5 Coins that will GO UP 2x to 5x+ !!

By | April 16, 2023

These are 5 cryptocurrencies that will GO UP 2x to 5x+, some of these cryptocurrencies could even 10x or 20x, but why and what coins?? I am putting my money where my mouth is and buying these coins! I am also adding these miners to my investments to earn passive income! https://voskco.in/evg

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I want to make money investing in cryptocurrencies, just like most of the other people. I am more interested in increasing my Bitcoin holdings because my trash USD US Dollar fiat keeps losing buying power as the government hyper inflates our currency…. These are the 5 easy cryptocurrencies to buy that are likely to increase a lot in value in the future. I would consider this crypto coins my safe plays, these are coins I don’t lose any sleep holding long-term over night, sure Bitcoin and Ethereum will make you money, but we need a couple cryptocurrencies that could increase exponentially in market cap to try and get rich right? Dogecoin is everyone’s favorite coin, the peoples coin if you will, but how far can DOGE go this cycle? Liquid staking coins like LIDO are gaining huge interest and traction, and there are many other cryptocurrencies I personally like and am adding to my 2023 crypto portfolio!

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So you want to make some money with Cryptocurrency well then you found the Right place because today I’m going to Show you five cryptocurrencies that will 2X or more than 10x in the near future I Don’t have a crystal ball I can’t tell You exactly when but I can tell you once The cryptocurrency market heats up that These are going to be layups that’s Basketball speak for an easy move my Name is vosker on the Vasco and YouTube Channel I’ve brought you a lot of Cryptocurrency plays over the years and I couldn’t be more confident about the Five coins That we’re gonna break down today except For one actually one’s kind of risky but We’ll dig into that part let’s let’s dig Into it Ah Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin you’re like Oh well what a boring video is talking About Bitcoin well I’ll be doing Cryptocurrency a disservice if I didn’t Talk about Bitcoin because Bitcoin is The supreme leader right it’s the Irwin Okay you know give your heart for this Of cryptocurrency if Bitcoin doesn’t Move up and really kind of lead the Charge for a crypto bull run then Nothing will you look at the stats you Look at the data Bitcoin is still slow It’s still expensive to use but it’s What we love and is what we believe in It’s the original and it’s just got so

Much history behind it yes there’s the Lightning Network which is supposed to Be a scalability solution but let’s be Honest no one’s really using lightning Right that’s just the fact of the matter Here when we kind of dig around and do The data well let’s review some Lightning uh transfers right well Lightning transactions are by Nature Private which is cool but makes it even Harder to really just decipher that data So a quick blurb on that but Bitcoin is Going to be one coin that will do very Well in the near future let’s kind of Put a time frame of about a year or just When the market conditions get better if That’s in six months then this video Applies to that if that’s in a year and A half then that’s when this applies Right and we look at the current price Point just a few weeks ago if you’re Subscribing we’re talking about this Bitcoin’s an easy 5x at this point we’re Looking more towards a three to four x For this cryptocurrency 2x is going to Be an easy move here in my opinion but Of course this is not Financial advice And I currently have or will be Acquiring some bags of the Cryptocurrencies that I’m talking about Here today so this is really my own Research I’m doing for myself sharing With you of course it’s not Financial Advice uh next is going to be number two

And it’s also number two by market cap Ethereum ethereum has become a Deflationary cryptocurrency right now Okay ethereum is about to unlock all the Withdrawals by the time you see this This should have happened chappella Right is the port Man 2 of Shanghai and Capella here uh basically people were Putting ethereum on the Chain staking it Getting rewards but they were unable to Withdraw uh if they if they did this Which means they couldn’t sell they Couldn’t realize profits and they missed The best opportunities to sell if they Got in early in the previous uh Cryptocurrency ball run uh but ethereum Has still done very well and more Ethereum is being burned than is being Emitted now through staking so again It’s a deflationary uh coin so many Things are built on ethereum it’s market Cap you know respects that but I mean This ethereum continues to just be like The Hub of the cryptocurrency sphere all Right the 2017 Bull Run was born out of Ethereum icos the 2020 D5 decentralized Finance summer was born out of ethereum And then the next Bull Run was largely Ethereum tokens ethereum protocols or Things trying to be a better version of Ethereum or offering ethereum Scaling which is Layer Two I really like Layer 2 cryptocurrencies especially Right now you look at airdrop hunting

Opportunities but you also look at just You know this is going to be where we’re All hanging out playing chasing tokens Chasing smart contracts new protocols uh Things like that I think some of these There too especially like the top 100 or So are going to be very interesting Plays and the next cryptocurrency ball Run but that’s not exactly part of this List on this video for coin number two Where are we going with this honestly I Think it’s an easy 5x in the next Cryptocurrency ball run this is going to Go to a one trillion dollar market cap It’s really just gonna be its time I Think Time will tell the next thing is born Right out of ethereum and that’s going To be Lido steak ether staked ether I Mean this thing has been going crazy This has a 11 billion dollar market cap Basically this allowed you to stake your Ethereum with Lido but give you Liquidity they’ve paid out over half a Billion dollars of reward they have 300 000 users they’re adding more support Than just ethereum I think this is one Of the riskier plays because this coin Is just about to absolutely surge Further Right and I I mean more so the the Protocol right because this is just Ethereum but like in Lido’s protocol Right uh but this is something to watch

This is something to be aware of Lido State ether has gone top 10 but what Some people don’t exactly realize is That Lido has its own coin a governance Token and that’s going to be the Lido Dao or LDL and it’s the 33rd biggest Cryptocurrency by coin market cap at two Billion dollars in the last year it’s Down 23 percent it’s up a whopping 460 From its all-time low just 10 months ago And 68 or 69 down from its all-time high This is really going to be a Cryptocurrency to watch that is going to Rock it soar or just actually Kind of become obsolete as all this Ethereum becomes accessible it’s going To be very interesting to watch ethereum Represents right the you look at the Whole ecosystem 59 of the total value Lock which is basically all the money Out there and all these different Cryptocurrency blockchains and when you Look at the ethereum protocol who is Leading that none other than Lido so the Question begs is did we already miss the Boat at this point on Lido we talked About it previously if you were Subscribed to the channel but I mean Looking at this from the context of Point of view finding out about it right Now Don’t think so This is definitely the riskiest play in This whole list but I’ll leave it at

That for now where’s that third coin Going price wise right I mean it’s Probably going to be a 5xer or it’s Going to be cut in half That’s kind of where I I look at this Cryptocurrency uh again it could be more I like to say conservative goals and if We blow past that awesome make some good Money I take my initial investment out And then I let the less ride that’s the Moon bag that’s the moon shot really Trying to take me where I want to go With those buys I said that I’d only Talk about five cryptocurrencies today But there’s actually a sixth one that Made today possible and it’s called Kudos it’s their own blockchain platform But even more so they’re building out Something on top of it it’s called Kudos Hash rate they’re deploying an nft Marketplace for hash rate Collectibles These Collectibles have an underlying Bitcoin mining contract imagine if nfts Weren’t just a profile picture and they Actually had something backing them Behind them of real tangible value the Holders of these hash rate Collectibles Will be paid out daily in Bitcoin Rewards straight to their Bitcoin wallet Learn more with the link Out Below Before they’re all sold out you look at This you see number four and that’s BSC The finance smart chain they’ve tried to Rebrand it to the BNB smart chain

Powered by BNB instead of ethereum 320 a Coin down only okay only 53 from its All-time high in these market conditions That’s really just not all that far away Don’t forget that we showed you BNB when It was like a dollar a coin years ago we Really led the charge into Finance smart Main defy coverage and content it’s a Crazy ecosystem though a lot of Short-term plays not a lot of projects With longevity But I bring up BNB because binance which Is its backing here it’s here to stay I Can’t use the Google Finance they send My uh they send my sweet ass back to Finance us They have their whole ecosystem again on The binance smart chain it’s got good Use it’s got good activities the third Biggest chain uh poor uh per D5 llama And nobody really believes in Tron uh so Really BSC is actually the second Biggest protocol I mean look at the Actual individual protocols deployed on It 733 on ethereum 578 on BSC and then Only 17 on Tron starts to make you Wonder and you should but I’ll leave That at that so looking at this whole Ecosystem here tvl total value locked to 5 billion led by pancake swab which is Basically the uniswap decentralized Exchange on that uh blockchain and Here’s something critical is pancake Swap is continuing to build they’re

Launching their latest version right now Uh there is development there are things Going on in that ecosystem will it be Enough I don’t know time will tell coin Number four is also ranked number four By coin market cap BNB I think is gonna Be like a 2X 3 to 4X um I don’t think it Can really really do so much Um it really is commanded and maintained A very high price point but maybe Because of that uh and I mean we’ll see This one has more utility than a lot of Other cryptocurrencies but it’s in bed With binance which gets a lot of love And a lot of hate uh this is something You know I just like to have some of um Because I also like to use that Blockchain uh and it’s not where I’m Like building my core portfolio uh but Definitely having a chunk of it right You know for what that’s worth and Whatever that could mean to you five ten Percent for me something like that is Where that’s interesting but now let’s Move to the fifth coin the people’s Favorite coin ranked eighth right now With an eight meeting the price at about 8 cents Dogecoin I have a special place in my Heart for Dogecoin because well I have a Doge before I even knew about Dogecoin I Was an absolute lover of Dogecoin and Then I dug deeper into the Doge team and I was like yo this Project’s trash and

Then I saw just like what is taken off Of this project the the power the meme Ability right the community they’re not Gonna stop Doge will go all the way and It’s championed by Elon Musk I mean just Recently again he was pumping it put Just by simply changing the Twitter icon To Dogecoin now they’re talking about Merging x-corp to create the X Everything app and how is Dogecoin mixed Into that equation some genius even Bought 22 million dollars right before Elon sent Dogecoin up like 26 or more uh Depending on your buy-in there a week Ago I actually put together my take on Kind of like a little mini dose coin Documentary of kind of where Dogecoin Began what happened and where it’s Headed now Um an incredible story of Dogecoin to The moon and Beyond I just want to have Fun and really break down everything I’ve seen in the culmination of my Research with Doge and you know my Respect has an opinion of Doge has Definitely rapidly changed and evolved Over the years uh but as it stands now Doge is the second most profitable coin To mine right after Bitcoin it’s the Eighth biggest cryptocurrency it’s got An 11 billion dollar market cap it’s It’s entrenched in a lot of different Places including simply people’s minds And it has one thing going for it and

This is why I think that this is going To be an easy 10x in the next Bull Run Is the fact that people will buy a bunch Of this and they’re gonna be like Doge Going to one dollar one dollar that was One dollar that was one dollar that was One dollar they’re gonna campaign it’s Gonna be manifested and it almost made It there before Doge went up to 73 cents A coin per coin gecko it’s all time high Add even more money Make some good old U.S government Inflation there and a little bit more Hype and a viral Tick Tock video I bring You a one dollar Dogecoin I really think I mean even at this price Point it’s an even easier 10x it’s only Less than 10 cents more per coin then It’s previous all-time high and if this Gets down to seven cents it’s 10xing Just to its previous all-time high which Well it’s previously done Doge squid is An inflationary currency it’s always Going up there’s always going to be more Dogecoin in the ecosystem but the Inflation rate isn’t all that scary and Drastic that like oh yeah we’re never Gonna get to that price again because There’s so much more Doge uh that’s just Not the case that’s not the situation it Boasts being the people’s cryptocurrency And uh this peer-to-peer digital Currency is simple Approachable it’s basically bitcoin’s

Grandson it’s just lovable it’s like a Dog which really puts The Branding on Point so these are the five Cryptocurrencies I think that just are Going to be layups moving forward uh These are I wouldn’t necessarily even Call these Blue Chips not all of them Like a blue chip is like oh yeah that’s A good one that’s a safe bet that that’s Gonna do well that’s a solid uh Foundation you know investment uh I just Think these you know in my experience You look at the fundamentals you look at The history you look at the current Ecosystem uh you look at the trajectory Right Um some of these cryptocurrencies are Here to stay no matter what period And If the market gets better they will go Up in price that’s just the way it works Caveman number go up Um so I’m gonna throw some of these in My bag you do whatever you want to do uh But I just want to share this with you All and uh we can look back and be like Wow bone screw like a Visionary man or You’re an idiot you were totally wrong About that coin loser we’ll see as Always I’m here almost every day on the Two we’re also on social media and we Have a Discord server and we have the Boss going to talk for him and sometimes I make short form content even though I’m like a Content Boomer It Feels Like

These Days thanks for watching I’ll see You on the next video and that’s all I Got today Foreign