Arbitrum Crypto Ecosystem will MAKE MILLIONAIRES next Bullrun…

By | April 15, 2023

Arbitrum and the ARB token alone is very interesting and likely to be a very lucrative cryptocurrency investment, at least that’s what I think, but its the coins and tokens on Arbitrums blockchain that will rocket in the next cryptocurrency bullrun! Buy the best miner for 2023 here –

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Arbitrum is a blockchain that is growing in TVL total value locked, more users on chain, more coins, more capital deployed and the metrics really are just booming but why… Largely because Arbitrum has built one of the best blockchains we’ve used so far, it’s fast and cheap to use and yet it generates millions in fees for the Arbitrum team, DAO, and foundation as well as top protocols on it like GMX. Let’s dig deeper into the Arbitrum ecosystem and see why crypto whales are placing their bets on the ARB token and more on its layer-2 Ethereum scaling blockchain!

Everything YOU Need to Know – Arbitrum Airdrop – ARB –
Arbitrum Beginners Guide! The BEST Ethereum Layer 2?!
Hunting airdrops on the Arbitrum blockchain –
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00:00 What is going on with Arbitrum?
00:51 You can still claim the ARB token airdrop!
01:23 We are giving away a miner! Enter now!
01:50 What’s the difference between Arbitrum Nova and Arbitrum One?
03:44 Coinminer bros
04:18 Arbitrum Total Value Locked
05:12 How to get started with Arbitrum?
06:13 GMX the highest volume protocol on Arbitrum
07:13 AAVE Defi Liquidity protocol
08:48 SushiSwap Defi Liquidity protocol
09:50 Arbitrum Trading Volume and Market Cap
10:40 Arbitrum could be a blue-chip crypto

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Arbitrim has dropped their ARB token Arbitrim’s here to stay today we’re Going to be digging into arbitrue I’m Gonna get you up to speed if you’re Totally new to really what arbitrim is And what’s going on with it and we’re Going to explore what’s next along with What does the future seem to hold for This ARB token and to put it blunt I Think ARB is on track to be one of the Hottest cryptocurrency tokens because of The blockchain technology it’s using in The next bull market cycle I’m gonna be There for that I hope you will be too But today this isn’t about hype we’re Evaluating the fundamentals yo my name Is Vosk you’re on the boscoin YouTube Channel Foreign Reminder make sure to check your Eligibility for the arbitrum airdrop I’ve got that linked out down below at The time of recording this there is Still 170 days to claim your ARP token So if you rush to claim your ARB and you Paid high gas fees just to hold it well There really wasn’t a point for that There has been some drama with the Arbitrum foundation recently but to be Honest is there ever not drama in the Crypto sector I’m Gonna Save the drama For another day another video again We’re looking at the technicals we’re Looking at the fundamentals here uh

Shameless plug though we’re giving away A Dogecoin Miner so make sure to head Over to this thread on Bosco and talk I’ll link that out down below enter the Giveaway because why not right it’s free And things are heating up for a vascoin Edition Evergreen minor so I’m pretty Excited on that front I love these Miners they’re fun they’re plug and play And it’s just easy passive income which Is one thing I really like about Arbitrim there’s a lot of Opera Opportunity here there’s a lot of ways To deploy your Capital right you can get Your coins working for you get your Money working for you sure you can make Decentralized trades and you can even do Leverage trading on chain here I’ll talk About that in a bit but you can also Just Supply liquidity and earn some Serious returns with it when you go to The arbitrary website you can click on Ecosystem you go to the one portal or The Nova portal two different chains in This ecosystem which is a little Confusing a little interesting both of These chains are under decentralized Governance now which is cool through the Arbitrum Dow decentralized autonomous Organization right no centralized Companies we want Dows these days also Helps keep the governments and the dirty Myths off of you so we’re looking at the One portal this is great to just kind of

Go through here and see some projects That are alive and you can look at what They do maybe you’re into nfts you’re Like well let me just skip to the nft Marketplaces and I can start playing Around there there’s also arbitrum Nova Again another chain more support here And you can dig around but what chain do You you want anyway well we have Arbitrum 1 and arbitrum Nova so let me Explain these real quick so arbitrim1 is A layer 2 protocol guarantees the data Posted to layer 1 is valid through Optimistic role of Technology the Features of this it’s evm ethereum Virtual machine compatible basically you Can Fork things or copy things that are On ethereum or similar chains and bring Them here pretty easily pretty quickly Low transaction fees funds are Cryptographically secure users control Their funds arbitrim Nova is any trust Based make transaction costs down to an Ultra low level through a new security Model this is really designed for high Volume dabs it also has evm capabilities There’s benefits to arbitrum 1 and Arbitrum Nova maybe it’s better to start Digging through the protocols and see Kind of what you want to do and which Chain it’s using and supporting for that Are you interested in adding a passive Income stream to your life oh then May Maybe you should grab a cryptocurrency

Mining rig specifically from crypto Miner Bros and if you’re interested in Earning money you probably want to save Some money so do not forget to punch in The code of Vice coin to save some coin Crypto minor Bros has all kinds of Different mining rigs check out their Selection because they not only have Great prices They’ve also got fast shipping That’s critical for mining defy llama is An excellent data aggregator these Resources are still free and where They’re going to make it paid here soon But uh you know we go over here we go to D5 go to chains and then we click on Arbitrary and we end up here tvl total Value locked up in this chain now is 2.23 billion dollars right that means This is nuts uh we see the build up the Downtrend right and then the hype up to The Token the impending dump and then It’s been on a clear trajectory upwards The fact that this ARB token exists Now By itself injects a lot of USD valuation A lot of capital now because this this Token created really out of nothing Right it’s here and it’s very valuable It’s a top 50 cryptocurrency so right Now it’s kind of hard to say how healthy The chain is doing I’d say it’s doing Fine overall especially at a glance but Let’s take a step back how do we even Get on the Chain there’s numerous

Bridges you can Bridge uh with the Official arbitrum Bridge which is the One you should start with and then you Can bridge out and Bridge out You like that uh you can bridge out and Use some other uh Bridge protocols step One you need to get some ethereum on Mainnet right you know buy from coinbase Withdraw it to your metamask one example Um and then you can go to operatron one Or arbitrim Nova so if I came over here I want to go to Arbiter Nova and I’m Going to send some eth over there I know I click move funds get a transaction Prompt and it will prompt you to be on The right protocol and then boom bang Pal you’re gone Um it’s just that easy if you need a Beginner’s guide we have that so check Out The Beginner’s Guide I’ll link it Down below but I go through all the Basics of setting up the wallet getting On chain getting your funds over there And really just walking through basic Transactions here let’s look at just the Crown jewel of arbitrum and that’s going To be GMX it’s a decentralized spot and Perpetual exchange okay we’re talking About decentralized leverage trading Here Futures Trading this is very Impressive aggressive performance over Half a billion dollars right tvl on Arbitrum their app I mean it’s good they Have over a quarter million users

Already it’s easy to use it’s it’s Simple it’s effective like this is so Cool and some people maybe you don’t do Futures Trading totally fine Futures Trading is dangerous I mean there’s Leverage it’s expert level traded you Can make big gains or get absolutely Liquidated and blown up and lose a lot But the point here being is we need to Move this away from centralized Exchanges we need to have this conducted In decentralized manners and they’re Getting that done and this is so Freaking cool all right there’s been a Lot of implosions with basically lending Your coins to centralized losers that Scammed us to put it simply you know Enter Ave a decentralized alternative Doing the same thing but a lot of the Rates were lower because a lot of these Rates were more honest it’s a protocol It can only do and reward you know Within the realm of possibilities Ave Lets you earn interest borrow assets and Build applications they say it’s a Liquidity protocol and there’s over Eight billion dollars of lock liquidity In Ave on five networks on 11 markets We’ve got dedicated videos to Ave and It’s not like the most thrilling or Exciting thing but it’s simple it’s Effective it’s been doing well right It’s not an endorsement never don’t put Your life savings in here uh but they’ve

Been doing a good job and that’s really All you can ask for there’s a lot of Reasons that you want to borrow tokens But they really start to fall into Advanced plays for the average Cryptocurrency user you should be Looking to lend cryptocurrency tokens And having Ave support okay on arbitrum Is a great sign for the future of this Chain and the health of it yeah earning Half a percent on my ethereum it’s not The most exciting thing but maybe I just Apply it in there while I’m thinking About doing something else or taking a Break or or whatever there are some Other rates in here that are a bit more Interesting but this is like the most Well-known trusted low risk if you’ll Call it that uh option so the rates kind Of reflect that but sometimes they jump Around for example die uh just shot up To 17 APR you know interest rate it has Corrected right now down to around three Percent but that shows a clear spike in Interest there let’s say you’re looking For more though you’re a little bit more Of a DJ you want to get deeper into Decentralized Finance right so let’s Take sushi sushi swap is a clone Competitor uh basically trying to one-up And improve uniswa right that’s the Short version of that story so let’s go Over to Sushi we go to the application

Here the decentralized application Really the DAP uh we go to earn we go Down to arbitrum one and we look at These pairings I mean there’s 28 returns Right now on Magic eth pairing here eth Usdc is boasting 11.3 Returns and there’s Farm rewards Available those are some serious returns Which I invite you to explore if you’re Comfortable pursuing that if you need a Helping hand join the voscoin Discord Server we’ve got 50 000 cryptocurrency Degens in there that do the stuff 24 7. They’re doing it right now and Everyone’s cool they’d be happy to help You get started as well going over to The arbitrum listing on coin gecko right Now the token is trading at about a Dollar twenty a commanding a market cap Of 1.5 billion dollars over 400 million Dollars in trading volume absolutely Freaking nuts the same day it launched Some of the trading brought it up to 8.67 some of that other trading brought It down to 1.11 realistically when we Zoom out on this token it’s trading Pretty low it’s trading almost as low as It ever has uh for me I’m looking for a Buy-in around a dollar I think you know This is a solid price I think this is it Easy 10x token next cryptocurrency Bull Run and I’m fine I’m about that I’m Gonna sit here I’m gonna wait and you Know this is going to be a

Cryptocurrency token unless they really Screw this up the people will consider a Blue chip coin I think that for sure to Make this very clear I have no Relationship with the team never worked With them they don’t sponsor the channel Or none of that it’s just they just have Something good and it works and just Look at their ecosystem and look at the Value and look at the growth and we’ve Talked about it before I know their Protocols are earning so much in fees That I mean it’s a very sustainable Profitable ecosystem to be in as a Developer as a protocol and that all That money just kind of starts to flow Around to the users as well naturally so Check it out there’s a lot going on here I really just skimmed the surface uh of Just kind of what’s going on right now With arbitrim as always I hope you Enjoyed the video my name is vosker I’m The Vasco on YouTube channel I try to Stay up to date with latest developments In cryptocurrency it’s crazy I mean we Gotta just work on the stuff all day Every day and it’s just like still Trying to stay above water but that’s Cryptocurrency it’s incredibly fun it’s Engaging uh but it’s intense uh so it’s Not for the week already but I think You’re pretty tough if you made it this Whole video I mean look at my boring Presentation I mean come on geez have

You made it this far you’re tough so I’ll see you on the next one hopefully Thank you so much for watching Put it with me baby [Music]