You’re able to accumulate these bottoms Sell profits at the tops and then Reaccumulate again at lower prices we All wish we would have sold the top in 2021. I know that for sure so that was Your crash course on bitcoin the Four-year Cycles how would you be Handling things right now and let me Know down below if you got any comments Would love to hear what your strategy is That’s all I got to be blessed [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]