BitBoy vs KevinO’Leary MIRACLE MEETING (Crypto, SBF, & Binance)

By | April 16, 2023

Today I’m discussing my chance meeting with Kevin O’Leary and the top news about SBF, binance and the rest of crypto.

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Thank you Welcome to bitboy crypto my name is Ben And today I want to talk to you about my chance Meeting With Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank That’s right you guys may know me and Kevin O’Leary we’ve had massive beef He’s he’s blocked me on Twitter twice Uh we’ve gone after each other I’ve made A lot of accusations towards him He said a lot of stuff about me And uh I tell you what you know Sometimes life just puts you in really Funny awkward situations and you know You just try to make the best out of Them and I’ll explain what happened and Um Uh where we’re gonna go from here so It’s pretty interesting stuff so Um basically what happened is uh as you Guys know uh I’m here at aft NYC you Guys see there’s New York City and I’m Going to a lot of parties doing a lot of Stuff so of course I had to get some new Some new some new shoes let me show you My new Gucci shoes I had to go get these new Gucci shoes Look at these Hey those are pretty gangster aren’t They you got a minute so I’m going to Get some issues and I got a new shirt to Go uh to one of these parties with Because I had to get a shirt to match

His shoes you guys know how this is the Fashion stuff okay you guys know fashion Icon I’m no Richard Hart I’m no Richard Hart So I’m going to the Gucci store and I’m In the Uber and as I’m in the Uber going To the store I look to the sidewalk I’m Like I’m within visual of the Gucci Store I can see it I look to the right Who is walking on the freaking sidewalk On the street With his wife Yes that is right Kevin O’Leary so I rolled the window down and I turned Around I looked at him and I said Governor O’Leary And he turned around he looked at me and I will not tell you exactly what I said To him but I cussed him I basically Called him some names Um I called him some names and he just Stood there for a second And Um basically there was a moment where he Goes Wait aren’t you the big guy and so maybe I can uh maybe I can show this uh this Clip here maybe my editor can put this Clip in of uh me running into Kevin O’Leary So yeah I mean you can’t really hear Much after that what what goes on in the Video so a lot of people will say like

Oh my gosh you’ve been so aggressive Towards Kevin Leary and then uh Kevin O’Leary then you get out and you go over There and you talk to him and then you Take the smiling picture we’ll put the Picture of me and Kevin what what Happened So here’s what occurred I actually was Prepared to be like pretty abrasive and Aggressive because you guys know that’s The way that I roll which um speaking of Rolling make sure to check out our Sponsor steak uh the sponsor of the Bitboy crypto Channel it is our main Channel sponsor uh you guys can go and Play all kinds of games on stake they’ve Got oh we’ve got a giveaway we’re doing You guys can go check out my pin tweet On and you guys can sign up Uh for a stake account and you guys can Be one of 10 winners that are going to Win up to 100 and of course there’s Plenty of assets you guys can use on There and things like that so shout out To steak we absolutely love steak They’re killing it I’ve now said all my Insults and burns on Twitter and I’m Gonna be sponsored by mistake so real Excited about that uh but the point is Is that I go and I talk to him and if You guys can tell from like the moment I Talk walk up to him like he was being Friendly and so You know it’s hard not to be friendly

With somebody’s friendly back like That’s just the truth of it and so I Went over there and said look Kevin he Said look we’ve got some common enemies Going on right now like we both care About the crypto space we want to push It forward that’s what he told me and so Um I basically went I I you know we Ended up having a conversation And I was just asking him questions I Was like look I I have to understand You’re a lot like how in the world are You supporting Sam I don’t understand How you’re supporting Sam Bateman freed When he co-mingled funds and these are All questions that he that nobody’s Asking Kevin these questions nobody in The crypto world is getting underneath The things he’s saying and saying what Is your motivation for saying these Things what is your perspective what why Are you defending Sam why are you going At Finance uh you know these are Questions that I I want to ask him and So basically the long and the short of It is he said he wasn’t gonna say Anything negative about me again he said He would unblock me and Kevin O’Leary is Gonna be coming on the show so I’m going To reach out to him Um uh I don’t know maybe on Twitter I Have his phone number too Um but I’m gonna reach out we’re gonna Set it up from when I get back from the

Bahamas we’re going on a cruise nothing Do that’s me we’re going on our big boy Cruise this week and so he’s going to Come on the channel and I’m gonna ask Him these questions I’m going to ask him Hard questions I’m gonna give him the Opportunity he was very nice he was very Friendly he was not abrasive at all and So uh we decided that for the good of The crypto space for the good of the Curtis space we are going to squash our Beef and we’re going to get this figured Out and here here’s the more important Thing it’s not about squashing the beef Okay it’s it’s not about like oh we just Shake hands and we just move forward Like he’s gonna come on show and he’s Going to answer these questions I mean They’re talking about FTX starting back Up I want to know what he thinks about That for sure Um and I I really want to know what his Angles are for things And if we can get those answers then I Think we’ve probably done something Beneficial and look is the market is Heading back up and things are going Positive it’s it’s not a super great Thing for us to have all these beefs in The world of crypto I know I’ve done a a Pretty good job of tearing Kevin down And we’re given the opportunity to Present a sign and we’re gonna be fair We’re gonna be like a journalist we’re

Gonna be fair that’s what I want to do With Sam when I was going to review Sam I wanted to be fair it’s not about going At somebody with an angle it’s it’s Understanding the right questions to ask And and asking those and that’s what We’re going to be doing so it was pretty Crazy like actually just ran into him on The street totally random and uh super Excited to uh get him on the channel Here in a couple weeks and uh if you Guys have questions you want me to ask Him drop it down below in the chat That’s all I got people asked thank you Just take [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]