Best BTC Miner for 2023! Bitmain Antminer S19J Pro + Review

By | May 6, 2023

Dollar for dollar the Bitmain Antminer S19j pro plus is the best bang for buck Bitcoin mining rig you can buy right now. Let’s review how to set up a Bitcoin ASIC mining rig, and if BTC mining still earns enough passive income to be worth it in 2023! Buy the best BTC miner here!

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Bitmain has been an industry leader in Bitcoin ASIC miner manufacturing regardless of their questionable business practices they normally make great ASIC mining rigs. The Bitmain Antminer S19j pro plus will make you question the Bitmain Antminer S19 XP in particular because dollar for dollar you are getting so much more bitcoin mining hashrate with the S19j pro + which simply equates to more bitcoins mined and higher bitcoin mining profitability but it’s not quite as efficient as the S19 XP so lets review the best bitcoin miner for 2023 right now!

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00:00 Mining bitcoin on the farm
01:03 Is The Bitmain antminir s19jpro the best miner to buy right now?
02:24 Allot of bitcoin mining hashrate for the money!
03:20 Where to buy the Bitmain Antminir s19jpro+
04:30 Mining Bitcoin on pegapool
05:03 How to mine bitcoin?
06:46 You can even install a bitcoin miner via your phone
07:40 Checking your hashrate via your mining ppol
08:10 How much am i earning with this bitcoin miner?
10:07 Bitcoin mining is more difficult than it has ever been
12:00 Adding more miners but not earning more satoshi’s?
13:15 How much bitcoin gets mined a day?
14:00 Ethereum used to be very profitable
14:30 This s19j pro + Bitcoin miner is a great miner!
15:45 If you have high electricity cost consider altcoin mining

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Guess who’s excited today this guy Because right at the mining Farm we’re Still mining on starlink for better and Worse and I still haven’t made my Deployment better and needs to go there On the uh mining shed behind me uh but Right now I’ve kind of paused the mining Shed development it may take a turn to Be an immersion mining shed because I Was able to work with digital shovel and Be the beta tester for this mini pod Which they’ve been making mini pods for A while but this is the first 208 Voltage which basically means that it’s Not only compatible with three-phase Electricity but is also compatible with Single phase electricity which is all I Have out here I’m working with the Electric company to bring three-phase Out here but I’m still prompting a year Out so you can see behind me I got a Bunch of miners deployed and most Notably the best Bitcoin miner you can Buy right now I’ma step out because it’s A little louder Uh but the best Bitcoin miner you can Buy right now dollar for dollar you know Just just crushing it bang for buck is Gonna be the bit main antminer s19 J Pro 120 terash a second or there’s a 117 Terahatch a second and there’s a 122 Tera Hash a second uh but the bottom Line here is that when you crunch the Numbers this is supposed to be one of

The best ones but is it actually well That’s what today’s video is about so We’re going to be diving into the bitmay Well I already said the model number is Long and I want to say it again but it’s A Bitcoin mining rig and dollar for Dollar this is the best passive income Producing machine uh for Bitcoin mining Again at least on paper but does it hold Up like it’s supposed to and above all What is the real world mining Profitability today I’m going to walk You through all of that I’m also going To show you the basic uh setup with this And it’s so easy and simple you can do It on your smartphone but you’ll see That it’s not optimized for mobile uh so We’re gonna run through all that stuff And more where to get one uh in this Video so without further Ado let’s dig Into it which by the way my name is YouTube channel and you better subscribe [Applause] [Music] Foreign I really can’t understate what an Opportunity this Bitcoin miner is this Is so much Bitcoin hash rate for the Money right Bitcoin hash rate is your Bitcoin mining power more Bitcoin mining Power equates to more Bitcoins mind well Unless everyone else is pumping up their Hash rate I can tell you with certainty Because I know this major Bitcoin mining

Farms are piling on to this model of Minor which on one hand kind of sucks Because that means that there’s going to Be many more new all-time highs hit for Bitcoin mining Network hash rate but on The other hand this is a great Opportunity for the smaller guys like Maybe me and you to expand our Bitcoin Miners So specifically this is the bit main Antminer s19 J Pro Plus Bitcoin miner There’s the 117 terahashes second Version and the 122 terahash’s second Version The 117 version was a couple Hundred bucks cheaper but those have Sold out very quickly so there’s another Batch that has just come in at this Price point uh for for that much I’d Rather just go up 80 bucks and get the 122 Tera Hash a second version both of These are a little bit different than The version I have you’re like well why Would I go to a reseller one because you Can save some coin by punching in the Code boss coin but you’re like oh I’ll Just buy a direct from the manufacturer Well good luck because they’re not here Anymore Um and they were similarly priced from The manufacturer all you can do is buy The overpriced s19 XP at six thousand Five hundred dollars so you put that Into comparison right you go up 20 Tera Hash a second and you only save 300

Watts this dollar for dollar and again I Just can’t understate this is the best Bitcoin miner value bang for buck right Hash rate per dollar that we’ve seen in Quite a while just remember that the Last Bitcoin Bull Run people were buying That’s 19 that wasn’t as good or Efficient as this for 10 000 I’m not just hodling Bitcoin I’m Hoddling Bitcoin Miners and I couldn’t Be more serious about that added this to My Pega pool mining account Pega pool Has boasted that they are the most Profitable Bitcoin mining pool so I’m Doing a long term test uh with them on That It’s been a good experience uh we can See I have a couple different accounts Here so I’ve got a Canon Avalon Miner in This boss coin 2 account and I have uh The minor question the s19j Pro Plus and The voscoin 3 account so let’s take a Step back here and go through the setup Right so again reminding Bitcoin you Need you need to know how to set up an Asic Miner and have proper electricity For this you can’t just plug this into Any old Outlet in your house video Tutorial guys on both of those Specifically I am personally deploying This into my digital shovel I got a link Down below you can save some coin Mentioning voscoin on that one too but Basically I’ve deployed my miners into a

Plug and play Bitcoin mining container And uh it’s it’s honestly pretty cool It’s pretty easy pretty awesome Furthermore this is even operating on Single phase electricity I don’t have Three phase which has made this so much More accessible and anyone helping Making big mining more accessible to the Little guys is as cool as you can be in My book So I put the miner in there I plug in a Power cable right so I’ve got a C20 Connection on the pdu on the walls in Here and that’s the thing that looks Like we call it the Stone Face you know It’s the two lines and the little Underline below and then from there the Cable splits into two c13s or c14s which Plug into the attached power supply on The amp Miner then I plug in an ethernet Cable to get internet to it and I’m set Bitcoin mining is really cool but to be Honest it’s loud The devices are expensive and there are Some pretty interesting Alternatives Like I’m earning sixty dollars a month In passive income after my electricity Bill using this hard drive Miner it’s Small barely any heater noise and it’s Profitable check it out with the link Down below and save some money by using Our coupon code boss coin So it’s better to log in on a laptop but

I also wanted to show how easy it is It’s you know ux isn’t the best but it Works uh to even do it on your phone so I grabbed the IP address for my router I Punched it into my browser on my phone It takes me to The Miner I put in root For the username root for the password And then I go to the mining pool Settings and I just copy and paste my Pool and account information click save And I’m done that’s all you really need To do there’s not all that many options Or customizations possible inside of These miners especially these days uh But yeah I mean that’s that’s it Um at that point you can see the minor Pop up on the mining pool uh happens Pretty quick and so you’ll see some Short-term performance there All that really matters is going to be Your income records so I go over to Revenue all right refresh this latest Data and whatever your average hash rate Per day is going to be what you’re paid Off of so a few days ago I registered 122 almost 123. uh my worst day was About 118 and then the last two days I’ve averaged about 120 and a half tear Hash a second which puts me pretty much Right on target with an average of 120.5 Terahash a second per day this is Equated to about an average I’d say uh This much Bitcoin per day which equates To 32 000 satoshi’s which is kind of

Like Pennies on the dollar for Bitcoin Or nine dollars and 10 cents in mining Profitability per day this is a slightly More profitable again two Tera hash bump There because I have the 120 model but This is projected to earn about ten Dollars a day in Bitcoin mining profits Also if you have 12 cents per kilowatt Hour electricity this will cost you About 9.66 to run uh 12 cents is a good Residential uh electric electricity rate These days uh you know for the country As an average sadly uh which makes us About a quarter a day and yeah it’s not All that great uh Bitcoin right now at The time recording this is trading at Twenty eight thousand dollars I firmly Believe that we will see a 100 000 Bitcoin which means that in retrospect I Could just sit here and tread water and If I can write pay the electricity bill Out of pocket and huddle then I could be Seeing a 4X on this so I could really be Mining forty dollars a day costing ten Dollars a day at this electricity rate In retrospect sure you know that’s a Gamble but kind of everything in life is To put this into perspective right even If you go down to just eight cents per Kilowatt hour you start making a lot of Money three dollars and fifty cents a Day one thousand two hundred fifty Dollars uh a year which means that over

The next two years You would pay your electricity Electricity bill and completely pay off The machine keep in mind the best mining Farms have two three four five cents Electricity you know they start to look At a one-year break-even period uh those Uh electricity rates so just kind of Understand that and put that into Perspective remember that Bitcoin mining Has been industrialized Bitcoin mining Is more difficult than it’s ever been This is the difficulty chart over the Last year but how about we zoom out and Realize that again literally truly Bitcoin mining is more difficult than it Has ever been the elephant in the room If you will is the fact that the Bitcoin Having is in 330 days approximately this Means that the amount of Bitcoin line Per day will be cut in half again this Happens every four years of Bitcoin this Time the Bitcoin mine per block is going From six and a quarter to three and one Eighth originally it was 50 BTC don’t You wish you could go back and stack Some Me too so uh with all that said Understand that our runway for the Immediate Bitcoin mining profitability Uh is really a year before it gets Sliced in half historically this hasn’t Really mattered because Bitcoin Continues to go up in price but you

Never really know the current hash rate Is a whole freaking lot 388 hexahash a Second the last 30 days 348 which means That the hash value of satoshi’s per Terra hash per day is 280 sets the next Difficulty adjustment is in just a few Days from recording this probably about The day that you will watch this video Go live the good news is that it’s Actually projected to adjust down for The first time in quite a while the last Time that Bitcoin mining difficulty Adjusted down was about three months ago And it was a very minute down adjustment But any downward adjustment is a relief For Bitcoin miners like myself and many Others and uh yeah as long as it just Stops going up for a little bit that That would be great uh because as it Stands I’m basically adding more and More Bitcoin miners But I’m not really mining any more Actual Bitcoin that’s kind of like the Dilemma with Bitcoin mining Is so I can go over here and you can see You know I go back in time and I’ll have A lower hash rate right so 500 Tera Hash A second but I’m mining a similar amount Of Bitcoin as I am today right so about 500 terahash a second I know we’ll say This is about two months ago and I’m I’m Mining about 150 000 satoshi’s per day right and we look At just the last couple days of my

Bitcoin mining profitability or actually Specifically we’ll look at this day when I bumped up my ashtray to almost 600 Terahash a second so I’m mining about as Much Bitcoin as I was two months ago With an increase of 20 percent onto my Bitcoin mining power And That’s really not all that surprising Because a couple months ago Bitcoin mining was literally just less Difficult to mine So the more difficult it is the less Coins you get there’s a lot of money to Be had mining Bitcoin every day there’s Over 20 million dollars in Bitcoin mines In the last 24 hours 28 million dollars Of new Bitcoin has been mined On the network new coins go to miners as Well as all transaction fees that at Least can happen on the main chain there Ordinals which are basically Bitcoin Nfts are also contributing positively to Bitcoin mining profitability it’s minute In the grand scheme of things but it is The first notable thing ever To increase Bitcoin mining profits because Bitcoin Has really always functioned as Peer-to-peer cash a digital currency Digital gold but never really a platform Where anything takes place on top of it For example what made ethereum so Profitable to mine when it was still

Mine a bull is the fact that so much was Taking place on chain and there were Tokens that were taking off platforms Dapps decentralized applications and all Kinds of things that was just making Ethereum fly around and part of the way Though Blockchain works is that miners are Compensated a piece of that or Previously all of that For computing all those transactions but Hey to round out this video the bit main Not the terrible name here ant Miner S19 J Pro Plus has been a great Miner so Far dollar for dollar this thing is Awesome and as much as I want a mining Farm completely built out of s19xp Miners because they’re more efficient The dollar difference with this versus The XP I mean you could buy especially On the right day almost three of these And get 360 tear Hash a second for less Than seven thousand dollars consuming About ten thousand Watts or you could Buy one bit main antminer s19 XP for About and this is a bit of a Roundup Seven thousand dollars But you’d only be mining 140 terahash a Second At about 3 000 Watts dollar for dollar It is a no-brainer and if that little Bit of efficiency makes or breaks your Mining operation Well

You’re already kind of drowning you’re Already kind of underwater Which is why personally I am pursuing Heavily a hard drive mining Endeavor I Just talked about uh in one of the last Videos but uh yeah I’m pretty excited For that I’d expand the Chia mining Footprint but I don’t want to go of Course on a tangent here if you find but I do want to make a note if you find Your electricity rate is high Then consider all coin mining you could Say it’s a little more risky but there’s Less competition there and if you don’t Have as competitive of an electricity Rate but you still want to pursue Passive income with cryptocurrency Through mining that’s going to probably Be a better Endeavor for you as always It’s not Financial advice but I do Advise you to subscribe to the voscoin YouTube channel if for no other reason Than our CMR Chief mining officer the Best seat title in the world the biggest In the biz that’s going to be Tails Vosk The coolest Dogecoin Shiba Inu In the world Ever [Music]