BEST FREE Cryptocurrency Airdrops in 2023 YOU CAN STILL GET!

By | May 2, 2023

BEST FREE Cryptocurrency Airdrops in 2023 YOU CAN STILL GET! Yes, some of the biggest free upcoming cryptocurrency airdrops are on the horizon, and after Arbitrum made crypto users a lot of money with ARB, here’s a guide on how to get into the next best token airdrops! Best miner in 2023 here –

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Of course, we are still waiting for the Metamask MASK token airdrop but some more obvious incoming cryptocurrency airdrops are almost here like the Zksync era token, starknet token, and the controversial coinbase base layer 2 cryptocurrency token airdrop! Chia is a platform blockchain powered by XCH, and many protocols will launch on that chain, naturally airdropping their own tokens to early adopters. Layer zero, a blockchain technology connecting many different cryptocurrencies is a looming crypto token airdrop, and Stargate STG is helping showcase the power of that chain. Let’s review these free crypto airdrops you can still get!

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Today we’re going to run through the top Five cryptocurrency air drops you can Still become eligible for here in 2023. These are not opportunities you want to Miss out on and I’m not trying to create A bunch of fomo but I will say that I Told you so and if you watch this video And you missed out on these thousands Tens of thousands of dollars a free Opportunity really I mean it’s gonna Cost you a couple bucks to potentially Make tens of thousands of dollars Obviously nothing’s guaranteed but the People that are hunting airdrops are Becoming rich and the people on the Sidelines if they don’t know or are Getting quite frustrated my name is Voss You’re on the vascoin YouTube channel I’m a full-time crypto nerd I’ve Successfully hit a lot of airdrops but I’m not here to brag I’m here to Encourage you to participate there are So many opportunities and all I can ask Is what are you waiting for I’m going to Show you exactly what to do in this Video and don’t be selfish send it to Your friend maybe even work through it With your friend while watching the Video yeah I mean sure I get two views But you also get a buddy to hunt some Airdrops with it’s always more fun which Is why we have a wild community of about 50 000 airdrop hunters in our Discord Server get in there and love somebody

Foreign Base says they’re not dropping a token But a lot of people are starting to beg To differ and I hope you don’t miss out On the coinbase token and I’m not Talking about the coin stock okay There’s been a lot of little nudges here There and so forth we even made a Dedicated video on how to hunt the Coinbase airdrop so that’s going to be a Key thing in this video this is an Overview not a full-blown tutorial I Will show you some of the basic steps by The nature of doing this but I’m Dropping links below that will walk you Through each specific airdrop we’re Talking about in detail except for one Which is the latest opportunity that has Popped up and I’ll explain more of that When we get there so the latest thing we Can do to get another interaction on That chain was something that they’re Pushing Brian Armstrong’s pushing Coinbase official is pushing right is Their nft so it’s just a stand with Crypto nft but before we meant that I Want to remind you and encourage you That crypto firms are developing Offshore bases headquarters to work Around United States rules and look I’m An American all right and uh That’s pretty it’s pretty simple I love The country I hate the government leave It at that for today this has gone so

Far that coinbase is suing the SEC Pretty crazy times but let’s get this Nft specifically it’s on the ethereum Main net so you click it and it’ll swap You over right now there’s 31 000 minted Uh there is one terrible thing about This okay and that’s going to be an Ethereum gas fee just basically check at Different times Eight bucks to do this it’s not that bad You do this when the Network’s busy it Costs you 50 bucks or more that sucks uh So I’ll go ahead and throw uh 10 bucks In there to go ahead and play the game Regarding interacting with the actual Base protocol which I think that they May be tying in these ethereum nfts as Well I encourage you to interact on Chain you can head over to to get started along With watching our video guide on that so Let’s move forward to one of the latest Developments and that’s going to be a Decentralized exchange on the Chia Blockchain and chia already has their Own xdh token and I don’t really think There’s going to be an airdrop for People doing things on chain in their Ecosystem I could be wrong but there are A lot of protocols that want to be the First one to be popular there and guess What they’re probably going to be Dropping tokens because she is a Blockchain it’s a protocol it’s a

Platform tokens can be deployed and Built on top of it hashgreen is another Protocol it’s still in test net but they Want to help you swap earn and engage on Chia okay I want to really illustrate Okay that this is very new I haven’t Spent a lot of time on this yet and uh I’m not endorsing these or promoting Them or anything like that I have really Started to like Chia because it’s a lot Of fun mining it Evergreen miners got me Into Chia mining or it’s actually xdh Farming and I’ve got two other miners Earning me about four dollars a day and Basically costs nothing to run and we’re Trying to collaborate with them to bring A Tails edition of their minor to Market That would also be in stock rated to Ship when it’s deployed so check that Out if you’d like to do so but let’s Move on to the next one that’s gonna be Stark net we already have a full video Guide on starknet so let’s kind of Crash Course on it right we go to Stark net And we go to say the ecosystem We look at the dapps we see what they Push on here we have starknet ecosystem And dapplan when we go to this page we See all of the applications here and we Get these opportunities in particular One thing that will be a bit of a hurdle When participating with starknet is Going to be setting up the Argent wallet You need to set this up in order to

Participate due to just the way that Their protocol works so I’ve already Done all that and today I’m really just Focused on interacting with their chain Their protocol and I have a couple more Interactions another month unique days Of participation and getting the volume Of the things I’ve done here up and Let’s just pause there for a second and Talk about that Look at the arbitrum airdrop and look at The eligibility criteria it was unique Days unique protocols unique months Volume right these are all things that They’re adding up and the more boxes you Check the more coins you get air drop The more money you make and I actually Really think a lot of these Protocols Are cool and useful for example the Airdrop of the airdrop I got with Arbitrim I’m holding those coins I’m Gonna let it ride I think arbitrim will 10x and I’m gonna be here for that You know place your bets accordingly It’s not Financial advice you get out There and do whatever you want to do I Can assure you with confidence back when We made this video TVO was pretty low But guess what’s going up pretty fast Total value locked So let’s let’s make that the theme of The day Get on chain and love somebody get on Chain and swap somebody whoa okay so

We’re opening Jedi swap I understand the Risks and so forth we come over here and We just need to go ahead and grab some Tokens uh so let’s go ahead and take Some dye here that I had swapped uh from Ethereum and let’s take that die swap Max it out and we’re just gonna go ahead And buy back into ethereum uh from Ethereum’s price then versus now I’ve Probably lost money which is really Tragic I’m a loser just kidding it’s the Game you play It’s the game you play Uh so I’m not like super impressed with Starknet it’s pretty fast but it’s kind Of expensive estimated my fee right There to be a dollar uh so that’s just Not really thrilling But hey What can you do right not only creating Swaps is a great thing to do but you can Also add liquidity so I’m gonna go over Here and apply some liquidity I’m going To supply liquidity to the eth usdt Pairing here so I’m going to burn up Some more money on gas uh but this is Gonna have me give me another Interaction with a smart contract Protocol Um it’s also going to give me something More unique and it’s building the Ecosystem it’s providing liquidity I’m Adding to that tvl that total value Locked which is what really everybody Wants to incentivize remember when

You’re doing all this stuff on these Blossoming new chains you’re not only Just hunting air drops of these Protocols which is normally like the Main focus of people but your hunting Air drops in all of these new projects On their chain let’s be honest everybody Wants a token everybody wants to be a Bigger piece of the protocol your own Token helps support that enter layer 0 Row that’s going to be the next airdrop We’re going to talk about another full Dedicated video to this is already on The channel and linked down in the video Description below this is one of the More difficult ones to participate with Layer 0 is actually really cool and you Probably have already used it if you’ve Been hunting at least a couple airdrops And you didn’t even know It’s an omni chain interoperability Protocol realization of cross-chain Applications with a low level of Communication primitive of course you Understand what that means me too me too Right it’s a protocol about connecting Blockchains Enter Stargate Finance which is making Layer 0 a reality we have coverage on Stargate walkthroughs on the channel Things like that right so I’ve got some Stargate tokens I’ve gone ahead and Staked them uh which also gives me a Voting power and when you have that

Voting power you can take your airdrop Hunting another layer deeper what why is Brave pissing me off today you think I Want the stupid ass Brave wallet I want Metamask like everyone else in the world Okay I guess I decided to go ahead and Just connect me automatically there’s I’m about to stop using Brave if it’s Going to be this ridiculous I get it you Know you want to be used Dirty Brave So I’ve got voting power now you can see The snapshot and basically you need to Get voting power and then a snapshot Happens and then you can participate in Decentralized governance so what this Does right so I look at this blah blah Blah let me see if I wanna uh Galaxy Wants to team up with Stargate to run a Series of campaign it’s uh to educate People and I’m like okay yeah invest in The ecosystem get more users whatever So I just click yes and I just confirm My vote and that gets my wallet into Another basically airdrop hunting Eligibility protocol right that that’s The gist of that Stargate is a bridge it Uses layer zero Tech so let’s say I want To send some tokens from the Matic Blockchain to the Arbitron blockchain Right so I’m going to use two layer twos Here so I don’t just get absolutely Obliterated in fees and so let’s say I Want to send 25 so I use the default

Here I use the Max uh that would be a Better setup for my scenario it’s gonna Cost me three cents to participate I Have to approve this bridge which is What Stargate is uh to be allowed to Spend my usdc remember you do that I Hope you trust the protocol uh you know I’m not saying stargate’s perfect here But you know I’ve used them before and It’s been all right so I’ll go ahead and Push forward we look at this and we look At the estimated fees probably cost me a Dollar 26 in order to do the this this Has a fee for the blockchain this has a Fee related to the bridge this has a fee For the other blockchain so really we’re Dealing with three fees and a token Approval ultimately leading to four fees Incurred uh so overall still pretty Cheap I mean I spent less than two Dollars on this if I did this and Associated with the ethereum blockchain To be 25 if not more so I just submitted This transaction and again this is all Taking place on the layer 0 chain Stargate already has their own token uh Which full disclosure I’ve grabbed some Of because Stargate is leading the front Um on this Omni chain layer zero Bridging Endeavor and uh I think it’s Probably gonna go places at this rate uh It’s already worth 140 million dollars Most notably about this though uh Something that really piqued my interest

Was the fact that they have cross chain Support so what happens here is I’m Taking 0.01 BNB and I’m swapping it for ARB and I’m changing blockchains this is A unique swap I’m gonna be surprised I Mean I guess it’s such a low dollar Amount they can find the liquidity for It I mean it’s a bit weird and that’s a High price impact we’re going to Interact with the contract with the fun Name of just simply cooking right so we Are swapping our 0.01 BNB which has that Value of like three bucks or something And then we’re probably paying about two Dollars in fees but what is most Interesting and notable here is we’re Bridging to the destination chain Powered by Stargate this protocol is Integrated with sushi swap one of the Biggest decentralized exchanges in the World and instead of sushi swap figuring Out how to deploy this and build this Himself if they can even do that they Were like why don’t we just integrate Stargate and now we can try to maintain Being number one it’s like they added Someone else’s dish to their menu at the Restaurant Sushi is if nothing else a Very Savvy business owner remember all They did was just spice up uniswap’s Bland entree and became one of the Leaders in the cryptocurrency space Wow also make sure you go to sushi swap slash approvals and make

Sure you weren’t impacted by the recent Vulnerability exploit that happened There it’s unlikely but again definitely Double check if you’ve interacted with Sushi anytime recently uh they have this Nice Checker that makes it easy to see If you are vulnerable and it’ll give you An option to revoke the permissions thus Making your wallet safe again let’s go To the next pace of the party okay so uh This is what’s really notable here let Me pull up this link though because we Have a full video guide on this and uh So check that out Um to you know get the full tutorial on Crash Course these are popping up all The time everywhere watch out Beware I can’t say it any louder and More dramatically or I could but I’d Probably pick the mic and it hurts your Ears and you’d be like dude you’re so Annoying I’m unsubscribing and that’s Just kind of mean uh so this is a scam This is a scam this is a scam this is Happening all the time many different Accounts it looks even more organic when Someone tags you and you’re like oh crap Whoa really and then it looks official It’s got the right name but you were Like Hold on why is nobody saying anything Why haven’t I heard about this or Somewhere else I guess this just Happened I gotta rush over there and get

A note this is a scam do not interact With this it’s steal everything from you There has not been a ZK sync airdrop yet Oh but it’s uh pretty obviously Guaranteed uh so ZK sync era the main Net the future proof of ZK evm ethereum Virtual machine all that stuff uh we Talked about it we can go to their Ecosystem and see what is live on era And that can help us participate I think Last time I tried to use Orbiter finance And it wasn’t working let me go ahead And spin that up uh Brave is just being A nightmare for me here again I I hate You Brave I refresh and I’m in the game I guess uh so let me go to a blockchain That does not obliterate me on fees so We’ve got ZK sync era and ZK sync light Here uh so let’s just go ahead and uh Move a little bit of ethereum across Chain here uh let’s see what this Estimates we’re gonna be spending So this will prompt us to switch and From here we will get a Gatsby Estimation Uh so this is estimating it’s going to Cost us 72 cents to go uh cross chain in This manner Um and then that coupled with the Ethereum value it’s 22 and a half dollar Transaction So now we’re interacting with a protocol On the ZK sync chain We’re even going from one thing in their

Ecosystem to another thing in their Ecosystem which is similar to what Happened with arbitrum arbitrum one Blockchain and arbitrum Nova blockchain Two blockchains in their ecosystem People who participated with both Or rewarded more arp just kind of that Simple So now we look at D5 llama we see once Again this is on a very steady Trajectory upwards peaked down and it’s Back up but the fact of the matter is we Look around and we’re like well what Have we not participated with yet here Um I don’t know how about this Izzy swap Thing right Next Generation then Decentralized exchange on the BNB chain To maximize Capital efficiency amm model Automated Market maker it’s a story You’ve heard before Uh so we go over here and this is what It looks like and you’re like oh That’s that’s better but this up top Looks Terrible talking about airdrop rewards Up there well let’s see what you got Okay so we’ve switched chains We prompt metamask laughs at us And from here we can see that we could Participate so let’s not do anything Crazy 0.1 ethereum Um so that’s about twenty dollars right Now so let’s bring that up to uh where We get a 25 chain interaction I’ve

Talked about that before but basically I Personally believe that all of your Transactions should be above 25 Ideally you’re doing three a day Um if not just at least three in total Uh you know it depends how serious you Want to take it I don’t do three a day Um you know I I just kind of get in I Touch a lot of chains sounds a bit weird Uh I just want to make sure I’m in the Game Um I I do this all the time but I also Am building out our mining Farm among Many other crazy things they I mean they Even both add liquidity to share the ZK Sync airdrop rewards right and so you’re Like whoa is that related to the ZK sync Error token or are they distributing Some tokens Two people that provide liquidity on Their exchange you pay attention to Headlines like that and and you dig a Bit deeper so let’s go ahead and just do This uh do this trade right here Huge gas fee But CK sync is weird it’s like you pay a Big fee and then you often get a refund On your fee it’s kind of like arbitrary But worse yeah So let’s add some liquidity here okay so We go zoomy token and the ethereum token And uh we’ll see we can do one we can do A low fee Um this pool is not initialized before

This pool has been initialized so we’ll Just go ahead and interact here uh with The lower fee percentage right we’ll use The default because if we can’t trust This zoomy Finance with their own Izzy Token I mean the tokens doomed anyway So uh we’ll go ahead and approve that Interaction we see transactions are Going through pretty quickly uh which is Good to see Um just would love to see lower Transaction fees I mean that’s a it’s a Super high gas fee uh so let’s go ahead And pull that up on chain though And make sure we fully understand what’s Going on It shows our realized fear of six and a Half dollars but remember this is a Layer two it’s transacting on the ZK Sync chain as well as transacting on the Ethereum mainnet through roll up and Other technology that basically combines Transactions merges them into the Ethereum chain and adds security Validity and all other crypto Blockchainy stuff and finally I want to Close this out with another PSA uh shoe Size 12 poster on The vascoin Talk form Our cryptocurrency form it’s actually Community ran technically and uh he was Talking about how he got a token ZK Lotto what’s going on here is it an Airdrop stuff like that Um so this is a scary scam if you’re new

They basically airdrop random tokens Scam tokens spam tokens phishing tokens With a p okay they’re trying to get you To interact with their protocol to grant Them any sort of permissions and they Will likely drain your wallet when you Go to like say the it’s Probably a scam sometimes there are Honest airdrops that happen in that Manner uh but you know if you’re not Interacting with that protocol and it’s Not trustworthy audited you know anybody Like with the half decent reputation is Talking about it and using it You know be careful and stay away if you Have any questions please post a threat On vascoin talk or please talk and post In the Vasco and Discord server I’ll Chime in if not someone else in our Community will and all this stuff’s Really cool and fun but before you know Know it you take a misstep and you’re Drowning in the deep end Um so you’re playing with real money Here all these things have tangible Value uh you don’t want to get Liquidated you don’t want to get you Don’t need a swipe or no swiper right so I hope that you swipe that subscribe Button if another reason for our CA our Chief airdrop officer here at the boss Coin YouTube channel we do 10 seconds of Tales on every video because she’s the Coolest and she’s my boss and said I had

To do that so thanks for watching I’ll See you on the next video Thank you [Music] Foreign